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Secret Marriage

Secret Marriage


"If you marry me, I can avenge you." Lu Bai, the president of Di Sheng Group, the first group in Asia, was the most terrible man in the world. It was said that he had the largest financial empire behind him, and there had never been any woman around him. It was said that he was gay! An Xia'er thought, "Who cares about him, it's best to be her president's wife and abuse him. But after marriage, my life is different. Looking at the interview of the president of Shen Sheng in the newspaper, Anxia'er "What do you mean? Didn't you say that we have a secret marriage?" "My wife, I will secretly tell you that all the men in my wife's house." Why do not show up to you?"
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  There were so many celebrities in the five-star hotel of S City. Tonight, it was the engagement party of Mu Sancheng, the First Prince of the Mu family, and An Xia'er, the Second Miss of An Family!

  "Which room... is Si City?" An Xia'er was dizzy before the wedding. Then she left the banquet hall on the phone.

  " Semi-seven." In the phone, there was a hint of indifference in his voice, as if he had suppressed his passion and love for her in the past.

  "Sister Qi'er said that you want to give me a surprise before our wedding?" There was a cute dimple on Anxia'er's cheek, and her face was red. "Do you want to turn me into your person first? But it's our first time to get married. Anyway, we have been waiting for two years."

  "I'm not joking with you. Come up quickly."

  Mu Sucheng hung up the phone.

  Couldn't wait to see her?

  Anxia'er blinked her eyes. She was only 19 years old. Would this be...

  "It doesn't matter. Anyway, he will soon be her fiance, doesn't he? She still loves S City very much."

  An Xia'er staggered along the corridor of the hotel. Her delicate and beautiful little face was slightly smoked, and she was wearing a short champagne-colored Chanel dress, which wrapped her exquisite figure, charming and lovely.

  "Strange, she didn't drink much..." She patted her forehead, and her vision gradually blurred.

  In the banquet hall, she didn't intend to drink. But just now, Mistress An insisted that she should have a drink with her guests and friends, as well as some prominent families.

  Walking into the elevator, Anxia'er confusedly pressed the number button of the first 66th floor, but she didn't expect to press the eighth floor.

  On the eighth floor of the hotel, on the VIP floor.

  After coming out of the elevator, An Xia'er ran directly to the room that was mentioned in City Mu Si City. 8 and 6 were unclear. When she came to room 807, she raised her fist and knocked on the door.

  "Come in." A sexy and pleasant voice of a man came from inside.

  Two words were enough to attract people's attention.

  Anxia'er pushed the door open and walked in. She smiled in a daze. "Sshi City, when did your voice become so heavy? Yes, it's just like the volume of a radio in their voices."

  There was no light on in the room in front of her, but she could vaguely see the rich and luxurious family outline and the large bed—it was a presidential suite.

  In the air of the room, there was a strong perfume smell of a man.

  "Sie City..." She went in with the help of the wall and collapsed on the big comfortable bed. "Where are you?"

  Her body was hot and dry for no reason, which made her uncomfortable.

  Anxia'er pulled her clothes...

  The sound of running water came from the bathroom. After a while, a Xin Changying came out.

  In the dim line of sight, the man was wearing a bathrobe, and his chest clearly revealed beautiful lines of pectoral muscles, and crystal drops of water slipped from above.

  -A handsome and suffocating man.

  In the dim, the man looked at the woman with his brown eyes, and his voice was beautiful and magnetic.

  "Who are you?"

  "Hot..." An Xiaer's pink lips opened slightly, "I want to undress..."

  After the glass of wine her adopted mother gave her just now, her whole body seemed to be heating up, and now her consciousness was getting more and more unclear.

  The man tossed his hair towel aside, came over and pulled her arm, "Get up, you went to the wrong room--"

  "Sicheng... Didn't you want me..." An Xiaer's lotus arm twisted around the man's neck and smiled, "I'm here...you're responsible for me~"

  The man was pulled by her suddenly and immediately held on to her with one hand. He almost covered her whole body.