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The Vicious Doctor

The Vicious Doctor


The model company defeated the poor kid Lin Chen. He got the unique medical inheritance by chance. From then on, his medical skills were unparalleled. He was able to return to life to save the world, and he could also turn into a killing god and become a beauty. He fought with the sun and moon to seize the life of heaven and earth. The flowers were free and unfettered, surrounded by all kinds of top-grade beauties. And all of this started from the time when the sexy and beautiful model gave him an ancient book...
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  In the first-tier city in the south of China, Yue Hai City.

  At noon on April 27,

  In an ordinary restaurant, almost all men's eyes were focused on a table by the window. Some of them were sneaky, some were undisguised, and their eyes were full of saliva.

  A man and a woman sat at the table by the window.

  The man was in his early 20s. He had fine features, but he still looked ordinary. He wore cheap clothes.

  The woman was beautiful and attractive. She was about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, about 1.7 meters tall. Her skin was as white as jade, and her pair of seductive phoenix eyes were attractive. Her fluffy short hair made her look a little lazy.

  She had a charming little face and a plump body, but she didn't seem to be fat at all. There was a pair of attractive long legs under her slender waist and a curve in front of her chest, which gave people a sense of softness and charm.

  The men in the restaurant were all shocked. Looking at the arrogant figure and the charming and charming oval face like peach blossoms, they all sighed in their hearts.

  Lin Chen looked at the ancient book that the beautiful woman was giving him and asked curiously, "Sister Xi Xi, why did you suddenly think of giving me this?"

  The beauty opposite looked at him and said with a smile, "Sister, I went to the Antique Row yesterday and saw that this book seems to have some history. The vendor said that this is an ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine. I think you seem to be very interested in traditional Chinese medicine. It's not expensive anyway, so I bought it for you."

  Lin Chen was a little touched. He didn't expect that she had always remembered what he said casually.

  Two years ago, he left the village and came to this big city to perform the old-fashioned hero rescue the beauty. The other party had helped him too much.

  At that time, when he saw that Su Xiran was almost dragged by a drunkard to the alley, he picked up a brick and rushed over and knocked the drunkard down. This hero saving beauty was simply a little ordinary and boring.

  However, after that, Su Xiran took good care of herself and gave her a lot of help. If it weren't for her, she would have spent the first night of her life under the bridge when she just entered the city.

  The books on the table had turned yellow and seemed to be old. Of course, it was more likely that this book was a fake ancient book. After all, antiques were precious now. How could it be so easy to buy real ones?

  The cover of the book was written with four flamboyant words: "Dongliu Secret Chamber".

  Not to mention whether the book was real or not, these four words were vigorous and very meaningful. Even someone like him who knew nothing about calligraphy felt that these four words had a kind of free and overbearing momentum.

  Lin Chen put away the book and said solemnly to Su Xiran, "Sister Xi Xi, you are so good to me. I will definitely make a name for myself and repay you in the future!"

  Su Xiran put a strand of hair on her forehead behind her ear and chuckled, "Silly boy, sister Xi Xi doesn't need you to give me anything in return. You, don't think about anything all day long. I'm very happy that you take care of yourself."

  Lin Chen smiled, but his heart was a little heavy. It was not easy for a person like him, who had no background or education background, to make a name for himself in a big city like the Yue Hai City. It sounded unreliable.

  He glanced at Su Xiran, who was smiling, and secretly gnashed his teeth. "It's not easy. There are always people in the world who can succeed. Why can't that person be me?"

  The two of them continued to eat. Lin Chen would make jokes to make Su Xiran happy from time to time. Looking at Su Xiran's smiling face, he was also very happy. He ignored the jealous eyes of other men in the restaurant, who wanted to kill him to replace them.

  After dinner, Lin Chen said goodbye to Su Xiran and went back to the company alone.

  This company was called Qixing model company, and it was a little famous in the Yue Hai City. Su Xiran was the company's top-level model. Lin Chen was introduced by Su Xiran and now worked as an assistant in the photography department. He said that he was an assistant, but in fact, it was just a mixture of running errands and running errands.

  "Hey, did someone come back after having a soft meal with great beauty Su?" As soon as Lin Chen entered the office, a voice with a bit of sarcasm rang out.

  Lin Chen frowned slightly and turned to look at a man who was playing with his mobile phone not far away.

  This person was Huang Wenbin, the chief photographer of the company. He was twenty-eight years old this year, wearing glasses and looking gentle. However, people who knew about Huang Wenbin knew that he was a typical badass!

  It was said that no girl was willing to sleep with Huang Wenbin in order to enter the field of the Level 7 models and many Level 7 models, in order to gain more opportunities, while Huang Wenbin was willing to come.

  Huang Wenbin was as beautiful as his life, but he was really good at photography. Therefore, the company turned a blind eye to his behavior. As long as he did not make any trouble, he would not care about him. Anyway, it was a matter of your willingness.

  Su Xiran was the reason why he disliked Lin Chen.

  Even in this beautiful model company, Su Xiran was the most beautiful one. Huang Wenbin had been coveting Su Xiran for a long time, but no matter how he hinted, Su Xiran just ignored him, so he made trouble with Lin Chen from time to time.

  Everyone in the company knew that Lin Chen was protected by Su Xiran.

  Ignoring Huang Wenbin's sarcastic words, Lin Chen went straight back to his seat.

  Huang Wenbin didn't even raise his head. While playing with his mobile phone, he continued to talk in a strange tone.

  "Some people, when they come to a big city and sneak into a big company, they are still just stinky laborers. Do you really think that a woman like Su Xiran will fall in love with a country bumpkin? People in the countryside just don't like to use their brains. They don't know their own self-knowledge. They will laugh at me to death."

