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Her invincible CEO

Her invincible CEO



  As the adopted girl, she was forced to marry that paralyzed man, she thought her life would end here until she messed with that CEO. She thought she was going to die of provoking him while he helped her out. She did not know that, what the invincible CEO feared most was her innocent look…
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When Sage Eudora felt out of step with her body, she had been pushed into a room by Queenie Eudora.

"Queenie Eudora! What are you doing! Let me out! "

She turned her head back and kept knocking on the door, but what responded to her was only Queenie Eudora’s ruthless jeer. "Sage Eudora, just wait for a while obediently, and I won't treat you unfairly! Hahaha ..." He sneered arrogantly and loudly.

Saying this, Queenie Eudora smiled as she took the key and then left.

The soundproofing of the room was very good. Sage Eudora's voice was very low. No one would be able to hear her.

Sage Eudora’s was not comfortable. She bit her lips, walking into the room.

She stood in the middle of the room for a long time before she reached the elegant window.

As she saw the height, Sage Eudora's face immediately turned pale.

Queenie Eudora had shut the door and window.

The building was over 20—storey height. Even if the windows weren't closed, she wouldn't dare to jump down.

No doubt.

She was at a loss as to what to do. A strange noise then came from the door.

Sage Eudora's entire body stiffened. Her fear had temporarily forgotten about her discomfort her body. Her gaze was fixed on the wardrobe. After hesitating for a second, she ran over to hide.

As soon as the closet door closed, the door opened.

Sage Eudora subconsciously held onto her clothes tightly. The narrow and heavy closet made it difficult for her to breathe. Her body was boiling as if someone was holding it on a grill.

It was unbearably hot.

She could just make out two figures under the cracks of the closet. Half a minute later, a white figure was gone, then the door opened and shut.

The room was very quiet. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't have believed that there was someone else in the room.

Her body became even much hotter. As her blood flowed around her, Sage Eudora's breathing became more and more rapid.

Her consciousness was also slowly being swallowed by desire. Her eyes turned red. However, she was unable to hold.

As she lost consciousness, her hand accidentally hit …

"Clang —"


Sage Eudora subconsciously hugged her tightly as the man's voice came over.

Her vision had begun to blur. She couldn't see that she was already at the edge of the closet.

The moment she moved, she rolled out of the closet.

The pain of her body hitting on the ground made her sober up for a while. When she opened her eyes, she saw a man looking down at her from above.

His deep dark eyes were cold. Even though she couldn't see his face clearly, she still shivered.

"Who are you?"

The man's voice sounded again. Sage Eudora bit her lips and tried her best to clear her mind.

She did not answer his question. Instead, she leaned against the wall and stood up, attempting to move towards the door to escape. However, she was pulled back by the man's hand.

Sage Eudora had been drugged, whose entire body was limp and powerless. Being touched by the man, the heat in her body would immediately burst forth.

Her subconscious told herself not to touch him, but her hand was already around his neck. "You, let me go!"

The words were 'let go', but her hands hugged him tight.

The man's black eyes darkened. He suddenly twitched his mouth and said, "Since you threw yourself at me, then don't blame me for sexing with you!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Sage Eudora felt a little dizzy. She was lifted up by him, walking straight towards the huge bed with length of 1.8 meters…