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Boss, Behave Yourself

Boss, Behave Yourself


"My boyfriend brought a mistress to give her a checkup? And he came to her hospital?" "I've been sick of this man for a long time. He's been used by someone else. I don't think he's dirty!" She turned around and kissed her immediate superior! As a result, the Boss forced her to sign an agreement of ten million yuan of spiritual value and asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend! Was it too fast for him to change his position, see his parents, and go back to his hometown? The big BOSS looked at her with a playful expression and touched her hands anxiously. "Are you fast? I think it's still a little late. Let's hurry up and give birth to a baby!" "Oh my god! The BOSS must have killed her!"
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  "It's 10:50. It's time for patients in bed 15 to take their medicine." While reading, Ning Huanhuan picked up the pen and wrote down the things on the notebook.

  After checking what she needed, Ning Huanhuan walked to the ward with confidence.

  "Yize, do you want our baby to be a boy or a girl?"

  In the hospital, especially in the Department of Military & Gynecology, it was not unusual to hear such words, but Ning Huanhuan's footsteps still stopped because of this sentence.

  "Iize, Tang Iize, and Ning Huanhuan's boyfriend!"

  "Could it be such a coincidence?" Ning Huan shook her head. In the future, she had to read less dog-eat-dog online novels, which made her nerves a little abnormal.

  "All boys and girls are good." The male voice with a smile was gentle and warm, like a ray of sunshine in spring, but in Ning Huanhuan's ears, it was like a piece of ice, crushing all her self-consolation.

  It had been seven years since she and Tang Yize had been together in high school. How could she hear this man's voice wrong? This warm and clean boy used to be all she had in her dark life. She originally thought that even if the whole world abandoned her, Tang Yize would not leave her...

  Ning Huanhuan slowly turned around, and the smile of the two people was so dazzling.

  "Huanhuan?" Tang Yize obviously didn't expect to see Ning Huanhuan here. The smile on his face became distorted, and he opened his mouth but didn't say anything to explain.

  Zhou Huan was recognized as the campus belle in University C. She was as beautiful as a flower, as gentle as water, and had an enviable family background. These were all things that Ning Huanhuan couldn't catch up with.

  Ning Huanhuan took a deep breath and clenched her fists.

  "Huanhuan, listen to me..." Seeing Ning Huanhuan like this, Tang Yize stepped forward to stand in front of Zhou Huan, trying to explain something.


  The loud slap sounded especially abrupt in the long corridor. Tang Yichen covered his face and looked at Ning Huanhuan in surprise. It seemed that he didn't expect that Ning Huan would hit him in front of so many people.

  "What are you doing?" Zhou Huan, who was standing at the side, was the first to react. She stepped forward and pushed Ning Huanhuan away. With a distressed look on her face, she hugged Tang Yi'e and asked, "Yize, how are you? Does it hurt?"

  Then he turned around and pointed at Ning Huanhuan. "Ning Huanhuan, it's your problem that you can't keep me. You only know how to make money every day, and how much time do you have to stay with me? Do you know that I also need someone to accompany me? Sister Huanhuan, I beg you. I really love Yize. Besides, I have the child of Yize now. I beg you, Sister Huanhuan, can you help me?"

  "Does this seem to be her fault?" Ning Huanhuan sneered. She looked at Zhou Huan and Tang Yize and said, "Don't worry about this. I will definitely help you, because I don't like the dirty man used by you."

  "Ning Huanhuan!" Ning Huanhuan's words immediately consumed the remaining guilt of Tang Yize and stepped on Tang Yiize's self-esteem. It was she who abandoned Ning Huanhuan. Why did she dislike her so much?

  Ning Huanhuan smiled, walked up to Zhou Huan, and said, "I'd like to thank you. I've been tired of this man for a long time. I thought I should use an excuse to get rid of him, but now it seems that it saves me a lot of trouble."

  "Sister Huanhuan, why are you doing this? I know you are still deeply in love with Yi Ze. You just said these words because you are angry..." Zhou Huan's eyes flashed a trace of unwillingness. She was about to say something, but was interrupted by Ning Huanhuan.

  "You don't believe me? Well, I'll prove it to you!"

  When the tears in Ning Xueyan's eyes were about to break through the last line of defense, Ning Huanhuan turned around and leaned forward to kiss him under the surprised eyes of the man in white fortune...