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Dear, I Miss Your Kiss

Dear, I Miss Your Kiss



  "You're awake?" The cold voice was like Satan from hell, and the rope that bound her hands was pulled back viciously. Shen Mingxi struggled to lift his head, but could only see the man's ironed trousers. "What do you want to do to me?" "Give me a child, and I'll let you go!" The man pulled her over and fiercely kissed her.
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Outside of T City, in the sky above a deserted region.

When Shen Ming Xi woke up from her coma, she was once again shocked by the engine's rumbling sound beside her ear.

Her hands and feet were firmly tied with rope, the coarse rope tightened her wrist until it was red and swollen. Cold wind poured in through the cracks of the cabin and blew on her face, blowing her messy hair apart, revealing her pale and haggard little face.

It had been a day and a night, and the cold wind had accelerated the loss of her body heat.

The cold wind caused her long eyelashes to tremble. She tried her best to open her eyes.

"You're awake?" The cold voice was like Satan from hell, and the rope that bound her hands was pulled back viciously.

The wind blew her messy long hair high, as if it was being cut by a knife, causing her tired face to hurt.

Shen Ming Xi struggled to raise his head, but all she could see was the man's ironed, straight, and black pants.

"What do you want to do to me?" Even if it fell into his hands, Shen Ming Xi had no intention of admitting defeat.

Other than the whistling of the wind, the air suddenly became silent.

The man silently handed the rope to the person beside him, his eyes stinging from her tranquil expression. He suddenly crouched down and used his cold, slender right hand to climb up her chin like a poisonous snake.

His cold and deep eyes made people shiver. "I'll give you one more chance, speak! Where is Yue Ran? "

It's Shen Yue Ran again!

Resisting the pain on his chin that was almost crushed, Shen Ming Xi stubbornly shook his head: "I've already told you, I don't know."

The man, who was enveloped in a cold aura, suddenly lost all patience.


Shen Ming Xi's face turned white, her entire person was pushed out of the cabin! The cold air rushed into her mouth, and she almost bit her tongue in fear.

If she were to fall from this height, she would definitely die!

Si Tu Ye, you are ruthless!


What Shen Ming Xi did not expect was, her body that was rapidly falling, was only able to descend three to four metres before the rope around her waist stopped her fall.

Without support, his thin body was like a broken leaf that had fallen from the branch after autumn, constantly swaying about.

"How do you feel?" The man's voice came from the incessant clattering of the helicopter's pod, full of sarcasm.

He swallowed hard.

Shen Ming Xi struggled to move her pale lips, and the voice that came rolling out of her throat was completely hoarse: "I haven't seen Shen Yue Ran in two days!"

"Still not telling the truth." A deep ruthlessness flashed across the man's eyes. His eyes narrowed slightly as he said, "Even if you didn't say it, when you die, I would still have found her!"

"What I said was all true!" She knew that a man would not believe her.

If he believed it, in such a long period of time, he wouldn't treat Shen Yue Ran as a treasure and keep him by his side.

At that moment, she was like a dying butterfly. She lifted her head with much difficulty and stared at the man at the edge of the cabin, the man who exuded a noble aura.

"Only a fool like you would believe in Shen Yue Ran!"

Just as Shen Ming Xi finished speaking, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a blade flashing with light, ruthlessly slicing the only link between her and the plane, her lifeline — the rope.

"Situ!" Hong! "Sheng!" The tearing sound was quickly dispersed by the wind.

She could feel herself falling rapidly into death, the howling wind wearing down her last bit of willpower!

"No!" Closing his eyes in fear, Shen Ming Xi's vision turned pitch black.


Her emaciated body fell into the sea. A bone—piercing coldness and the suffocating feeling of despair engulfed her in an instant!

T City's Underground Treacherous Club.

Different from the other club's bright glazed lights or crystal lamps, the walls of the intersecting space were filled with white candlelight of various sizes. Looking around, one would see that there was not a single lamp, and the flickering candle flames were accompanied by a cold wind that came out of nowhere, flickering in and out of a crisscross pattern, easily enveloping the whole club's atmosphere in a gloomy and creepy atmosphere.

Shen Ming Xi hugged her knees tightly, shrinking in the shadow of the indoor fake mountain.

That man was a devil. If she had known that she would wake up in such a place, she would have drowned!

But he didn't even give her a chance to die because he was sure that she was the one who kidnapped Shen Yue Ran?

Who didn't know that she and Shen Yue Ran were like fire and water? Shen Yue Ran was a burden brought by her stepmother. The mother and daughter were both white lotus bitches, she had hated them since she was young, did she really need to wait so many years to make a move on them? Si Tu Ye, you idiot!

A wry smile appeared on his face as Shen Ming Xi thought back to the day Shen Yue Ran was kidnapped and how he broke into the house. Without giving her an explanation, he only gave her a few sentences to convict her.

And this strange and eerie scene in front of him, needless to say, was an even more terrifying punishment!

His thin shoulders trembled violently, and his eyes, which were filled with despair, shrank back into the darkness as he looked out carefully.

It was unknown when, but many young girls like her had actually appeared in the surroundings. It was the first time Shen Ming Xi had seen such a shocking scene in a top city like T City.

She subconsciously lowered her head, only to see that her clothes had been changed. Replacing her clothes was a close—fitting outfit that resembled rabbit fur!

As for the others, some of them even had hats shaped like black bears' heads on their heads while others had shoes shaped like wolf claws on their feet …

"Girls!" In the extremely terrifying darkness, a man's voice suddenly rang out.

He first smiled sinisterly, and continued to speak: "This is the famous Demon Trail, tonight, I welcome you here on behalf of the Demon Trail! First of all, everyone might have heard that the Treacherous Currency is a very human—like club. All we need is freshness and excitement. Tonight, our club has meticulously prepared beautiful clothing for all of you. A moment later, hunters will appear with tranquilizer guns in their hands. Whoever can get shot by them will have to endure to our front door, and tonight, there will be a mysterious big prize waiting for you. Of course, the unconscious girls and your hunters will decide your fate, this is the rule! "

Treacherous Currents!

Shen Ming Xi was scared witless. She had never been here before, but she had heard of the name of the Demon Trail.

Of course, there were also girls who were especially short of money and had the courage and courage to register themselves.

The Ghost will start a new game every night, attracting the attention of the top rich. I heard that every game will charge a lot of money, and every day, there will be a fresh method, just like tonight, where one will be drugged and be able to last until the door is opened. That huge reward, or big prize, belongs to that person.

She was actually sent to such a place by Si Tu Ye!

Shen Ming Xi didn't even dare to breathe loudly. She shrank back into the darkness and pretended to not hear the footsteps that were getting louder and louder. Her cold and slender body pressed tightly against the uneven fake mountain and couldn't help but shiver.

"Ugh …" "Ahhh!" A sharp sound cut through the damp and stagnant air.

Shen Ming Xi crashed into the hard stone in panic, the white fur causing her pupils to constrict.

Two meters away from her, under the light of the candle flame, a little girl dressed like a little bear stood in the empty hallway. She lightly swayed a few times before quickly falling to the ground.

Previously, when Shen Ming Xi still held onto some hope, the light in her eyes instantly dimmed.

Would she be able to escape with such a powerful anesthetic?

Shen Ming Xi held onto the corner of her clothes, her heart was in pain, she had just raised her leg, the candles on the stone floor in front of him, were suddenly shrouded in a black shadow.

Shen Ming Xi who was immersed in panic had not even reacted when she suddenly leaned back.