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Young Master's Sweetheart Saver

Young Master's Sweetheart Saver



Ariana Moore was the only daughter of the Moore family. Perfect face, great figure, and rich family, she owned everything that a girl wanted. Six months ago, she saved a drowning stranger. Six months later, she was told that the man she saved was the young master of the most powerful family. A dumb and crippled man also with a bad temper. What's worse, his father forced her to marry the man… Feeling unreconciled to her fate, Ariana rushed into his car to sound out more information about the man. But that's totally different from what she had thought. What's more, the mute man opened his mouth and spoke to her with an evil smile, "Since you got into my car, you will never want to leave..." To find out the strategy man's secrets, she gradually stepped into his love trap…
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A pair of arms with warmth surrounded his neck.

Her soft arms closed and she kissed his lips without hesitation!

She tried to pry his mouth open with a clever tongue. A breath of fresh air fell into his mouth, bringing the fragility and sweetness of a young girl.

The man followed his instincts and sucked on her mouth, seducing everything in her mouth!

He clenched her delicate body tightly with his arms and put her whole body into his arms.

The big hand worked hard along the graceful lines on her waist and finally held towards her chest.

A strong kiss with a force that swept through everything ruthlessly plundered the two's reason.

After a long sweet kiss, he opened his eyes hard.

Facing the direction of the light, he could remember her forever by just one sight.

He remembered her lips that were red and swollen after he had kissed her, and the fairy—like good—shape body he had touched.

Half a year later…

"Fourth Young Master, it is clear now. The little girl who saved you six months ago in Alpharetta turned out to be the only daughter of the Moore family."

Gabriel Anderson sat in the co—pilot's position and turned over, passing the stack of files and photos to the man in the back seat.

Gabriel Anderson didn't know that he had interrupted the man's cherished memories. He continued to report: "It's been two years since the Moore family moved to Atlanta, but their hometown is in Alpharetta. At the end of last year, Miss Moore returned to her hometown to visit some relatives and just came across you. "

The person in the rear seat was silent.

A pair of dark pupils stared at the girl in the picture and checked the pictures one by one back and forth.

The atmosphere was tense, and Gabriel Anderson's forehead was sweating. Unhappily, he stared at his elder brother Frederic Anderson who was sitting in the driver's seat as if he was asking for help.

Frederic Anderson carefully observed the man's expression in the rear seat through the rearview mirror. Then, he said: "Fourth Young Master, last time you were framed by First Young Master and Second Young Master and fell into the reservoir, while Miss Moore accidentally met and saved you from the water. It was an emergency situation so she gave you artificial respiration. She did not mean to take advantage of you at that time. Besides, it was not easy for the little girl to take a strong man like you out of the water. Can't you just let it go? "

Everyone knew that there were four handsome sons in the Lewis family, the richest family in the eastern part of the Mississippi River. However, the fourth young son from the Lewis family had a bad temper, fond of cleanliness, hated water and hated communication with strangers.

Frederic and Gabriel had been around Fourth Young Master since they were young. They naturally knew that the last time that little girl had given Fourth Young Master artificial respiration and also got his first kiss at the same time.

Privately they were also speculating that the reason why Fourth Young Master had insisted on looking for her over the past six months is to punish her!

"Fourth Young Master, although the Moore family has been in the city for a short time, its current status is not low. Miss Moore is also the only child of the Moore family. If you want to punish her, perhaps…”

Gabriel Anderson suddenly stopped speaking with unfinished words.

Just because the man in the back seat suddenly lifted his chin up, his blue pupils looked at Gabriel just like that he was looking at a monster. He said, "Who said I wanted to punish her?"

Frederic Anderson was so shocked that he almost couldn't hold the steering wheel.

When was the last time Fourth Young Master spoke?

It was too long to remember!

Facing the surprise of his subordinates, Maxwell Lewis narrowed his eyes slightly. His bright pupils reflected a dangerous signal, but in return, Gabriel Anderson was not afraid to ask him: "Then why are you looking for her?"

Maxwell Lewis's mouth curving slightly in a good mood, he packed up the photos in his hands and looked out of the window.

The heavy rain poured down. Even on this summer afternoon, the sky was bleak and misty. Looking through the dark car window, the visibility was not high.

"I don't know."

Maxwell Lewis spit out another three words.

The Anderson brothers were shocked again.

Frederic Anderson suddenly turned to another direction and slammed on the brakes!

Following the inertia, the body of the three in the car rushed forward. It was lucky that they fastened their seat belts, and Maxwell Lewis's forehead crashed into the leather seat of the driver's seat without hurt.

"Fourth Young Master!"

Gabriel jumped down after he unfastened his seatbelt and went back to see the situation: "How do you drive a car? Why don’t you slow down when there is heavy rain?”

"I," Frederic Anderson also scared and said, "Someone rushed in!"

"This is the high—speed beltway. Who can get in?"

"I really saw someone. Why did I lie to you? I almost bumped into her!"

"Fourth Young Master, are you alright?"

The two brothers were trying to clean up the mess. Behind Gabriel, a small white figure suddenly came over and quickly slipped into the car!

She was quick and agile. It looked like she had practiced thousands of times before!

Water dripped down her body and wetted the car seat and floor mats. She also crawled to Maxwell Lewis's side and curled up. She said, "Quickly drive! Hurry up!"

Frederic Anderson looked through the rearview mirror——

There was a cold shivering figure in the rear seat. She wore a long white dress. Her clothes and her long blonde hair were soaked in the rain, sticking on her body. She was of very good shape, at least as a woman, she had the capital to be proud of. The water was dripping all over her face. Her face was pale and her expression wasn’t clearly seen.

However, that perfect side, her tall nose, and her beautiful chin all showed that she was a real little beauty.

She had a small bag in her hand, which she was clinging tightly to her chest, nervous and alert.

No matter judging by her voice as she spoke just now or by her childish and pink skin, she was a little girl who was no more than eighteen years old. Moreover, she looked rather pitiful.

It was such heavy rain.

Such a high—speed beltway.

In such a way to stop the car.

What a weird girl!

Gabriel Anderson's mouth twitched. He opened the door in the rear seat so as to check whether Fourth Young Master was injured, not to provide convenience for others.

What's more, the car of Fourth Young Master would not drive any people else.

Before Fourth Young Master got angry, Gabriel Anderson frowned and grabbed the back of the little girl's collar, preparing to throw her out!

This was the culprit who suddenly rushed out to nearly make a car accident!

"Don't! Sir, there's someone chasing me. Please just drop me out of town!"

As she said, she took out paper money of several hundred dollars from her backpack and handed them to Gabriel Anderson, "Taking a taxi from the city to suburbs from the beltway charges just over a hundred dollars. I'll give you a thousand. How about it?"

Gabriel Anderson was stunned.

First of all, because of her weird ways, and then because of her face. Why she looked more and more familiar?

An answer was about to come out. Gabriel Anderson opened his mouth and looked at Maxwell Lewis: "Fourth Young Master, she, she’s Moore..."