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Consort of Evil Prince

Consort of Evil Prince



  When she woke up, Han Zi Mo had been crushed to death by his aunt. He had been transported to a different world and became the Third Miss of the Han Residence's good-for-nothing class. What? Han Zi Mo did not awaken her spiritual vein, so she was bullied by others? What a joke, he would bring a super system, martial arts, pets, and space of his own. As long as he did a mission, he would just do it. It's just that this quest is a little strange, isn't it? What? A kick from General Han to level up? This isn't the World Exterminating System, but the Slaughter Fiend System, right? However, that Evil King Gao Leng, what are you laughing at? Get the hell over here for me, I'll let you bully me when you were alive, and I'll torture you when you die …
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"Woman, it's your honor to dual cultivate with me."

Han Zi Mo looked at the arrogant man in front of her, and laid down speechlessly, "Come!"

In this past week, she would have this kind of strange dream every night, and she had fought back before, but in the end, she was still slapped, so now, Han Zi Mo had gotten used to cooperating, it was just a dream anyways, this crazy man, she was so beautiful, there was nothing to criticize, other people could not even invite them after spending money.

"It's already so late and you're still sleeping? Why don't you go and die!"

An angry shout followed by a sharp pain caused Han Zi Mo to suddenly open her eyes. She saw his aunt holding onto the tablet she had taken before she went to sleep, furiously scolding her, "You money—losing bastard, you're still sleeping."

"Bang …"

Han Zi Mo only felt her vision go black. Just as she was about to struggle to get up, she heard a loud crash from his uncle: "Did you smash yourself to death?"

Crush to death?

The warm blood dyed Han Zi Mo's face red, and even the world in front of her eyes had already turned blood—red.

Just as he was about to resist, Han Zi Mo realised that his hands were being held down by a girl who was dressed like a servant. The girl even spoke to her aunt anxiously: "Miss, quickly smash her to death, someone is coming … …"

"Han Zi Mo, you slut, go and die, why aren't you dead yet …"

The aunt in front of him had suddenly turned into a charming little girl, her expression was filled with malice, holding a huge boulder in her hand, she smashed it towards's head, "Han Zi Mo, hurry up and die!"

"You should all die!"

Han Zi Mo groaned. She could not take any more blows and sunk into darkness.

"Not bad, not bad, you are suitable to be a figurine of the true body."

Her charming voice sounded, and vaguely, a hand seemed to be moving around her body, causing her to feel an intense pain in her head. Following a "ding", Han Zi Mo felt that the pain had disappeared, and a mechanical female voice suddenly sounded out: "World Exterminating System has been successfully activated!".


With a moan, the faintly awakened Han Zi Mo coincidentally crashed into a pair of deep black eyes. Her features were as handsome as a Greek Divine Statue, exuding a distinct coldness, like that of a man in a dream. The only difference was that in the dream, he had short hair, while the current him had long hair that fluttered in the wind, like a god from ancient mythology.

Seeing that Han Zi Mo had woken up, the corner of Mu Rong Cheng's lips slightly curved upwards, revealing a charming smile that carried a fatal enticement, "Woman, if you continue looking at this, I'll dig out your eyes."

Bloody and cruel words came out of her sexy and indifferent mouth. A mechanical female voice suddenly rang in Han Zi Mo's mind: "Mission activated, slap 10 Points."


Seemingly completely out of control, Han Zi Mo's palm had already landed on Mu Rong Cheng's face. Following after a clear round of applause, the mechanical woman's voice sounded out once again in her mind, "Insufficient strength, get me a point."

Looking at the man's deep eyes, which were tainted red, Han Zi Mo who was completely confused by the voice in his head, immediately forced out a fawning smile: "Hehe, you, there are mosquitoes on your face."

"Woman, do you want to die!?"

Mu Rong Cheng snorted from the crevices between his teeth. He never thought that the lady would suddenly slap him, he could easily dodge it, but for some reason, in that moment, he actually did not move.

"Damn, you have mosquitoes on your face, damn."

Han Zi Mo nodded with all her might, and looked at Mu Rong Cheng innocently, and spouted lies. It was Han Zi Mo who came here to cultivate, and even people with a heart of stone would be fooled by her innocent eyes.

Such a simple and innocent girl wouldn't lie, right? If she said there were mosquitoes, there must be mosquitoes. The servant beside her had already believed her.

"Do you think the true body is an idiot?"

Mu Rong Cheng pinched Han Zi Mo's chin, a ruthless look flashed past her eyes: "Woman, you have guts, to even dare play with true body!"

Han Zi Mo, whose face was covered in blood, felt a headache and pain in her body. At this moment, with the pain in her chin and her lack of understanding of the situation, she still felt that she was in a dream.

The servant at the side, upon seeing Han Zi Mo who was lying on the ground with a blank look on her face, looked at each other and remained silent.

This was the first time he had seen such a shameless girl. In the large hall, she had lied down the moment she said she would, and didn't she want that, which one? Who did they think Mu Rong Cheng was? Who would want to be with her on this desolate grassland?

"Woman, you are very good. You have successfully aroused the interest of the true body." As Mu Rong Cheng spoke, he suddenly carried Han Zi Mo and turned to walk towards the main hall.

The servant who had hurried to catch up looked at Han Zi Mo who was in Mu Rong Cheng's embrace with a face full of pity. Any doll that Your Lordship had set his eyes on, would not live past seven days, and would die a miserable death.

But the current Han Zi Mo did not have the mood to be afraid. She was about to be flooded by memories that poured into her mind like floodwaters …

Then, Han Zi Mo tragically discovered that she had actually crossed over to another world. This was not the era that she was familiar with, and did not even belong to any dynasty that she knew.

On the continent, there were a total of four nations. They were Dong Jin, Xi Mu, Nan Shui, and Bei Huo.

If one was not a cultivator, one would not be able to set foot in it. However, there was a Realm of the Gods and the atrium was located above the Four Great Empires. It was a sacred place for countless cultivators.

The place where Han Zi Mo was located was in the General's Estate in South China. Her father was the current great general protector of the nation, Han Qing Hao, and she was the Han Family's Third Miss who was known to everyone as a useless person with autism.

In the Azure Dragon Continent, every baby would emit their own ray of light. In the Han Mansion Third Young Miss, other than a normal cry, the main character would not emit any other rays of light. This was the shame of the entire General's Estate.

Han Qing Hao was so angry that she threw her into the side courtyard to fend for herself.

As for the man who forcefully hugged her, Han Zi Mo truly did not have much information on him. This was because his previous self had spent most of his time holed up in her side courtyard.

Could she be the trash of the legends?

Han Zi Mo looked up at the arrogant and delicate Mu Rong Cheng, her feelings mixed. When he was alive, he had been smashed to death by his aunt, and after he was transported here, he had also been smashed to death by someone else.