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The President's Super Bodyguard

The President's Super Bodyguard

Author:Louyue Xi


He has extraordinary Kungfu skills, but keeps in a low key; he is a super hero, but walks like a playboy. He is the inheritor of Qin’s consummate mentality skills, in order to find the lost last page of the ancient book, he returned to the modern society. Thus, he entered a clothing company and became a bodyguard of the beautiful female president. Since then, he was surrounded by a lot of beauties, as well as the troubles... Don’t worry, he has the iron arms and wide shoulder! ---- Dare to trouble the ladies? Come to me first!
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  [I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you.

  I know you were right believing for so long,

  I'm all out of love, what am I without you...]

  Classes will be ending soon, Noah Howard turned on the radio and drove the company car to the entrance of the high school department of St. Mary High School in Celestic Town. After lowering down his seat, he removed his sunglasses and threw them on the dashboard, then lay down and listen to the music on the radio.

  Looking through the window, Noah quietly cast his eyes on the blue sky.

  Soon, a faint melancholy flashed across his almost emotionless face.

  Through the window, the sun stretched Noah's lonely shadow, and a kind of aura that didn't match his age gradually filled the car.

  Noah liked this song very much. He often sang it in a loop until dawn, and even the ringtone of his mobile phone was it.

  Perhaps this song could make Noah forget about his real life trouble temporarily.

  Two years was a deadline given by Noah himself.

  After returning to Celestic Town, Noah became a driver of the logistics department of Emma Clothing Group through his friends' introduction.

  Emma Clothing Group was a well-known clothing company in the country. It was a famous brand built by Emma Charlotte, a famous young lady. Emma Clothing Group used to only make women's clothing, but then its business grew bigger and bigger, and it gradually expanded into the whole clothing industry.

  It was said that Emma herself was very beautiful. She was in her early forties, mature and graceful. Emma was a legendary figure in the clothing industry of Celestic town.

  Her two daughters were even more beautiful, and each of them was as beautiful as a fairy.

  Isabella Charlotte, the eldest daughter, was only 24 years old and had become the current president of the Emma Clothing Group. She was also the second in command of Emma's business.

  Emilia Charlotte, the youngest daughter, was 17 years old. She was a high school student in St. Mary high school in Celestic Town.

  Hearing that the chairman and the president had an extremely important banquet tonight, Victoria Watson, the director of the personnel department, specifically reminded Noah to bring Emilia back after school.

  St. Mary has a rigorous timetable. Students enter the school on Sunday afternoon and could only come out after school on Friday afternoon.

  Today is Friday, and the school gate was full of private cars coming to pick them up.

  Noah did not like such a crowded place, so he parked the car beside the bushes across the street.

  The song looped for the second time. Before Emilia came out, Noah dialed the number of the HR director, Victoria.

  "Let me ask you a question, Miss. Watson. Is the second daughter of the chairman beautiful?"

  "Go to hell!

Noah, Let me tell you. Don't joke around. I gave you such a glorious task to pick up Emilia. Don't ruin it."

  Victoria scolded him on the phone. If she had known Noah's character earlier, she shouldn't have agreed to let him enter the company. It was okay for him to be slick to her at ordinary times, but he dared to joke about Emilia?

  Noah understood what Victoria meant and said aggrievedly, "Hey, don't think bad of me. You asked me to pick up Emilia, but you didn't give me any of her information. I don't even have her phone number, photos or social media. How can I contact her?"

  "You don't have to contact her. I have told her your phone number and license plate number. She will call you after school."

  "Moreover, you look so awful. As long as you stand at the school gate, others will stay away from you. Then, she will recognize you at a glance." Victoria couldn’t help but tease Noah.

  "I'm awful?" Noah was speechless after hearing Victoria’s words.

  Toot, toot, toot—

  Before Noah could finish his sentence, Victoria hung up the phone.

  "Screw this!"

  "Do I look that bad?" Noah looked into the mirror and check himself out again.

  Such a handsome face, a height of 1.8 meters, and length of 18cm. Was there something wrong with Victoria's sexual orientation?

  It was indeed because of Victoria that Noah was able to enter Emma Clothing Group.

  Victoria was close to Noah’s friend, and his friend notified her before Noah went for an interview. When Victoria saw Noah, who had a good appearance and looked honest, she agreed without much consideration.

  Unexpectedly, Noah was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His true color was exposed in less than three hours, and his claws were stretching out to Victoria.

