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My Young Miss

My Young Miss



  To save a life, she had to execute every single one of them. Once again, she had to defy the heavens and change her fate to bring about a calamity to the world! To obtain a godly sword, to acquire a godly beast, to cultivate a godly art, and to refine a godly weapon of the world! Whoever dares to bully me dies! Whoever opposes me dies! Destroying my entire family, making it so that you won't even be able to live! In another life, he would be so savage! He was the world's coldest Ninth Master. Anyone who met him on the battlefield was already dead, and he was given the title of 'King of Hell'. "He was supposed to be the most heartless of all, Ninth Prince, but now he has turned into his own eldest senior brother, who is constantly turning into a wolf!" "Junior Martial Sister, I can protect you for the rest of your life!" "Eldest senior brother, I can poison your entire family!" Great! Junior Sister, let's dual cultivate and bring disaster to the world together! " Once the two fiends merged, everyone in the world would tremble!
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Outside the window, it was snowing heavily. As Wei Qing Lan laid on the fire brick bed, he felt his heart turn cold.

The door creaked open and a man came in, stripping off his ferret and fiddling with the dying stove.

"What are you doing in this house? Why is this furnace almost extinguished for you? " The man didn't get angry, but he had a sense of majesty.

Wei Qing Lan looked at this man, the man he had loved for more than ten years, and the corner of his mouth curled into a bitter smile.

"Since the rest have been signed, why would these people continue to think for a worthless First Lady like me?" Wei Qing Lan sneered, his mouth revealing a trace of ridicule as he looked at the man in front of him.

He didn't expect that the two of them would actually reach this step today.

The man's brows twitched slightly. "Qinglan, it's not what you think! This time, the crimes of the Wei Family would implicate the nine great clans! If I didn't sign this letter of rest first, I'm afraid the Qi King Manor and our children would have already joined in! You watched the Emperor grow up, and you know what he's thinking! "

Wei Qing Lan let out a long sigh of relief and shouted calmly. She didn't want to listen any longer. He was exhausted.

Qi Chang Feng looked at his wife. It had already been many years since he had heard Wei Qing Lan call him that.

Ever since he was young, Brother Feng had called him that. Even Qi Chang Feng did not expect to hear his name from Wei Qing Lan's mouth, and it actually felt cold from the bottom of his heart.

"Qi Chang Feng, you and I have known each other since we were three years old, we have known each other for thirty years.

Wei Qing Lan's eyes were carved into Qi Chang Feng's face like daggers. Qi Chang Feng could not help but droop his eyes that were filled with dense eyelashes.

"Blue Mist... "I …" Qi Chang Feng was at a loss.

"Who taught you that? Come out!" "If you dare to do it, then do it!" Wei Qing Lan didn't want to waste his breath on Qi Chang Feng anymore. If he still didn't understand a single person in thirty years, then she was really useless.

"Sister, you're really smart!" A woman pushed open the door and walked in.

"Xiao Ya." Qi Chang Feng immediately stood up, "What are you doing in here?" Qi Chang Feng shook his head, signalling for Xiao Ya to hurry up and leave.

"Let her stay and speak clearly!" Wei Qing Lan shouted loudly. Her aura was still intimidating, and the tip of Qi Chang Feng's hand trembled.

Xiao Ya snorted: "Brother Changfeng, look, this is the Sister Blue Mist that you have always been protecting! If not for your favouritism for so many years, would Sister Blue Mist have become more and more arrogant in the Qi King Manor? Think about it, the madame who was kicked out by her sister had died in the temple! Don't tell me that you still need to be lenient? "

Qi Chang Feng frowned as he stood there in a dilemma.

Wei Qing Lan laughed, but the laughter made people's heart ache. The old mistress that had been driven out by him? It was clearly Qi Chang Feng's mother who had contracted a strange illness. If it wasn't for her sending his mother to the temple to recuperate, he probably wouldn't have lived for the last three years!

Wei Qing Lan originally wanted to shout out loud, but seeing Qi Chang Feng's hesitation and hesitation, he couldn't help but feel conflicted. Wei Qing Lan's heart had died.

