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Flash Marrige: Be My Babe

Flash Marrige: Be My Babe



  "Darling, how can you go out on a blind date with me!" She had only taken someone's money to help them get rid of the calamity. She hadn't even gotten any money, yet she had actually provoked the young master of the Li family! She had thought that the man with the snake's essence disease was actually the richest man in the country, the current CEO of the Li family who could cover the sky with one hand, the second generation official, the third generation red-haired … For this sentence, Mu An An had sacrificed his entire life and was forced to marry. He was forced to show his love, to be forced to … "Li Jingcheng, I've had enough, I want to get a divorce! Divorce! "Divorce!" Oh? Divorce! " The man slammed a piece of paper on the table. The word pregnancy test continuously flashed in front of Mu An's eyes. "When did this happen?!" Why she was pregnant, she did not know! Was there still any justice left!
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"An An, 104 tables of guests, 104 tables of guests, are you easy!"

"Yes, sir!"

Mu An An hung up the call and smoothly put his phone back into his bag. Then, his gaze landed on the man sitting on table 104.

In this direction, only the man's back could be seen, but it was not hard to see that he was wearing a black Gernia—made suit with a straight back. As expected, he should be handsome.

Mu An An took a deep breath. This was her first time on a mission, he was only allowed to succeed, not fail! Everything was looked at by Grandpa Mao!

He forcefully closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his expression had already turned sorrowful.

Every single one of them showed that she was a good worker in this line of work.

"Darling, how can you go out on a blind date with me!"

Mu An An stopped in front of the man with a jog. He bit his lips with his pure white teeth and stared at the man with his teary eyes.

Li Wancheng's eyes were filled with a sharp heroic spirit as he looked coldly at the woman who had suddenly appeared.

Mu An An felt that this man looked familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

And those eyes, were so cold … Mu An An shuddered.

Mu An An pretended to be calm and took out a piece of paper from his bag and held it tightly in his hands.

"Darling, I'm pregnant, so it's fine if you mess around behind my back, but now that I have our baby in my stomach, how can you do this?"

When the emotions reached the deepest part of his body, Mu An An's teardrops began to fall down, and even had a tendency to become fiercer the more he cried.

"Li Tong..."

The lady opposite Li Jing Sheng spoke, his tone was slow.

Li Jing Sheng pouted his lips slightly, indicating her to be quiet, while he took the white paper from Mu An An's hands. This was a pregnancy test form.

However, it was somewhat coarse in texture and incomplete in category. It was unknown if it was forged to look like some.

Li Jing Sheng swept a glance over it, "Mu An An?"

"Hmm?" Mu An An's heart was in a mess, this man's reaction was completely abnormal!

Now that she heard him call her name, she was even more confused.

He swallowed hard. "Darling, what's wrong?"

She had seen a lot of things that would destroy a blind date, but she had never seen anything like this before!

This man's eyesight was too sharp, Mu An An always felt that there was no way to hide it in front of him.

"Well, I was wondering if the child in your womb was male, female, or in between."

Li Jing Sheng asked in interest, but Mu An An was so scared that his tears stopped midway.

She had never met him before and her words were all fake. Was this man crazy?

"And this child, you're going to have it?" I think it would be unfair to him if he had one more chromosome 21 like you. "

Li Jing Sheng opened and closed her lips, but the corners of Mu An An's lips began to twitch.

What chromosome 21? What the hell?

"Hmph, you mean you don't want this child? You heartless thing! "

The number of people watching the show in the dining hall continued to increase. Mu An An wanted to die head on!

However, after all, a play had to be put on!

As soon as Mu An An finished speaking, someone rushed into the dining hall in a hurry.

Before he could even catch his breath, he said, "Young Master Li, the Old Master wants you to bring this young miss back to the Li family right away, and say … She even said that if this young lady was missing a single strand of hair, she would have to follow you … I'll settle with you. "

After Mu An An heard this, he was stunned.

She had only taken someone's money to help them get rid of the calamity. She hadn't even gotten her money, yet she was involved even with the Old Master of the Li family!

Young Master Li!

It was only then that Mu An An realized that this crazy man who she thought was was actually a rich and powerful country, a person who could cover the sky with one hand! He was the current executor of the CEO, a second generation official, a third generation celebrity, Li Jing Sheng!

What the hell!

"Hehehehehe. Sir, I have recognized the wrong person. I have recognized the wrong person."

Mu An An smiled stiffly as he retreated step by step, planning to take this opportunity to slip away.

It was obvious that his plan was only halfway through. The man had moved behind her at some point, "My apologies, I will only carry out the orders of the Old Master."

Mu An An felt bitter in his heart as he looked at Li Jing Sheng for help, begging him to be magnanimous in front of him.

Li Jing Sheng's gaze indifferently swept across Mu An An's body. He stood up, and his long fingers lightly brushed the wrinkles on his suit.

Under Mu An An's burning gaze, he left the dining hall first.

"Miss, please. No one has ever dared to disobey the Old Master's orders."

… ….

In the main hall of the Li Clan, the Li Clan was gathered.

The moment the door opened, Mu An An's heart turned cold.

When she was in the car, she almost cried for her parents.

Even before he could enter, he heard a "pa" sound. The porcelain cup shattered, and tea flowers flew in all directions.

It's over, it's all over, Mu An An screamed in his heart, how could she be so miserable, she had ruined Li Jing Sheng's reputation in front of so many people, the entire Li family would not let her off this time.

Would she not be able to find the corpse?

"Li Jing Sheng, you brat! It's fine to let the little girl get pregnant, but you're still talking about transvestites. Tang Shi'er with an extra chromosome 21, you're really pissing me off! "

Just as Mu An An raised his head in fright, he saw an old man holding a cane and beating him up.

Li Jing Sheng did not move, and allowed the cane to fall on his body, "Grandfather, this is not what you think."

Hearing this, the old man was so angry that his face turned red.

"You little brat, do you want me to go to the restaurant and call out the surveillance cameras for you?"

"Dad, don't be angry yet. It's a good thing we have a child. Don't be unhappy because of something small."

Seeing that the old man's walking stick was about to fall again, Song Ru Xue immediately went up to help him, looking at Mu An An happily, "An An, right? How many months had the child been? How did you and Jing Cheng get to know each other?

Mu An An was so frightened by the scene that he could not even think about it. When he heard Song Ru Xue's words, he was completely stunned.

After it was quiet for a while, Li Jing Sheng coldly spoke up, "Dad, mom, and grandpa, I don't even know her."

"I don't know a child that can bear you!"

It was fine if he didn't want to say it, but once he heard that the old man was going to hit him with his walking stick, he was once again thrown into a frenzy!

This time, Song Ru Xue was no longer helping his son, "Jing Cheng, although you youngsters have one—night stands, after all, this young lady is pregnant with your child, your words are too hurtful!"

A one—night stand?

Mu An An finally regained his senses.

"No, no, no. Mr. Li and I really don't know each other.

"Little girl, don't be afraid! With my old man supporting you, I don't believe this kid can go against the heavens! My Li Family's granddaughter—in—law will only have you in her life! "