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The Flower in Prison

The Flower in Prison



Maria·Jones, was the daughter of a real estate tycoon who born in a super-rich family and used to live like a princess. Unexpectedly, She has become a murderer overnight. In this darkest time in her life, she lost her innocence and fame, her father died, she went into the jail, and she almost got killed in prison. On the line of life-and-death, she knew all the things she suffered were by someone’s flame. She swear to revenge... Lan·Cook, the youngest Earl of Y country, is also the host of the mysterious and ancient Cook family. He looks gentle, gorgeous, and polite, but everyone knows, behind his smiles, his heart is as cool as the ice from the Arctic Pole. Only one woman, could have his warmest chest. She likes the brightest star, lights his whole night sky, likes a most beautiful lullaby, comforts his loneliest dream... but she has a rotten past. “Marry me! I will be your shield and castle wall, protect you for a lifetime.”
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City A’s woman prison!

Maria·Jones stood at the door of a bathhouse, holding a porcelain basin in her hand, which contained simple toiletries, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste. She wore a gray prison uniform, which made people can't see whether her figure was good or bad, but she looked very delicate and fragile. The standard oval face was blank, her eyes were staring at the front, and her fingers grasped the basin tight.

Three months ago, she was the big lady of the real estate tycoon of city A. She was picked up and dropped off to the luxury car. All she wore was the international famous brands, but now... She looked down at her gray prison uniform. She sipped her lips. How did she fell into this situation? Murderer...

"9533 , Why don't you go and take a shower but standing at the doorway?" The prison guard yelled and Maria’s far—reaching thoughts were pulled back. She took a deep breath and went into the bathhouse. She found no one here and at the same time she was puzzled. Where was people?

The clattering sound of water rang in the open bathhouse. She rubbed her body numbly, thinking about the causes and consequences of her falling into this situation today. She was raped inexplicably, her father died in a car accident. Being raped and arrogant as a self—defense, she became a prisoner from a wealthy family overnight. She thought for three months, and she did not figure out, how was she... how to kill that person?

"Hey! Isn't this Miss Maria?" There was a strange woman's voice behind her, followed by a disordered footstep. She turned back, her pupils couldn't help but shrink. Her heart slammed a few times and quickly reached out. She took a towel besides her to cover her personal site. She screamed, "Judy!"

The person who came here was the female boss of this area — the East District. She was called Judy. Judy was not a woman at all. She had a hot temper. It was said that she killed her husband and the mistress. Moreover, the killing way was extremely cruel. In the east area, no one dared to provoke her. Even the prison guards were afraid of her.

Judy glanced at Maria up and down, her eyes flashed a glimmer of light and strode towards her. "Hey, this big lady is not the same. It’s so enviable. When speaking she had come to Maria, and pinched the chin of the Maria’s and lift her face up with her rough fingers, looked at the beautiful face, and suddenly used the strength. "I hate you for this fascinating look. Sisters, give me a fight.” With a quick action, she pushed the five or six women she brought towards Maria.

Maria did not have time to react, she was caught in the limbs. The only towel on her body was ripped off. They grabbed her mouth. Then she was pushed to the ground and ushered in a punch. Kicking, her mouth was blocked, she could not cry for help, she had to hold her head tightly, curled up and bear it. She silently shouted, Why? Why were you doing this to me?

Judy watched Maria curling up on the ground and spitted on her. She stepped forward and kicked Maria hard at her chest. When she heard her groan, Judy bent down and pulled her up, reached her ear and said, "Miss Maria, when you arrive at Heaven, don't blame us. Some people didn't want you to be alive. You have to blame yourself!" she said, raising her knee and pushing it hard on Maria's soft stomach, and then releasing her hands. She said evilly, "Continue to kick her."

"Hey!" Maria made a sullen sigh. She fell to the ground softly, blood spilled from the corner of her mouth, she could feel the pain from the kick that fell on her body. Her mind repeated the words of Judy, 'Someone didn’t want you to be alive. ',who is she? Who doesn't want her to be alive?

She reached hard to grab Judy's trouser legs, wriggled her lips and asked silently, who was she? Who made you do it?

"Damn!" Judy was obviously unhappy when she was caught by her. She spat and raised her feet to step on Maria's hand holding her trouser legs.


The clicking sound was accompanied by Maria's painful cry, followed by noisy shouts and footsteps, but at this time Maria could not hear what they were shouting. The pain in her body made her mind blurred and confused. She suddenly remembered that her step—sister Karmen came to see her yesterday. When she left, she said inexplicably, she said, “Maria, dad loves you so much, he must be worried about you, he must be reluctant to leave you alone in this world, so...”

So what? Maria only saw Karmen's one—in—one lip, but she couldn't hear what she said behind her. She opened her eyes and saw only a shadow in front of her eyes. Then she knew anything.

"Quickly, send her to the hospital!" Looking at Maria, who fell in the pool of blood, the prison guard hurriedly contacted the warden. Maria, who was severely wounded, was sent to the Second People's Hospital of City A , where she was appointed to the hospital.

"Three broken ribs, multiple soft tissue contusions and left wrist fractures..."

After Maria regained consciousness, she heard some people reporting a series of injuries, and all her body was hurting. She could feel the cold liquid flowing from the wrist into the blood vessels, but she could not move. She couldn't open her eyes either.

"Doctor, Maria, she..."

When she was desperately trying to open her eyes, a familiar voice passed into her ear, causing her to stop struggling and silently shouting her name in her heart, Karmen!

Before the hospital bed, Karmen, who wore a plain white dress, was anxiously clutching the doctor to ask about the situation of Maria who was lying in bed. Karmen’s face was not too much beautiful, but it was as pure and beautiful as the empty valley, especially the two eyes of the mist made the person who looked at her unconsciously wanting to pamper. "Doctor, how about Maria?"

The middle—aged doctor with glasses glanced at Karmen. He turned his head and glanced at the bed full of cockroaches and raised his hand to push the glasses. He was very polite, said, "Karmen is relieved. Although Maria’s injury is serious, the rescue is timely, there is no danger to life. Other indicator needs observing later. If there is nothing else, Karmen, I still have something to do.” Then he left.

Karmen was relieved when she heard the doctor said that Maria was not in danger. She grasped the hand of the doctor and politely thanked him. "Thank you, doctor!"

When the doctor left, only she and Maria were left in the ward. Karmen came to the bed. She looked at Maria who was lying in the bed with her eyes unclear. After a moment, she bent down and leaned close to Maria. Her red lips lightly started, "Maria, why didn't you die?"