  Several times, Victoria found that Noah had been staring at her ass, because of that she did not even dare to wear tight pants.

  Because many people in the company said that Victoria was the sexiest woman in the Emma Clothing Group, and she was also one of the top ten beauties in the company.

  Ruling out the chairman of the board, Victoria ranked second, only second to the president Emma Charlotte.

  There were many ways to express sexiness, and Victoria could perfectly express it with her figure. This kind of body shape could not be concealed with any clothing.

  Victoria sent Noah to pick up Emilia because she was too busy in the company.

  The banquet tonight was very important to Emma Clothing Group. Almost everyone in the company went all out. Only Noah, the newcomer, had nothing to do, so the task of picking her up fell on him.

  "How hard could it be?" thought Noah.

  Just to pick up one person.

  It should be an easy task for me.

  As his phone rang, Noah took a bottle of mineral water and came out of the car. In the distance, a girl with twin tails stood at the school gate and looked around.

  That girl was 16 or 17 years old, wearing a school uniform of St. Mary High School. She was at least 1.6 meters tall, and her delicate facial features is definitely worthy of the campus belle.

  Needless to say, it must be Emilia Charlotte.

  Noah did not answer the phone and walked over to her.

  "Are you Emilia Charlotte? I am Noah from the company's logistics department. Miss Watson asked me to pick you up."

  Noah reached out to pick up her schoolbag. Emilia looked at him suspiciously and asked, "Why didn't you answer the phone?"

  Emilia waved her finger on her iPhone and redialled until Noah's mobile phone rang again and he waved his phone in front of her eyes. Only then did Emilia verified Noah's identity.

  The little girl was very vigilant. Noah smiled and nodded, "Let's go!"


  When Noah bent down, Emilia took his photo and sent it to Victoria to confirm.

  After making sure that there was no problem, Emilia followed Noah into the car opposite the school gate.

  Emilia was so careful that even Noah was impressed.

  However, this did not seem to be the end. Just as Noah opened the door and let Emilia get in the car, at least four men suddenly rushed over along the road.

  The leader was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a mouth full of yellow teeth, full of blackheads on both sides of his nose, and a golden necklace as thick as a little finger hanging on his neck.

  In addition, there were also three other guys with very little hair, a small flattop haircut, and a fat man. Three of them all had tattoos on their bodies, and the man with a little hair also had earrings.

  They directly got into the car and trapped Emilia in the middle of the back seat from both sides.

  The fat man didn't get in the car. He stayed behind to scout.

  Before Noah could think, the leader put a knife on his waist, revealing a fierce look, "Get in the car!"

  Noah calmly looked at the other party's pig-like face, and naturally knew that they had come prepared.

  These people had a clear division of labor and moved so quickly that even passers-by were not alarmed. He guessed that they had been watching for a long time.

  Seeing Emilia being kidnapped, Noah did not act rashly. Before figured out the situation, Noah decided to keep a low profile and see what the other party's purpose was.

  “I promised Miss Watson that I would take Emilia back home safely. You want to ruin my job, don't you?” thought Noah.

  Emilia was so scared that her face turned blue, and the leader ferociously held the knife against Noah. "Drive!"

  Noah was not willing to give in. He took out a cigarette and lit it calmly. He took a deep breath and said earnestly, "It's illegal for you to do this. If you quit now, I will not report you! Can't we sit down and talk about this? Why do you make things difficult for this little girl?"

  The two men behind him jumped up almost at the same time and were ready to fight. The theft leader's face darkened and he shouted, "What the f*ck! Believe it or not, I'll stab you to death."

  Noah really did not believe him. He looked at the leader calmly and said, "Old man, your crotch is open!"

  The leader instinctively lowered his head. At this moment, Noah suddenly made a move.

  There was no time for the leader to react. He only felt a piercing pain in his wrist, and the knife fell. At the same time, he was punched in the face. His whole head was buzzing, and his eyes were full of stars. He fainted on the spot.

  The two men behind them were stunned for half a second. Before they could react, Noah turned around and threw two heavy punches. Noah directly knocked them out.

  "F**k! How dare you threaten me?" thought Noah.

  Noah started the car and rushed to the suburbs.

  “Holy crap! What was going on?”

  The fat man who stayed at the scene found that the situation was out of their control and quickly took out his mobile phone to make a phone call. "Boss, all the people we sent were kidnapped."