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I am Your Sweetest Secret

I am Your Sweetest Secret



Ivy attended her ex and Susan's wedding, once her bestie. She got deliberately humiliated by Susan. "I wish you a happy marriage, and... go to hell!" Ivy felt heart broken. She got herself severely drunk, winding up vomiting in a men's restroom. Wow, there's a super hot man! She's mesmerized! She failed to turn her eyes away. "A feast to your eyes? Gazing at my...so bluntly and indecently?" The man said sarcastically, his tone cold. Then she realized the man's unzipped. His private part... Not sober from the alcohol, Ivy mustered her courage and grabbed the man, "I earn a lot, would you marry me?" But she didn't know the man's clothes she grabbed was worth a million. "Hush...then, you got your ID, to get married?" The man said slowly...
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good harmony and a clean death!

There were colorful flickering lights, melodious music from the invited orchestra, colorful balloons that filled the banquet hall, with high level emcee, socialite elites and various media outlets present. Yes, the engagement ceremony for the mayor's daughter was a luxury affair.

The daughter of the mayor, she was so unruliness … that she could grab my boyfriend, and talk to me shamelessly and brazenly, "Ivy, Mark and I need your blessing. Come and attend our engagement ceremony."

Under the stage, Ivy, who incompatible with the luxurious surroundings, stared blankly with her cold, red eyes. She sneered at the couple standing on the stage, praising them as a match made in heaven.

The groom, dressed in a black tailcoat, was the boyfriend she had loved for so many years. The bride, who wore a pink dress and snuggled close to Mark with a face full of smiles, was her best friend, sister, Susan.

Her boyfriend was engaged to his best friend, and he even "sincerely" invited her, a pitiful forsaken traitor, to attend their engagement ceremony. This was the biggest and funniest joke she had ever experienced in her life!

The corner of Ivy's mouth curved slightly upwards as she deliberately put on her lipstick. The coldness at the corners of her mouth deepened. She expressed that if she had a knife in her hand right now, she would definitely throw it at the pair on stage without hesitation! Every dead person counted!

"Ivy …" "When I earn some more money, I'll marry you. I'll love you for the rest of my life."

The sweet words from the dregs' past rang in his ears once again. However, just two days ago, he had changed his tone and told her in an extremely 'aggrieved' tone, "Ivy, Susan is pregnant …" The child is mine... "And her father will promote me to the city council …"

"Ivy, Mark and I truly love each other … Give him to me, for the sake of our many years of sisterhood. "

What bullsh * t sisterhood, it was not even comparable to a man's hypocrisy! Trash man and woman, a match made in heaven!

Ivy's stomach churned, and she couldn't help but clench her teeth, trying her best to suppress the discomfort and the pain in her heart.

On the screen, it began to play with pictures of Mark and Susan getting to know each other. One by one, they became extremely intimate, yet they almost blinded her. Finally, when the host and all the guests started to coax them to kiss, Ivy couldn't hold back anymore … She wanted to vomit …

She didn't know whether she drank too much today, or she was disgusted by the two scums.

Clenching and unclenching her hands, Ivy wiped away the few tears on her face that symbolized the end of her years of love. She shambled out, but just as she left the banquet hall, her phone rang.

What a familiar number, Ivy's red eyes looked quickly at the phone and pressed it. Then, ridiculing text messages followed.

"Ivy, why are you out? It will be your turn to give Mark and I— your best friend, your blessings. Hurry up and come back, okay?"

In the text message, she even marked the words' my best sister 'in red. Ivy looked at it chillily, but in her mind, she couldn't help but curse in the end! Replying with a text message, ’I wish you a hundred years of good relations and a clean death!’

It was a pity that she hadn't rushed up to the stage, snatched the microphone from the emcee. And shouted to the two of scums, letting the guests know how shameless the bride and groom were!

The nausea in her stomach swelled to its limit at this moment. She quickened her pace and rushed past the hotel corridor, heading straight for the washroom …

Because she was sad and drank too much, she didn't see the sign of the cigarette in the bathroom clearly …

"Ugh …"

Ivy's leaned against the sink, with her body trembled ,and vomited up hard, as she could spit out something disgusting like Mark and Susan. Finally, she felt much better.

However, when she stood up and raised her flushed face, she was stupefied …

Unlike the women's restroom, there was a row of empty urinals in a completely unfamiliar place … Was it her imagination... Or …

The problem was, getting into the wrong bathroom wasn't the key point... The main point was that there was a tall and slender man standing in front of the urinal. He reached out his hand to pull the zipper of his unzipped suit pants, and his pair of dark and cold eyes narrowed.

In that instant, the atmosphere seemed to be awkward.

It was as if he … Just finished... Before he could zip up her pants, she barged in...

BOOM! Ivy trembled, and her head exploded! The tiny body trembled along with the shattered heart!

It was unknown if it was because the dark pupils of this unfamiliar handsome man were too deep and terrifying … Or was it because … She saw something she shouldn't have … Ivy couldn't help but look down … couldn't take her eyes off him ... Ke Ke …

The man's handsome face couldn't help but darken as her gaze became more glowing …