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Missy's Secret Life

Missy's Secret Life



  She had been marked as a man from the time she was born; he was destined to become a saint from the moment he was born; he had been adopted by his grandfather as his stepson from the moment he was born, and his status had become awkward; he was a man of unparalleled talent, a man of great means; he was the late son of the former crown prince, but he had founded a business dynasty. Their encounters with each other were destined to be intertwined and intertwined with each other.
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At the end of spring, the rain enveloped the entire Peizhou, making it hard for him to breathe. A simple and crude firewood garden fluttered in the rain.

A middle—aged man in a green robe stood in the drizzle. His shoulders were already wet from the dizziness and the rain dripped down from the towel. The man, on the other hand, seemed to have frozen in the rain and stood there for a long time.

Under the walnut tree, the two girls looked at the man's back, and Big Sis Zi Yun, who was wearing a light green skirt, sighed lightly, "Mother loves this season of the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

, who was dressed in pure white, looked around at the courtyard that was immersed in the rain. He leisurely said, "The boundary between death and life, between decline and prosperity, where does prosperity come from?"

When these words entered the man's ears, he could not help but tremble both physically and mentally, and his tensed shoulders immediately collapsed.

"Mister!" With a flustered tone and hurried footsteps, Grandma Zhang had already walked to the man's side. "It has already been twelve hours. Madam is probably in danger."

The man immediately turned around, his eyes filled with helplessness: "I beg Abba, for one thing, since the child has landed, regardless of gender, can you just tell the servant that it's a male baby?"

Just as she was about to speak, Grandma Zhang already continued: "That's right, even though I've been looking forward to seeing this boy for ten years, I've already given birth to five girls consecutively. With her body being so weak this time, I'm afraid that even if she wants it so badly, she won't be able to live with any regrets."

With that, the midwife turned and walked back into the room. The blood on her sleeve was shocking.

"Thank you, Abba!" The man's expression became pained. He came to the window and looked, but it was only pitch black.

After an unknown period of time, along with the cries of a baby, the people in the courtyard woke up. However, the thick smell of blood was mixed in the rain.

"It's a boy, a boy!" said the midwife. But immediately afterwards, a terrified voice cried out, "Not good, it's Big Red."

The man outside the window did not care about anything else and rushed into the room. His eyes were fixed on the gratified smile on his wife's pale face …