  The rest of the people in the office all looked like they were watching a show.

  Their thoughts were the same as Huang Wenbin's. They thought that Lin Chen really had no self-knowledge. A woman like Su Xiran was not qualified to be involved, not to mention that Lin Chen was a country boy who had not studied in a university.

  Lin Chen looked at Huang Wenbin and said, "I'm a country bumpkin, and I'm a country bumpkin. I'm not stupid, but I can ask Sister Xi to accompany me for dinner. I can go to her house at any time, can you?"

  "You poor wretch, how dare you talk to me like that?!" Huang Wenbin's face turned livid. He was so angry that he slapped the table with his palm.

  "Why don't you dare? Can you get rid of me? I'm just too lazy to talk to you. Don't take yourself too seriously!"

  Lin Chen said seriously, "I'm poor now, but I won't be poor for the rest of my life!"

  "Puff! Hahaha! Did you hear him? He said that he would not be poor for the rest of his life! It seems that he is going to move bricks and get rich?"

  Huang Wenbin pointed at Lin Chen and laughed out loud with an exaggerated expression. He leaned back and forth and said to the others in the office.

  Some people couldn't help laughing and shook their heads, thinking that Lin Chen was too arrogant.

  They all knew that Lin Chen was born in a remote rural area, and he had never been to a university. In this era when the resources had been basically allocated, it was impossible for such a person to become rich!

  At this moment, a woman came in and said that the general manager asked Huang Wenbin to come over. Then Huang Wenbin stopped and followed the other party to leave.

  A few minutes later, Lin Chen went to the personnel department to get a document. When he passed the general manager's office, he suddenly heard Su Xiran's name coming from the door. He couldn't help but stop. After frowning, he approached the door and listened carefully.

  Inside, Huang Wenbin and the general manager were talking.

  The general manager shouted angrily, "Huang Wenbin, what the hell is wrong with you? Why the response of the things taken by you is getting worse and worse? Especially in Su Xiran's place, why is her writing not very effective this time?"

  Huang Wenbin said in a panic, "Manager, you also know that there are no outstanding newcomers in our company recently. If the sexy Mr. Tyrant is the same model, the readers will be tired of watching it for a long time. As for Su Xiran, she is wearing too conservative clothes every time. It's incredible that she can have the current effect without cooperating with me."

  The general manager sneered and said, "Oh? So you mean that I can only watch the performance decline now, and then I'll roll out of the shop? Believe it or not, I'll let you fuck off first!"

  Huang Wenbin gritted his teeth and said, "Manager, actually, I have an idea!"

  The general manager snorted and said, "Say it!"

  Huang Wenbin said surprisingly, "With Su Xiran's beauty, if we can let her take off her clothes and take a photo of her, we will definitely make a lot of money! If she is willing to take a few more pictures, our performance will at least double this year! You know, this thing is not in control recently, and the profit is very crazy."

  Hearing this, Lin Chen was so angry that his brain was buzzing. He couldn't wait to rush in and smash Huang Wenbin's mouth. However, he still suppressed his anger temporarily and continued to listen.

  The general manager was obviously moved. "Are you sure your performance can be doubled? It's impossible for Su Xiran to agree to shoot that thing. But with the contract she signed, she can only let us take control of it. But you know, after forcing her to take a love confession, her career as a model will be completely ruined, and it will also be a loss to our company."

  Su Xiran's beautiful face and arrogant figure emerged in Huang Wenbin's mind. He said affirmatively, "I promise that the performance will definitely be doubled! If not, I will resign immediately!"

  Huang Wenbin sneered in his heart. "Su Xiran, you always look so proud in front of me. In the end, you have to take off all your clothes for everyone to see. This is the first step. Next, I will take you to bed!"

  The general manager frowned and pondered. Last year's performance had been very poor. If he hadn't improved this year, he would really have to get out of here.

  He thought about the bonus he could get at the end of the year after doubled his performance. Finally, he nodded and said, "Okay, let's do it as you say!"

  Lin Chen, who was standing outside the door, was shocked and angry after hearing their conversation. He couldn't think of a way to turn the situation around. Even if he rushed in now, it wouldn't help. It wouldn't help. He would only alert the enemy.

  He knew that Su Xiran did sign an uneven contract with the company in the past, and if she broke the contract, she would have to pay the penalty money. Su Xiran could not afford it at all.

  Moreover, the general manager knew a lot of people in both the government and the government. How could Su Xiran defeat him?

  When Lin Chen returned to his office, he immediately made a phone call and asked where Su Xiran was. When he learned that she was at home, he said that he would go to her right away, and then hung up the phone and left the company.

  This matter had to be discussed with Su Xiran to make a well-thought-out plan.

  Lin Chen was in a hurry and ran all the way. When crossing the road, he forgot to look around and rushed over. He didn't expect that a car came at a fast speed and hit him away with a bang.

  Lin Chen was thrown back five or six meters and felt a sharp pain all over his body. He felt as if all his bones had been broken and his five viscera and six bowels had been dislocated. He could hardly breathe, but he did not immediately faint.

  He was desperate. Was his life going to end like this?

  He only felt that his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and finally he fell into darkness.

  A middle-aged man ran out of the car in a hurry. When he saw Lin Chen's bleeding body, he immediately called the first aid.

  No one noticed that the blood had dyed the book on Lin Chen's body red with Su Xiran's blood. There was a wisp of green aura flowing out of the book along with the blood flow into Lin Chen's body from the wound. Then the book was blown by the wind and turned into dust and disappeared.