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Fall In Love With Him Again

Fall In Love With Him Again



  She was a leftover twenty-eight-year-old girl. An accident had caused her to forget the most important person in her life. He was a new upstart in the business world with a mysterious background. He had travelled the ocean just to find the woman who was supposed to be his wife. All the fortuitous encounters had been painstaking, just to get her to him. This time, he would not let go of her hand. Even for her, he was a good match. Even after marriage, he would make her fall in love with him again.
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"Su Yu Chen, let's break up, I'm falling in love with An Nuo." The man's voice was cold and merciless.

"Yu Chen, I'm sorry, I'm sincere to Xing Feng, I really love him a lot, can you help us?" The girl's soft voice was filled with panic, as though he had suffered some grievance.

"Don't pester me anymore, we can't possibly be together." The man's voice rose again, so cold that it sent chills down one's spine.

"Yu Chen, I don't want to hurt you. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." Then the girl's sobs.

The cold man's and the delicate girl's voices intertwined, one after another, causing one's ears to ache.

"Hiss …" The woman who had been sleeping on the back of the chair suddenly sat up, using too much strength to push her forehead against something, causing her to gasp in pain. She couldn't help but open her eyes and look drowsily at the back of the seat in front of her, only after a while did she realize that she was on the plane and that she had just had a nightmare.

She looked blankly at the sky outside the visor. It was as dark as anything, and obviously it was still midnight. Their plane was flying for more than ten hours, so everyone was asleep at this time of night.

The person next to her seemed to move and pressed the service bell. The flight attendant came quickly and bent down to ask. The person beside her whispered something, and the flight attendant nodded and left.

Normally, it would take a long time for the drowsy Su Yu Chen to completely wake up, so she tilted her head to look at the person beside her. By the time she boarded the plane, it was already very late, and she had worked for forty—eight hours straight. She was so tired that the moment she sat on the plane, she immediately started to sleep, so she had no idea that someone was sitting beside her.

"Excuse me, did I wake you up?" Although Su Yu Chen's reaction was slower than usual, she felt that she must have had a nightmare and suddenly crashed into the back of the chair in front of her, waking up the person beside her.

"I'm fine." The man's deep voice was very pleasant to hear. He tilted his head to the side and looked at her. His gaze landed on Su Yu Chen's slightly red forehead.

Looking at the man's straight face, Su Yu Chen could not help but secretly inhale a breath of cold air. Her brain, which had been slow to react in the first place, had now completely crashed into the machine. It's not like she had never seen handsome men before.

Her handsome features looked as if they had been meticulously sculpted, and her slightly wrinkled brows exuded a pure and cold noble aura. However, when the pair of deep eyes looked at her, she immediately felt her heart skip a beat.

Just as she was in a daze, the flight attendant came over with a small piece of ointment in her hand. The man nodded towards the flight attendant and took it, then took a wet tissue from the side and gave it to Su Yu Chen.

"For me?" Su Yu Chen was unable to react at all, her delicate and exquisite features were all wrinkled together, "I didn't ask for these things."

"His forehead is red." The man looked at her red forehead, then placed the item in his hand on the table in front of Su Yu Chen. Then, he laid back down, closed his eyes and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Then, he looked at him. Seeing that he also seemed to be extremely sleepy, he didn't have the nerve to disturb him anymore. Instead, he looked into the small mirror he brought along with him and wiped his hands with a tissue, then picked up the ointment and wiped his forehead.

It was unknown what kind of ointment it was, but after applying it to her forehead, it felt a little cool, as if it didn't hurt anymore. After using the ointment, she softly said to the man who seemed to be asleep: "Thank you."

Then he put the ointment back on the table in front of him and pulled the blanket over him and went back to sleep.

Su Yu Chen quickly fell asleep, so she did not know that the man who should have been sleeping beside her had suddenly opened his eyes. He tilted his head slightly to look at her sleeping face and did not shift his gaze away for a long time.

A few hours later, the plane finally reached the sky above River City. The broadcast started to broadcast the weather and temperature of River City, and the flight attendant also came over to retrieve the blankets and the like. The man beside her didn't even look at her after waking up, and just silently flipped through the documents in his hands.

The business class seats were very big, even the two neighboring seats were not too close, so from Su Yu Chen's position, she could only see that the ones in front of him seemed to be business reports, various lines and tables. Su Yu Chen guessed that they were probably financial elites.

She was not very good at interacting with people, and it was obvious that she was not the type of person who liked to chat enthusiastically. Therefore, when she saw that the other party was looking through the reports, she did not have the nerve to disturb them, so she did not thank him even once she got off the plane. After she got off, she only turned around to pick up her things, but the man was nowhere to be seen.

Su Yu Chen shrugged her shoulders, they had merely met by chance and did not take this person seriously.

When she just opened her phone, it was already shaking non—stop. Mother Su's messages endlessly entered, asking her when she arrived and sending her seven or eight consecutive messages: "Have we arrived?" Seeing that, Su Yu Chen guessed that her phone was broken. While she was still in a daze, Mother Su's phone call had already come in.

"Mom, I just landed." Su Yu Chen picked up his mobile while waiting for his luggage.

"Yes, yes. It's good as long as you're safe." "You just came back from a business trip so you don't have to work overtime on Saturday, right? Tomorrow at 2: 00 PM, I helped arrange a blind date for you, the other party is a lawyer, the conditions are good, I stole it from my little sister, you can't miss it."

He did not reply, but Su Yu Chen's brows were tightly knitted together.

Unfortunately, before she could finish speaking, Mother Su's voice had already risen, "Let me tell you, you are already twenty—eight years old. At this age, a woman should get married.

She really couldn't do anything to her mother. Starting from her birthday last year, as long as she kept on talking endlessly on the phone, the main thought would always be about the matter of the marriage blind date. No matter what their first words were, it would always be about this matter in the end.

Thinking about it now, Su Yu Chen was really glad that she did not live with his parents. She had bought a small apartment not far away from his parents' home, at least leaving him with a little space. Otherwise, if she lived with her mother and faced with such nagging everyday, she would probably go crazy.

"Mom." Su Yu Chen finally could not hold it in and sighed: "Alright, 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon right? I will be there, stop reciting.

The other side seemed to have said something else, Su Yu Chen answered a few more times, then hung up and threw the phone back into her bag. After taking her luggage, she left the airport.

It was the man who was sitting beside Su Yu Chen on the plane. He was looking at Su Yu Chen's back with an indescribable gaze, and only when she reached the corner and completely lost her figure did he lower her eyes and put on her sunglasses, walking towards the VIP entrance. Su Yu Chen did not dare say anything further.