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The Peerless Doctor Princess

The Peerless Doctor Princess



  During the day time, she is an experienced doctor with sophisticated acupuncture techniques while at night she is a magic thief who pursues for all the treasures around the world. Accidently, she traversed to ancient dynasty as an imperial concubine who committed suicide and was given to the Prince Regent by the emperor. When she opened her eyes and survived, she attracted the whole world, and even the emperor looked back and said: "Charlotte, l find it hard to forget you."
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The calendar year was 14 years, Spring.

The emperor gave the regent imperial concubine, which was seriously ill and dying, to the Regent as the main concubine.

The Princess, who was seriously ill, was dressed in a red wedding gown lying in the coffin and was carried into the Regent's palace.

In the new house, the red coffin was tied to the center of the coffin. The woman lying in the coffin had her eyelashes trembled slightly.

It hurts ...

Why did her chest hurt so much? Was she dead?

No! If she could feel the pain, it would prove that she was not dead.

The woman suddenly opened her eyes and wanted to see what was happening, but she bumped into the top of the coffin.

"her ..."

The woman sucked coldly. She slowly lifted her hands away from the top of the coffin.

the is ... where?

She remembered that she had stolen blue cat eyes in a museum before, her tracks revealed that she had been attacked by a fire, and in the end, she had not escaped the bullet that hit her chest. Now ...

Too late to think too much. Waking up in an unfamiliar place, her instinctive reaction was to quickly leave, look around, and make sure that no one else ran out of the new house.

The tightly closed new house was opened because of the woman's departure. The night wind and the windows and doors were rumbling.

The noise from the side attracted the patrolling guards, but found that the doors and windows were open, and the coffin that should have been closed was opened. The body inside was missing. At the moment, a fiery red figure appeared outside the window. Fear.

The guards turned pale and someone shouted, "Cheat ..."

"You're lying!"

At that moment, the fiery red figure stood on the roof of the new house.


As she watched the roaring figure below, the girl smiled and walked over the roof.

She had thought that she could easily throw away the chasing soldiers, but unexpectedly, those people had chased all the way over. The girl took advantage of the night to hide and escape.

She got in without thinking about it. Since it was a forbidden place, those people would definitely not dare to chase in.

As the woman had expected, the chased guards lost her track and did not dare to step forward at the stone tablet.

Seeing that the woman had been thrown away, the woman patted her hands with a confident smile on her face. "Easy for you to catch, then I'm still a thief?"

As he looked around for a way out, he stopped at a hot spring.

She couldn't think of a hot spring in the place. The girl touched the water in the hot spring pool, but she felt that her body was a little abnormally hot.

The movement of the water started to disturb another person in the hot spring. "Who!"

The sudden sound scared her and opened her eyes.

It was a man's voice.

She looked towards the source of the sound.


The man's voice was low—pitched and magnetic, so it was nice to hear, but her imperative words made her unhappy.

She Charlotte had lived for twenty years, and no one had ever spoken to her in the tone, ordering her?

Is it possible?

"If you tell me to stop, just stop? Then I'm not too obedient." Obedience was not her style.

Charlotte continued to move towards the man. there was cold anger around the man as if the air around him had frozen.

Charlotte did not fear the man's aura and walked to him in front of him. She could see through the moonlight.

The moment she saw it, Charlotte was stunned.

Obsidian—like dazzling black pupils flashed with awe—inspiring vigour. Under the calm waves of eyes, there was a sharp gaze—like gaze. It was even more chilling, reminiscent of a wild wolf that was hungry. Dangerous.

The moonlight shone on the fair and white face, revealing the cold and sharp edges and corners;

Even so,Charlotte were still unaffected. Instead, she ridiculed, "Yo, I can't think of such an affair in such a place."

the face was definitely top—notch. She thought she had seen countless handsome guys. The one who could make her look amazing was the only one in front of her.

"Handsome guy, why is she alone in such a place in the middle of the night?" Seeing the man's speechlessness, Charlotte started to play with her heart, and her delicate fingers were gently stroked on the man's shoulder. there was a ripple in the pool.

The man's upper body was exposed to the surface of the water, adding even more ambiguity to her white breath. The strange thing was that the man did not act at all when he faced her.

the reassured Charlotte that a pair of small hands moved uneasily on the man.

The man frowned and wanted to see her face clearly, but he could only see the exquisite black shadow with her back to the moonlight.


When she saw that her subordinates had been disappointed, the man was in a low rage.

Looking down at the crime hand, Charlotte frowned.

What happened? Even if the other guy was handsome, she couldn't be so out of control?

Just now, she wanted to ...

Charlotte frowned slightly, something was wrong!

It was the body that was not right.

the had no source of heat. At first, she thought it was the reason for running.

With her walking for more than ten years, the medicine was probably an aphrodisiac.

I just wondered if we wouldn't combine with a man.

Charlotte hesitated. the life was recovered. She would never allow herself to take such a risk.

Charlotte struggled as her shell clenched her red lips and finally understood.

It was not a loss to change her life overnight, not to mention that he was still a handsome guy.

After making up her mind, Charlotte tore off her skirt to cover her face.

Moreover, she was the one who was running away.

Putting the veil on, Charlotte's clutching reached the man in the hot spring. "I'm sorry, I'll borrow your body to use it."

Charlotte put her hands together and walked around the man. The man still did not move just now, but at the moment, her eyes were colder.

"Do you want to die?"

The man's voice darkened, and the did not hinder Charlotte.

Charlotte sat on the man's thigh, her slender fingers hooking the man's lower jaw, and closer to the ear, and the hot scent was sprayed on the man's neck. "there is a saying that it's dead under a peony flower.

Her unreasonable move made the man anger completely. Her eyes were filled with murderous intentions. If her eyes could kill someone, Charlotte had already died a thousand times.

Charlotte was inexplicably scared at the moment. In order to finish things earlier, he tore off a tulle to cover the man's eyes.

"Who wants you to die?" The man finally exasperated and yelled.

"Die?"Charlotte blended in with the man in the hot spring.