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Fairy Fox Romance

Fairy Fox Romance



  Tao Yaoyao never thought that a weak 5th Princess of the Qing Qiu Immortal Clan would one day be named as a Demonic Fox. She never thought that her respected and beloved master would let the Celestial Emperor remove her immortal bone. Fortunately, she came across Scorching Flower, or perhaps it could be said to be Jiang Li. She was glad that she could still remember the smell of his body, no matter how many memories she had. It was a pity that no matter how hard she tried, she still lost everything … Since that's the case, let her destroy the heavens and the earth as you wish.
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The Qing Qiu Mountain, Bibo Sea Island and the Penglai Island were the three sacred grounds of the current celestial realm. Amongst them, the Qing Qiu Nine Tailed Fox Clan and the Bibo Sea Dragon Clan were the most ancient races, the descendants of the ancient Gods. The dragon race had ruled over the celestial realm for more than three hundred thousand years, and through the three Celestial Emperor s, they were the first Heaven Clan.

Seven hundred thousand years ago, the fiendish demons had wreaked havoc in the world, and the Six Realms had descended into chaos. A Rogue Immortal called Mo Shangyuan stepped forward and brought dozens of Earth Immortals and Rogue Immortals to kill demons and exterminate devils, creating a brilliant war achievement for celestial realm. In the end, he used his unrivaled magic power to kill the Demon Emperor and the Demon Lord.

At that time, the Celestial Emperor was heavily injured, and there was no outstanding heir to the throne. In such a chaotic world, in order to protect the celestial realm's great cause, the Celestial Emperor decided to give up the throne. Without a doubt, the Celestial Emperor candidate had fallen onto Mo Shang Yuan's head. From then on, the previous Mo Clan ascended Mount Kunlun and became the new Lord of the Six Realms.

As for the three Holy Lands … After the enthronement of the Yuan Emperor, he chose the most powerful spiritual treasure in the four seas and gave it to the dragon race. He also named it Bibo Sea and took charge of all the seas owned by the Four Great Waterlords. Because of this, the Bibo Sea became the strongest power under the Kunlun Mountains.

Penglai Island originated from the four seas and eight wastelands of ancient times. It was a holy land for Loose Immortals. Here, countless celestial realm experts were nurtured, and they were the place where the biggest talents of the celestial realm came from. Even the Eighth Heavenly Layer's Lingxiao Pavilion's Pavilion Master, the person who was closest to the father god in terms of celestial spiritual energy, was once taught a lesson here by the Suprema Suprema. The Suprema Suprema was a high ranking existence in the Lingxiao Pavilion, and only below the Celestial Emperor, he was the supreme existence of the celestial realm. It was just that this celestial sovereign had a dull personality and rarely ventured around the outside world. It was extremely difficult for him to get a glimpse of his true appearance.

Head of the three Sacred Grounds, Qing Qiu. The Qing Qiu had existed since the ancient era, and the Nine—tailed Fox family had a unique talent. After the Nine—tailed Fox family, their strength was the strongest amongst all the races. However, ever since Qing Qiu Mountain was still a nation of the Qing Qiu, the clan members of the Qing Qiu were not interested in cultivation. Until thirty thousand years after the enthronement of the Yuan Emperor, there was suddenly an internal conflict in the Qing Qiu, and the Hua Clan defected to the Demon World. When the Profound Emperor ascended to the throne, the Qing Qiu was officially conferred the title of being the leader of the three Sacred Grounds, and the Nine—tailed Fox King, Yue Jun, was even bestowed the title of being the leader of the three Sacred Immortals.

The giant wheel of time rolled by, and then another hundred thousand years passed by in a flash. celestial realm once again experienced a great tribulation, with the death of a Celestial Emperor and the enthronement of Second Prince Yan. However, this great calamity that had caused so much bloodshed in the celestial realm was now buried. After this calamity, most of the people from the Qing Qiu had their jobs removed from the Heavenly Court, returning to the leisurely life of their ancestors. However, the name of the head of the Sacred Grounds and the head of the Sacred Immortals was still retained. With regards to this, the outside world had different opinions. The Qing Qiu had also spent a thousand years in the midst of rumors.

After ten thousand years of the great tribulation, everything seemed to have been pacified. But at this time, the birth and growth of a little fox had once again pushed Qing Qiu to the heart of the struggle. The seemingly calm Six Realms had already experienced the impending storm.