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The Sweet Accident

The Sweet Accident



 One day, journalist Susannah hit a handsome man while driving on her way to a gossip spot. The man was seriously injured before meeting Susannah. Moreover, he was attracted by Susannah’s gorgeous appearance and plump figure, so he decided to trap her into his sweet tricks. The man calmly warned Susannah to be responsible for his double injuries. Susannah had no choice but to nod, then the man fainted and didn’t wake until the next day at noon. Susannah surprisingly found that the man suffered amnesia. Susannah wasn’t aware of the fact that the man was taking advantage of her kind and innocent, so she agreed to take care of him in person when he was in the hospital. However, the first thing she should do was to help him take off his trousers!
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“Susannah Grant, where the hell are you? Do you have the profession of a journalist?! I warn you, if I cannot shot a latest news, you wait and see!” The boss soared on the phone.

Susannah Grant suppressed her anger and ridiculed, “Bullshit, you shot a film but did not bring battery. Dare to blame me for sending battery too slow! The fucking professional reporter! You are just a paparazzi.”

She did not fall asleep overnight on weekends. She was about to nap for a while, but the boss called to let her send the buttery. He is so annoying.

"You fool! Speed up, speed up! Can't you step on the gas?" He kept scolding on the other side of the phone.

It was at dawn with a slight hue of blue in the sky. She could not see a single person on the road. She was absent—minded for a sec, suddenly, a man staggered out of the grass.

Too late.

The car bumped into the man.

Susannah Grant’s brain was blank for several seconds before rolling out of the car.

Thunder was rolling in the brain. She hit someone!

Susannah Grant stood at the side of the car with a blank mind. She looked at the man lying in front of the car. He was ragged and covered in blood.

The boss on the phone did not hear her reaction for a long time, then raised his voice to blame, “Are you dead? Susannah Grant?!!”

Susannah Grant came over, got into the car, hang him up and called an ambulance shivering.

The man was lying on the ground, his eyes closed, his body covered with scratches, his thighs, arms and head still oozed blood.

Susannah Grant couldn’t help shaking her hands and voice. She poked the man on the ground with her fingertips. "Hey, are you still alive? I didn't mean to. "

No one answered her.

Susannah Grant squatted on the ground, courageously stretched out her hand to find the man's nostrils.

Her hands had not reached over, but the man suddenly opened his eyes, his sharp eyes was looking at her, so sober and cold, frightened Susannah Grant and she fell to the ground. After a long time, she just spout out "ah".

Blake Ellis’s indifferent eyesight scrutinized from her body to the behind, and finally fell back to her body, the voice did not have any temperature: "You hit me, you must be responsible for me."

"I will be responsible, I have called an ambulance. You will be fine. Don't be afraid."

Blake Ellis looked at her from top to bottom, and suddenly said, "Take off your clothes!"