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My Mysterious Patron

My Mysterious Patron



  He was the king of the business world. With a flip of his hand, he created a rain of clouds. He was cold and arrogant, and everyone kept their distance from him. She was in dire straits and had experienced great changes in her family. She had experienced the cruelty of reality and was being ravaged. She needed money. The interaction between them was both coincidental and inevitable. She was in danger and he descended from the sky tyrannically: "Little thing, do you want me to save you?" "Yes!" "Her will to survive is strong. She instinctively looks into the deep pool in his eyes." As long as you nod your head, I will wipe out anyone who dares to bully you! " He scanned the crowd, looking very much like a man made of nature. "I am poor, what can I give in exchange?" Your heart! "
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Clouds drifted across the azure sky. The surroundings were extremely quiet, and only the chirping of cicadas could be clearly heard.

Zhao Li rode her bicycle leisurely as she softly hummed a song. Her fair and pretty face had a slight smile on it, as if she was in a good mood.

The entire way was extremely quiet, and Zhao Li did not know where the private manor Xu Yi mentioned was. She just followed the map on her phone and walked from school to here, and the cars gradually lessened, until now, she still did not see a single soul.

Oh, no!

Zhao Li squinted, and saw the person standing in the middle of the road in a daze, not more than fifty meters away from her. It was only when they got closer that they realized it was a man … It was an outstanding looking man wearing a expensive suit.

Zhao Li also only looked at it for a bit, then very calmly tilted her head down, passed the man in a suit and rode past him without even looking at him.

"Hey!" "You!" A cold voice came from behind him. It was clear that the man was trying his best to suppress his anger.

"What are you doing?" Zhao Li turned his head in exasperation, only to realize that the back of his bicycle was firmly pulled back, and was almost smashed into the ground by her. Zhao Li could not help but glare at the man in the suit, but he did not expect that the man in the suit was also staring at her.

In this glance, Zhao Li was slightly stunned. The man in the suit in front of him had an extremely handsome face, black eyes, black hair, deep eyes, and long eyelashes … Alright, since he's so good—looking, I'll just forgive him a little.

Zhao Li had no choice but to prop herself up and ask helplessly: "Why are you pulling my bicycle, I'm not in your way."

"Didn't you see me standing in the middle of the road!" Shang Guan Han waited in the sun for nearly half an hour before seeing such a woman walking past. He was already on the verge of exploding in anger.

"That's why I avoided you!" Zhao Li patiently explained.

"Can't you see that I need help!?"

Zhao Li looked at the man in the suit who squeezed out such words with his ice—cold face. He really could not tell, but did this kind of tone of voice sound like he needed help in any way … Zhao Li tilted his head to look at the side at the dazzling sports car, and immediately knew what had happened.

"Just say it earlier." Zhao Li laughed, then took out her phone to make a call.

"What are you doing?"

"I'll call the trailer for you." Zhao Li said confidently.

… ….

"I've already called. The trailer company won't be here for another hour. What I mean is, Miss, can you send me home first? I'm in a hurry. "

"Gift? How do I send him off? " Zhao Li's face was filled with confusion, following the man in the suit's ice—cold gaze, he looked over … The bicycle beside him whispered, "But I'm in a hurry too."

Zhao Li raised her head to look at the stinky ice face, she had a look of "if you don't want to send me away, I won't let you go". Finally, Zhao Li compromised and handed the bicycle to him, "Oh, since you're in a hurry, then you should ride it first."

The man just stood there without saying anything. Zhao Li looked at the man who did not make a move, but his expression was getting uglier and uglier, feeling a little confused. Before he could even react, he heard the man in the suit ask coldly: "Where are you going?"

Zhao Li took out his phone and pointed to the address on his phone, then laughed embarrassedly: "I don't know where this is either."

Shang Guan Han only took a glance before replying with a calm face, "Follow me."

Zhao Li looked at the man in the suit with a confused expression, unsure of what he was doing.

Shang Guan Han gritted his teeth: "You send me home, I'll give you directions."

Zhao Li finally revealed a gentle smile and nodded her head. Looking at this gentle smile, Shang Guan Han was momentarily stunned.