How did she fall in love with such a man?

"Sister Blue Mist, you were born in the Wei Family of a hundred years old genius doctor. From the moment you were born, it was determined that you were a Double strand of spiritual energy and everyone held you in their hands. But so what? Now, you've lost! "

Xiao Ya smiled, and stood in front of Wei Qing Lan with a victorious attitude.

"I'm afraid you won't even be able to protect Wei Family now!"

What do you mean you can't protect it? Wei Qing Lan's phoenix eyes instantly stared at Xiao Ya!

A pitiful person had his own hateful aspects! Now, he was that hateful person!

The reason Xiao Ya had such accomplishments was all because she had helped her. Otherwise, how could she, Xiao Ya, become the head senior sister of the Tian Zhu Men?

The corner of Wei Qing Lan's mouth rose. She was laughing, laughing at his own foolishness, his own foolishness!

If there was another life, she wouldn't be so lenient!

At this moment, he heard the sound of clanging bells.

The corner of Xiao Ya's mouth curled up: "Elder sister, do you know, it's noon now!"

Seeing the smile on Xiao Ya's lips, Wei Qing Lan felt cold. What did he mean? What's the point of noon today?

Xiao Ya slightly smiled, "Yo, big sister doesn't know yet. Today at noon, all the young and old of Wei Family will die outside the entrance! And it's a beheading to show off to the masses! "

"What!" Wei Qing Lan trembled, "Qi Chang Feng, tell me, are you serious?"

Qi Chang Feng turned, but did not dare meet Wei Qing Lan's gaze.

Xiao Ya laughed coldly, "Elder sister, you should be glad. At least, you, who was born in Wei Family, isn't dead yet!"

Wei Qing Lan trembled from head to toe, completely ignoring Xiao Ya, and said to Qi Chang Feng: "Qi Chang Feng! I was ten years old, you had a high fever, and almost died. It was I who knelt in front of Grandfather to get the spirit medicine from our Wei Family in order to save you! I am fifteen years old, and your father is only a general. Twenty years old, over a hundred people at the borders were poisoned by the hot poison, but no one dared to approach us. It was I who rode a fine horse to the borders with you, and risked my life to save all the generals.

The more he spoke, the more excited Wei Qing Lan became.

"You're a Qi Chang Feng! Do you think that you can end everything just because we broke up our relationship? You want me to stop what I'm doing for your Qi Family? can break the Wei Family's payment for your Qi Family? "

Wei Qing Lan propped himself up, but as long as he still had one last breath of air, she would definitely not let the people from the Wei Family die.

Qi Chang Feng's hands were tightly clenched into a fist, his entire body was trembling. He knew that Wei Qing Lan had done him a great favor, but, it was not because he wanted to eliminate Wei Qing Lan, but because if he did not stop, the matters of Wei Family would affect Qi Family. The entire Qi Family could not escape!

"Enough! Aren't you trying to say how great you are? Wei Qing Lan, haven't you gotten enough? The previous emperor had bestowed upon you as the number one female genius doctor, marrying into the Qi Family and becoming an imperial concubine! For Qi Family to change from a great general to a prince's mansion is still a first class honor to you. "

Xiao Ya saw that Qi Chang Feng was hesitating again, and quickly shouted.

"Wei Qing Lan, this time, Brother Changfeng forgave you completely because your Wei Family's ambition was too great! With his great favor, he actually dared to interfere with the establishment of the crown prince! Since all of you have chosen to help Grandpa Fifteen, will the current Emperor not be able to eliminate the evil Wei Family like you when he ascends the throne? "

Help Grandpa Fifteen? Wei Qing Lan frowned, it was simply a heinous crime.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Wei Qing Lan's mind. Help Grandpa Fifteen? Could it be that I went to treat Grandpa Fifteen once? But that time, Xiao Ya had come to beg him!

Wei Qing Lan looked at Xiao Ya, and sure enough, he had an evil smile on his face.