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My Domineering Chief

My Domineering Chief



  He was the First Company Leader of the Western Special Forces. She was a little joker with a bad track record. A green light shone on his head, but he found out that his girlfriend's cheating partner had something to do with her. He came in a horrendous attempt to eat people, and she was forced to act as his woman. In front of everyone, she always had a bashful look on her face, "I'm surprised, the Lun family is your little fairy ~". They were originally in a mutually beneficial relationship, but it was broken by a domineering beast in front of them, "I need an heir, the money will be paid in instalments, and the deadline will be for your death." He had originally said that he would leave her for the rest of his life because of his first love … She was determined to catch the beasts and fry them first before stewing them in boredom? Online, urgent!
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with a handsome guy, be online, etc.


12 o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun was at its hottest, in a certain street restaurant.

The baby—faced girl by the window had a bright red face. She lifted her long hair from her neck and let the cold air from the air conditioner blow out to her heart's content.

"Comfortable." Su Xian lamented, it was only after ten minutes did she finally put down her long hair.

He opened the box and took out the hamburger to take a bite. How delicious, it would be even better if he had a handsome brother with him.

Su Xian leaned against the back of the chair, his eyes looking around, suddenly his eyes lit up.

A handsome man wearing camouflage clothes walked in with a cold face. He looked to be about 23 or 24 years old. He had a full body in front of him.

Su Xian watched as the handsome guy slipped away from her sight, his heart thumping hard, as if he was going to jump out from his throat.

After recovering from his shock, he swallowed the hamburger in his mouth and picked up the phone.

"Who are the sisters? I seem to fall in love with a handsome guy at first sight. Do I need to strike up a conversation?

Not long after, her best friend replied, "Quick, take a secret photo. Let me see what a handsome man looks like."

Su Xian pointed her camera at the handsome guy who ordered the food, and with a kacha sound, shot the handsome guy's back into the group.

"The next second, our best friend exploded." "Her long legs, waist, and buttocks, quick, she's going to WeChat!"

Su Xian was encouraged, she immediately drank her cola, looked at the handsome guy who found a seat, and stood up decisively like a hero cutting off his wrist.

"Waiting for sister's good news." After sending the message, Su Xian ran towards the handsome guy.

When Xu Jing Feng saw the girl walking over, he remained expressionless, as if he was a stranger that was not to be disturbed.

Su Xian cursed in her heart, acting tough had such character, it was practically her style.

As he pulled up the hair at his ear, Su Xian's eyes curved into a sweet smile, "Handsome brother, the air conditioning above your head is so strong, can I sit beside you?"

Xu Jing Feng frowned, and looked at Su Xian with displeasure: "What are you doing?" There was no warmth in his eyes, but impatience was already visible on the corner of his lips.

"My name is Su Xian. I'm eighteen this year, and I just want to be friends with you."

Xu Jing Feng immediately picked up his phone. Su Xian snickered, the handsome guy was serious, the moment she said that, she immediately took out her phone, could it be that she was laughing?

"Five people come in."

Xu Jing Feng spat out these five words coldly, then hung up the phone.

Su Xian blinked her eyes, before she could react. Five men in camouflage clothes rushed in one after another.

Everyone on the scene looked over.

The five men stood at attention as they spoke in unison towards Xu Jing Feng, "Chief, what orders do you have?"

"Take this lady out." Xu Jing Feng ordered, arrogance and coldness could be seen between his eyebrows.

Su Xian was startled, and like the little chick, she was grabbed by the men's arms.

"I'll go, what are you guys doing?" Su Xian shouted, "You are wearing a military uniform and bullying the young lady of a good family, right? Put me down, put me down! Don't be so shameless! "

The two men who were holding onto Su Xian's arm didn't hold back at all and directly threw Su Xian onto the ground.

Su Xian rubbed her sore butt, put her hands on her waist and stood up, "Is it really that fun for you guys to bully a little girl like me? If you have the ability, duel it out! "

The five handsome men in camouflage clothes and the twenty soldiers in camouflage clothes who were waiting for their orders stood in front of Su Xian, blocking her path.

The Chief wants a hamburger every once in a while, and no one is allowed to disturb him! Unless he defeated them first!