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One Night Stand with Brother-in-law

One Night Stand with Brother-in-law



  On the first day she returned, she had slept with her future brother-in-law, the young master of the Mu family who wielded great power in River City. Mu Zi Chen: "I'm not a casual person. I will marry you." Shen Pan: "When I get married, the children will already know how to use soy sauce." At the family gathering, she met him again. She didn't expect that he was actually her uncle! She summoned the courage to step forward and greet him. "Little Uncle, I'm your nephew's wife." "Sooner or later, you will be my nephew's aunt, my wife." She: "…" Later, when he broke up her company and forced her to get a divorce, she was pushed to the top of public opinion, and everyone said that no one would marry the notorious her. However, there was someone who married him, and that person was a member of a noble family with a hundred million worth of wealth! Everyone envied her for having such a good husband. Only she knew that this man was a purebred beast.
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The bustle of the city, the thick ink of the night, added perhaps to the charm of the city.

Shen Fan had to struggle during this meal, it was already 3.15 in the morning before she came out of the hotel, her stomach was churning, she was about to vomit.

The group of people were still in high spirits, especially Boss Xu, who was following behind Shen Fan. Holding onto his general's belly, she took the opportunity to place her hand on her shoulder.

"I say, little Shen, I signed a contract with your company just for your sake. I'm not interested in that small company of yours, I'm only spending money to win the hearts of beauties!"

His words were full of hints.

Shen Fan felt even more disgusted, she felt sore in her throat, but she still managed to hide the smile on her face, "That is …"

Before she could finish her words, her wrist was grabbed. She abruptly pulled on it before slamming into the chest of someone. The man's aura assaulted her face, causing her to tremble and a large portion of her drunkenness to dissipate.

She lifted her eyelids and looked at the tall man before her. The calm mask on her face cracked and fell to the ground.

With his clear facial features, his eyes were always crooked, and a light smile flowed out from between his brows, making people not dare to get close to him, Mu Zi Chen.

"Young Master Mu, you know Miss Shen?" Seeing that the beauty had fallen into someone else's arms, Boss Xu was infuriated at first, but when he saw the person before him, he immediately forced a smile on his face.

Mu Zi Chen turned his head to look, his palm was pressing down on the woman who was restless. His voice had a hint of a smile mixed within, yet he sounded as low and deep as a devil, "I know even the mole on her left breast, do you think you know her?"

When Shen Fan heard this, her heart began to beat like a drum. She lowered her eyelids and suppressed her strange emotions.

He probably didn't know anything except that she had a mole on her chest.

In Jiangcheng, no one would dare ignore Mu Zi Chen's expression.

Other than the fact that he was a member of a prestigious clan with millions upon millions of assets, it was also because he was decisive in killing and did not leave behind any future troubles. The aura he exuded made him look powerful without getting angry.

"Then... Then I won't disturb my Miss Shen and Young Master Mu any longer and will be leaving first! " Boss Xu instantly came to his senses and left.

Shen Fan began to fiercely struggle, but unfortunately, Mu Zi Chen's strength was too great, forcing her to not be able to move an inch. The bones in her shoulders were all painful to the point of being crushed, but in the end, she was still forcefully carried up onto the carriage by Mu Zi Chen.

"Where are you taking me?" She looked at him warily.

He didn't have any grudges against other men just now, but this made Mu Zi Chen frown in displeasure. His lightly raised eyebrows instantly became cold and depressed, "Go to my place."

Hearing that, Shen Fan immediately opened the car door, but before she even took a step forward, she was pulled back by Mu Zi Chen again.

He was too close to her, his breath full of his scent, his brain short—circuited for a moment.

After not seeing him for three years, she had planned to avoid him as much as possible before returning to her hometown. She just didn't expect to bump into him on the first day she returned.

Only when the car drove away did she stop her thoughts and look at Mu Zi Chen indifferently.

"We've only slept once, and we're not very familiar with each other. And what happened today, thank you! "If you'll excuse me, I'll take a cab home."

Shen Fan's tone of voice did not seem to be important, it was so light that she had just slept for a single time, making Mu Zi Chen sound like a young miss who was drinking with him, she did not recognize anyone after putting on her clothes.

He suddenly stepped on the brakes, his eyes tightly locked onto her as he lifted his lips, "Since you've only slept once, why did you run away for three years?"

Under the sudden impact of the car brakes, Shen Fan almost fainted on the spot.

"And I said I'd marry you."

The man paused and added patiently, as if he had been brooding over this for three years.