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I Will Protect You

I Will Protect You


This was the story of a Soldier King, a story of a master, and a story of a genius and a beauty. It was Ye Tianlong's dream to pretend to be a pig, eat a tiger, sing a song, bubble girls, play the piano, and kill the enemy.
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  At 1:45 p.m., on the 13th floor of Mingjiang Tower, in the western lounge.

  The six young men and women sat quietly on the side of the conference table, dressed fashionily and generously. They all held a stack of resume in their hands and stared at the clock on the wall quietly. They were both expectant and anxious. Occasionally, they glanced at the opponents beside them with friendly smiles, but their eyes were vigilant.

  They all came to apply for the same position.

  The annual salary of the general manager of the Hua Medicine Group was 80,000 yuan. Compared with the housing price, it was not high, but it was attractive to the six people.

  Because the general manager, Lin Chenxue, was the best in the industry. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also very capable. At the age of 24, she was appointed as the general manager of the Mingjiang Branch by the Hua Medicine Group. She held the power of more than 500 people. With her, she could not only gain more knowledge, but also learn a lot.

  So they all hoped to pass this round of interview.

  The interview was arranged at two o'clock, but no one would take the time to come. The six people were all half an hour ahead of time, and they were arranged to wait here by the front desk.


  At 1:50 p.m., footsteps sounded outside the door. The six people were refreshed, and then the glass door was opened with a crash.

  The six people's eyes lit up in an instant, and then they were stunned at the same time, with unspeakable surprise.

  In his sight, a young man in a red T-shirt, shorts, and cloth shoes came in. In his early twenties, he was holding an official card in his right hand and a carrot in his left hand. He staggered to the main position while eating a carrot. His behavior and image were very abrupt.

  Before everyone could react, he threw out a series of car keys with a bang.

  The key was dazzling—a Ferrari, a Porsche, a BMW, a Mercedes, and an eye-catching car.

  Then, he took out a stack of notes from his pocket and banged them on the table with a bang.

  What the f*ck!

  Who was this guy? He was dressed like a migrant worker, but the things in his hands were rich. The eyes of the six people were all confused.

  Could it be that the rich second generation came here to act like a pig and eat a tiger?

  The young man in red swept his eyes over the crowd and said directly, "Hello, everyone. My name is Ye Tianlong. I'm here today's interview."

  "If you are qualified for the interview, you can stay. If you are not qualified for the interview, you can take 200 yuan and get out of here."

  When everyone was surprised that he was going to ask, he pointed to the first person and said, "Zhu Dajun, let me introduce myself."

  Hearing his name being called out accurately, the man on the far left shivered all over. He did not dare to be suspicious and immediately replied,

  "Well done. My name is Zhu Dazhuang. I graduated from Ha'an University and have a master's degree."


  Before he finished introducing himself, Ye Tianlong interrupted him without hesitation, "Your education is too high, which makes you look like a low-level master."

  "Even if you can't afford to raise them here, you won't be able to work at ease."

  He bit the carrot and said, "You can go now."

  Zhu Dazheng was slightly stunned. "You can go now?"

  Ye Tianlong's eyes widened and he asked, "Three thousand yuan. Do you want to do it or not?"

  Zhu Dazheng instantly shut up. 3,000 yuan was enough for the rent. He picked up the things and bowed his head and left. Before leaving, he hesitated to take away 200 yuan.

  Ye Tianlong didn't even look at him. He turned his eyes to the second interviewer, a very fashionable and beautiful woman, with a rustling sound in her mouth.

  "Liu Xiaolin, do you have any experience in this field?"

  The beautiful woman immediately burst into a charming smile and gently changed the topic.

  "As for the interview, I have three years of experience and I'm good at it when it comes to work. I don't need to spend any resources for training."

  "I'm not qualified!"

  Ye Tianlong vetoed it again. "The company wants to recruit assistant like Paper, does Paper understand as well?"

  "You have three years of experience, and your thoughts have been solidified. There is a technical conflict between you and me, so you have to leave."

  Liu Xiaolin opened her mouth slightly and wanted to defend herself, but she was angry by Ye Tianlong's condescending attitude. She snorted and said, "If I don't keep my sister here, I have my own place to keep her."

  After that, she took the handbag and left in a rush, completely disdainful of the fare on the table.

  Ye Tianlong still didn't look at her. He turned his eyes to the third bespectacled man and snapped the carrot with a click.

  "Wang Xiaofeng, you are unqualified. Let's go!"

  The bespectacled man opened his mouth widely. "As for the interview, I haven't introduced myself yet. Why don't I be qualified?"

  Ye Tianlong took a step forward and said condescendingly, "Although we recruited an assistant, we also have to observe all directions and be far-sighted. You are short-sighted. You have such a thick lens. Are you 800 degrees? If you lose your glasses, you can't find the way. How can you watch all directions and shield us from the wind and rain?"

  The bespectacled man said with a face of dissatisfaction, "You are discrimination."

  Ye Tianlong snorted and said, "You go to interview the Flight Master. Do they want it?"