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Please Love Me

Please Love Me



  They had been pestering each other all night, but now they had thrown two hundred dollars in the air as a sign of bad luck! He thought he was a passerby from then on, yet he was caught and brought back to the bed time and time again … Then she became angry, and in return he righteously said that he was responsible for her. She wanted to know, "How?" He pounced on her like a wolf and tiger, "Keep sleeping!"
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"Ah, it hurts!"

"You're not allowed to run!"

"I don't want it, don't continue! "Ah …"

… ….

Lin Wan Bai opened her eyes as the pain from her unfamiliar body made her realize that it was not a dream.

The environment here was the hotel suite. The morning light seeped in hazy and fainted on the carpet, as well as on the charming bed. Her clothes, from the inside to the outside, were all wrinkled on the floor.

She was raped last night!

Lin Wan Bai covered her head and thought back desperately. She was a part—time worker in the basement and was responsible for selling the alcohol to the customers. A customer who had ulterior motives forced her to drink a lot of alcohol before settling the bill. After drinking it, she found that there was a problem with the alcohol and escaped with great difficulty. After coming out from the elevator, she hurriedly entered an empty room. After that, her memories became fragmented …

The bathroom door suddenly opened.

Only now did he realize that other than her, there was someone else in the room. Lin Wan Bai quickly pulled up his blanket to cover himself.

At first glance, he could tell that the man from the north had a tall and sturdy build. The contours of his facial features were firm but not too rough, making him look exceptionally handsome.

His waist was wrapped in only a towel, and his upper body was bare in the air. His sturdy chest muscles were two pieces, and below that were his well—behaved chest muscles and vaguely visible mermaid lines. Water dripped from his hair.

Lin Wan Bai blushed as she retracted her gaze, and quickly turned back to look.

Her first time had been snatched away by a stranger in front of her.

The man walked over and pulled the curtain aside, took a cigarette from the table, and squinted at her as she exhaled. "What are you looking at? Do you want to try again?"

What the hell!

Lin Wan Bai was resentful in her heart.

Having lost her innocence, she had no choice but to wrap herself tightly in the blanket and try not to leave her room. She picked up the clothes one by one and carried them to the bathroom to wear.

When she came out, the man was still standing in front of the French window, flicking his cigarette and walking straight toward her.

Lin Wan Bai anxiously took half a step back, but watched as he bent down to pick up the wallet on the floor, took out two stacks of money, and casually threw it on the bed: "Last night although you were very friendly, but I also enjoyed it, here are twenty thousand dollars."

Lin Wan Bai's gaze followed the two piles of money.

Twenty thousand was not a large sum, but it was enough for Grandmother to pay for one month of medical expenses.

She raised her head. The man had a pair of deep, dark eyes. When their gazes met, the cold, mocking intent within was clear. It was as if in his eyes, sleeping with a man as casually as her was worth it.

A deep sense of humiliation rose from the bottom of his heart.

The man smiled coldly as he narrowed his eyes and bit his lips, "I don't need money, do you want me to be responsible for you?" "In your dreams."

Lin Wan Bai was furious and put her hands in her pockets.

She couldn't pull out two stacks, but she could pull out two.

In school, she had always been the most unassuming child in the crowd. She had never quarrelled with anyone about having a red face, but when the rabbit was anxious to bite someone, she raised her hand and forcefully threw it towards that outstanding face.

"Two hundred dollars is my price, what about it? "You don't want money, do you want me to be responsible for you?" Lin Wan Bai imitated his tone just now, and also repeated his words with a cold smile, "In your dreams!"

After saying so, she stuck out her chest and left, although her posture was a bit crooked from the pain.

was stunned, it was the first time in her 30 years that she was really frozen in place. It was only after she had left for a few seconds did she finally react.

He violently threw up his blanket, revealing a dried up patch of blood underneath.