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Mommy, Don't Run!

Mommy, Don't Run!


On her twenty-year-old birthday, her sister sent her to a strange man's bed. After an eventful night, she was dismissed from the engagement, and everything that should have belonged to her was taken away by her sister! Three years later, she returned to China with the genius treasure and fought with her vicious sister and her beautiful parents. She was also spoiled by the president! "You have to pay the price for secretly giving birth to my child?" "A price? What price? Isn't it enough for me to marry you?" "Of course not." He held her in his arms and said with a smile, "You have to give birth to more children."
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  When the door was locked, Gu Nuan shook her head and sat up from the ground.

  "Didn't she celebrate drinking with twin sister?"

  But now, where was she?

  In the square space, there were windows, curtains, sofas, carpets, crystal chandelier...

  There was also the sound of splashing water from a short distance away.

  It must be her elder sister who had drunk her and sent her back to her room when she saw that she was upset and sleepy.

  It was still a presidential suite!

  There was a hint of warmth in Gu Nuan's heart. She staggered to the sound of the water. As she walked, she took off her clothes.

  She had to take a bath before she could have a good sleep.

  When the bathroom door opened, it was steaming hot. In the bathroom, there was a tall mirror.

  Through the mist, she saw herself in the mirror: tall, strong, thin, at least 85 meters tall, strong chest muscles, perfect six abdominal muscles, and...

  And how did she become a man?

  "He's tall, strong and thin, chest muscles, and abdominal muscles. And that thing?"

  Gu Nuan rubbed her eyes, but she was like this in the mirror.

  She frowned and walked over in disbelief.

  Li Mojun looked at the naked woman who was walking towards him and also walked up to her.

  He met too many scheming women who came to him, but they didn't hang on at all. They looked relaxed and innocent. This was the first one. He held the woman's left wrist and said angrily, "Who sent you—"

  He couldn't finish his words.

  Because the woman stretched out her right hand freely to touch, touch, and hold one of his organs, and said with emotion, "What's wrong? Or is it three-dimensional?"

  Why shouldn't it be three-dimensional?!

  Li Mojun's face darkened. The blood on his upper body flowed down to the lower half of his body. He pulled the woman's hand away, but his nose smelled the woman's body fragrance. It was faint, slightly sweet, and a strong smell of alcohol...

  "Well, is he being molested by a drunkard?"

  Before Li Mojun could figure out the answer, the woman had already twisted her hands with dissatisfaction because of the clenched hands.

  She was petite and close to him, clinging to him closely.

  In the bathroom, the sound of splashing water never stopped.

  The warm water drops flowed from the top to the bottom, from his head to his shoulders, chest, and lower abdomen...

  Similarly, it flowed from the woman's head to her shoulders, chest, and lower abdomen...

  She was so beautiful that there were no flaws in her beauty. She was like a porcelain doll.

  Her long black hair, long and curved eyelashes, a slightly prominent nose, and pink lips were slightly open as if she was inviting a kiss.

  She opened her eyes dazedly and looked at him, saying, "How dare you? What the hell are you? Let me go."

  He didn't let go!

  It was her, the little goblin, who provoked him first!

  The corners of Li Mojun's mouth curled into a smile. He turned over and pressed the woman against the wall. "Tell me, what the hell am I?"

  "Hmm?" Gu Nuan did not understand and was a little confused. However, compared with the coldness behind her, the warmth in front of her was more or less her consciousness had a little more or less returned to the past.

  In the haze, she knew that she had been constrained and constrained by others.

  This made her a little angry.

  Gu Nuan took a deep breath and said discontentedly, "Let me go. If you don't let me go, I'll force you!"

  Strong, strong you...

  Li Mojun was stunned for a moment, and his Adam's apple moved slightly.

  She was the first one who dared to say that she was stronger than him.

  Very good, very good.

  Not only was she a little goblin, but she was also a lovely wild cat.

  He let go of the woman's hands and grabbed her thin waist. He leaned against her ear and said, "Then, do as you wish."