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Save Me, Love Me

Save Me, Love Me



  After being married for two years, my mother-in-law forced me to do an infertility test, which found out the ovulation disorder ... The mother-in-law proposed a countermeasure for surrogacy; however, the "mother" of surrogacy turned out to be a college girl who my husband and I had supported for five years. What's worse, in order to save the fee of surrogacy, my mother-in-law suggested my husband to have sex with the girl...
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My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. As a child, I followed my mother, and she found me a stepfather, who was the bastard that raped me when I was 14

Therefore, when I married my husband, I was not a virgin. I concealed this fact before marriage, which made my marriage life started to become like a nightmare.

My husband's financial condition was very good. He's a civil servant.

As a civil servant, he was quite proud of himself. He felt that his ability was good. His wife would make him faceless if she went out to work. I listened to him and became his fulltime wife at home.

But now, thinking about it, this was probably the worst decision I made in my life.

Ever since I resigned from work and stayed at home, I had become the nanny of this family. I have been serving their family every day for their eating, drinking, and daily lives. But I still kept being hated by my husband because he gave me money.

The more exasperating thing was that he changed. Before we married, he had started to say that he did not care if I was a virgin, and being raped was not my fault. But things changed. Half a year after marriage, he was treating me worse and worse. He beat me after drinking. And he even asked prostitutes in our home without avoiding my presence, chasing me out of the house and making love with the bitches…

I had been confused about his change. And I kept struggling to change him. I asked him why he did those to me; but he said directly: “You become my wife without virgin’s dignity because you were bloody fucked by an old man! You should thank me for marrying you! How dare you say those craps to me?

His words almost killed me. But I could only endure it. After all, being raped is my fault, not others.

Since my husband disliked me like this, he naturally didn’t want to have sex with me. We had been married for 3 years without making love.

I hadn’t mentioned this until one night: my husband’s family was holding a family party in a restaurant. After drinking some alcohol, my motherinlaw was angry at me under everyone’s sight: “Shannon Taylor! You are a hen but cannot lay eggs! Why do you still have no babies at all? We Fox family are in a pity just because of marrying you!”

She even broke the cup and left for this, which made everyone in the party look at me strangely.

I was flushed and shameless, totally.

However, it was really not me that didn’t want to make babies. My husband didn’t have sex with me at all!

I had hard time thinking about it. In the end, I decided to compromise.

So I speciallytook a shower for three times, sprayed perfume on my body, and took out the sexy underwear that I had bought for a long time. While my motherinlaw and my fatherinlaw returned to the countryside, I gently opened the door of my husband's study.

"Honey ~"

I whispered sweetly and walked carefully to his side, reaching out to put my hand on his arm.

"I ..."

I just said a word, my husband immediately looked up. When he saw the dress on me, his face changed and his gaze became deep and sharp as if he was going to eat me.

"What are you doing?" He said sharply.

I was shocked. I didn't expect that when he saw my face, he didn't even feel at all. He was still very angry. My face became even redder and my head lowered. It was completely clean.

"I, I ... I want to have a child with you. After all, we've been married for so long. Mother is in a hurry. I ..."


My hesitating, pleasing words just turned into his slap on my face.

"What did you say? Making a baby? Look at you, bitch; you don't know what you're doing. You've been pierced by an old man since you were young. The baby from your belly also will be a bitch, just like you!”

He scolded me fiercely, and then he grabbed my hair and fell me to the ground.

"Hurry up and take off your coquettish clothes. If you let me see this bitch cloth again, I will throw you out of my home!"

After that, he strode out of the study.

With a big voice, I heard him slam the door.

He beat me up. The word "my home" hurt me even more!

I was alone on the floor in the study room, crying silently. My tears were like pearls with broken threads. The hairstyle I had just carefully prepared had already been messed up by him, and the clothes on my body were also embarrassed by his tearing.

I had been sitting on the ground for a long time, but my husband did not come back. After thinking, I still decided to dress myself, pick up the bag and go out.

I decided to scare him. Before this time, I was always obediently waiting at home for his return after he bit me and left the house. In this time, I simply left to see if he would be in a hurry for me.

Thinking about this, I went straight out of the community, but I didn't know where to go. I finally went back to the community I lived in. It was really sad to sit beside the green grasses in the community. I was so pathetic. After marrying him, I always stayed at home. I had gradually estranged my former friends.

In the end, I still decided to send him a text message to test him, but as soon as I took out my phone, I heard a car rang. A car came across from the grasses, and the lights flashed into my eyes. I put my hand on my eyes for avoiding the light. When I was about to leave, the car stopped beside the road. I glanced casually, but I was shocked. Was that my husband’s car?

My husband still didn’t want to let me go. Is he still coming back after he went out for a while? He must have realized that he was out of the line today. My heart burst into joy, and I wanted to walk over. But when I walked on the road and just reached the end of the car, I heard a voice from the car that hadn't stopped the engine. There was a woman!

"Hurry ..."

I heard my husband's voice with passionate lust.

He ... he's prostituting again?

I was frozen in the same place. Actually, I had already walked to the back of the car. Through the rear windshield, I could see the scene in the car unclearly, but the two were too involved to notice me.

"Oh, you’re tight!"

I watched them ailently when they couldn't wait to get to the point quickly. My husband pressed the woman in the car and kneaded her body with his big hands, making a satisfying voice.

"Your cookie is much better than my wife's cunt. That bastard is still trying to seduce me. Now I feel disgusted meeting her. I don't even want to touch her. Oh baby, please, give me a baby … Honey…For a year, I'll divorce her and marry you...”

I finally heard the words that made me fall further.

After another year, he could be promoted; but now, the civil servant's personal life is researched very strict. Of course, he can't divorce me now!


I saw my husband was piercing her in fierceness. And the woman also groaned. When she looked up, I saw her face. It was his "colleague!" He had sent her photos on his Instagram!

In order to please my husband, I also gave him some likes and comments, saying that his colleagues are really beautiful...

She seemed to have found me, but she did not say anything. Instead, she generously groaned louder as if she was showing off.

I was so angry that my fingers trembled, and a disgusting feeling came up. I couldn't believe what I saw in my eyes and what I heard in my ears.

I clearly remember that my husband once said that woman: “She is a bus that let every man fuck her.”

It turned out that the reason he disliked me was not I’m dirty but he has an affair. I turned around and rushed out of the community again.


As a saying goes, unlucky people choke themselves while drinking water. I was in a car accident at the time of leaving the gate. I lost my consciousness.