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The Poor Lora

The Poor Lora



Lora was going to a hotel to catch her husband and his mistress on bed, but incidentally, she met the man who robbed her first-time three years ago. This man was her nightmare, not only because he took her innocence, but also he had brought her the greatest pain and shame of her life -- being in hospital because of a lower-body laceration. His size was too big... Lora tried to escape but failed. She experienced the nightmare for the second time. Concerning this man’s wealth and influence, she could not object him but endure it. Before she left, this overbearing man even threatened her, “Woman, get a divorce. Or otherwise, I can make you betray your husband every night! You know I can make it!” Lora had held the opinion of divorcing her violent husband long ago, but she could never run away from this terrible marriage. She thought, it might be an opportunity this time...
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Lora Mayer received an unfamiliar courier and opened it in doubts. She saw a hotel room card inside.

Who sent this to her?

The phone rang.

Lora picked up the phone, swiped it lightly, then answered the phone. A woman’s voice sounded "Lora , have you received room card?"

"Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am. Now take this room card and go to Room 2320, 23rd Floor, Cherry Hotel, you will see your husband doing sex with other woman."

"Can I trust you?"

"Aha, don't you want to divorce Karl Parker? If you don't get the evidence, can you divorce this marriage?".

She did not say much and hung up.

Lora's hands trembled as she grasped the phone. But she could not suppress the trembling in her heart.

After three years of marriage, she had never had sexual intercourse with Karl and had never kissed her.

At that time, Karl's family's company's capital chain was broken. The father—in—law and his boyfriend Karl designed her and sent her to the bed of the commercial giant Martin Rowland. After a night dream, the Karl's family was injected, and Karl kept his promise to marry her and become her husband.

However, he never touched her.

Lora knew that he thought she was dirty.

At this point, she started a sexless marriage.

Her youth has withered like petals. She was twenty—six years old, but she looked very old. Now, she was about to get a divorce.

Half an hour later, Lora reached her destination and took the elevator to the 23rdfloor, in front of room 2320.

She closed her eyes and swiped a card through a reading device t enter the room. There was a silence in the room. There was no sound at all. A faint smell of tobacco wafted into her nose.

Lora's heart trembled inexplicably.

A man with a long figure stood by the window like a sculpture. He stood with his back to Lora, so she couldn’t see his face.

Not Karl.

The man was just a back, standing there like a sculpture, he looked lonely, yet he enjoyed loneliness. A figure, you can see, extraordinary tolerance.

Lora glanced at his card and instantly understood that she had been calculated.

She turned around and wanted to leave subconsciously, but she accidentally touch something making a noise that startled the man.

The man suddenly turned around with a sharp gaze.

The moment he saw her, he felt shocked and his thin lips spit out two words.

Lora did not hear what he said, but she could see the man clearly.

Lora's body instantly trembled and she trembled with a lips.

"It's you."


The man who had a night dream with her three years ago.

Why was he here?

Lora was utterly upset and she suddenly retreated.

"Stop," the man shouted.

The deep and sweet voice, the texture of a cello, the cold face, and the innate pride of her, were even more expensive.

Lora was shocked and forgot to react. She saw the complicated expression of the tall man's face and walked towards her.

When he walked halfway, he suddenly stopped.

His gaze of love suddenly turned cold.

"Sorry, Martin, I walked in the wrong room."

"In the wrong room?"

To Martin, this was a stupid excuse.

"I really went wrong."

"Want to climb onto my bed again?"

The man coldly interrupted her words. His eyes were silent with the storm.

Lora kept on retreating and said,"I didn't."

The man approached her. "You didn't? Three years ago, you climbed into my bed for the Parker family to calculate me. Why are you here? Did the Parker family's capital chain break again? Or didn’t Karl satisfy you?"