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The Imprisonment from the CEO

The Imprisonment from the CEO



  In exchange for family benefits, she was packaged and sent to his bedroom! "Originally, he thought that this was just a nightmare transaction, but unexpectedly, he decided that she was the woman who slapped him eight years ago." "Director Ye, you got the wrong person." "Retreat!" Mu Yuyan continuously retreated. The scar on the back of your leg can't be wrong. " Ye Yunfeng drew closer and closer, "I want you to pay the price for what you did eight years ago." As soon as his voice fell, he pounced like a hungry wild beast. From then on, she was imprisoned by him. From hatred to love, she fell into a huge whirlpool.
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This was Mu Yu Yan's first impression upon waking up.

She tried to keep her eyes open, but it was pitch black. Was she blind?

Mu Yu Yan's four limbs were all covered with sackcloth. She struggled to open her arms and realised that she could not open her arms at all. She couldn't help but think, "Did I get put in a box?"

"Young Master Ye."

A man's voice came to the side.

So there was someone beside him.

Mu Yu Yan did not move an inch as she listened carefully to the movements outside.

"Hmm, what does this box mean?" The voice of the man called Young Master Ye was deep and full of magnetism.

"This is the Mu family's will."

"Mu family?"

"Yes, Young Master Ye, you should know that after the AM stayed in Cloud Lake City, their market share had dropped by 50%."

"Alright, I understand. "You can leave."

"Mm, Young Master Ye, I wish you a pleasant night."

With that, the man walked out, and closed the door, while the footsteps of the man called Young Master Ye slowly approached Mu Yu Yan.

Before Mu Yu Yan could react to their conversation, the lid on top of her head was lifted, and under the dim light, a man's face appeared.

The contours of the knife were exquisite. The lips were fuller than a woman's, the nose bridge was high, and the eyes were especially dark. It was so deep that one could not see the end, as if staring for a long time could swallow a person whole.

This man.

Where had he seen it before?

This is Ye Yun Feng!

The second young master of the Ye Family, the CEO from Cloud Lake City's AM, Ye Yun Feng!

Mu Yu Yan blinked her eyes, and thought back to the conversation outside. Young Master Ye, it can't be wrong, this person was Ye Yun Feng.

"What do you want?" Why am I here? " Mu Yu Yan wanted to stand up, but his legs were already numb. He did not stand up for a while, but sat back down in the box.

Ye Yun Feng raised the corner of his mouth and laughed sinisterly, he extended a slender finger and pointed at Mu Yu Yan, and said solemnly: "Look at your own attire."

Mu Yu Yan knocked her leg as she looked down at herself.

He was wearing a white and black suit with a very low chest. The bottom part of his body was just enough to cover his buttocks, and behind his buttocks was a short ball of white fluff.


Mu Yu Yan moaned in her heart as she rubbed his head. As expected, she also had two long 'ears' on top of his head.

He was actually wearing the enticing uniform of a rabbit maiden.

Before Mu Yu Yan could react, Ye Yun Feng said, "Mu Fang Cheng was quite attentive, she actually sent you here dressed up like this."


Mu Yu Yan was stunned.

She recalled the last part of her memories, which was the cup of hot tea that Mu Fang Cheng had poured for her. At that time, she had been wondering why her father, who usually did not pay attention to her, would suddenly call her back and passionately brewed a pot of hot tea.

However, all of these were planned to use her as a present for Ye Yun Feng.

While Mu Yu Yan was still stunned, Ye Yun Feng had already extended her hand over.

"What are you doing?" She opened his hand and cried out in alarm.

Ye Yun Feng frowned slightly and said coldly: "Just do your duty as a gift and serve me well. I will consider giving the Mu Family some market share."

After he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand again.

He had to admit that the woman before him had successfully aroused his desire.

Mu Yu Yan crossed her arms in front of her chest as she struggled to shout out loudly, "I don't care about the Mu Family's companies, or what kind of shitty market share they have, I was tricked! You can do whatever you want to the Mu family. I want to leave. "

The numbness on Mu Yu Yan's legs had already subsided, she stood up, walked out of the box, and turned to leave.

Ye Yun Feng looked at the pair of legs that were exposed to the outside, and laughed sinisterly, he chased after her with two steps, directly grabbing her shoulders, using some force to turn her body over, he looked at her and said coldly: "There's no need to play any more, I will at most leave 20% of the Mu Family's share."

Mu Yu Yan was so angry that she wanted to cry, "Let me tell you again, I don't care what you do to the Mu Family. I was tricked. He was tricked! Do you understand? "

She turned to leave again, but was held back by his palm.

Mu Yu Yan was afraid and anxious at the same time. She tried to struggle free with all her might but to no avail, her legs slipped and her entire body fell into Ye Yun Feng's embrace.

Her face crashed into his firm chest, and a strong scent of male hormones rushed through her nose to the sensitive nerves.

Mu Yu Yan, who had never had physical contact with a man in her life, suddenly felt a little dazed, and her nerves short—circuited.

Ye Yun Feng looked at the 'Bunny' that suddenly quieted down in his arms, and a pleased smile rose from the corner of his mouth. No woman in his body could reject him.

It had to be said that this woman's body was indescribably soft. He could feel her softness through that thin layer of rabbit uniform. Without a doubt, this outfit was very much to his taste. Especially the faint lemon fragrance on her body. It was definitely not there on those women, making them feel very clean and fresh.

Ye Yun Feng's desire was completely aroused.

His fingers pinched the sharp point of her chin as he slightly lifted her head. Her red lips were extremely full and tender, causing him to feel a little dry. He lowered his head wanting to taste her, but Mu Yu Yan's eyes suddenly opened wide, and directly pushed her away.

"What are you doing?" "Scoundrel!" Mu Yu Yan's breathing became hurried, and her tone became somewhat fearful. What happened just now? How could her brain suddenly short circuit!

She shook her head to clear it, then turned around and left.

Ye Yun Feng once again grabbed onto his slender white wrist, and said with a smile: "Rascal? It was clearly you who delivered yourself to me, are you still pretending? "

Mu Yu Yan grinded her teeth in anger: "I'll say it one last time, I was tricked here, do you understand? I'm leaving now, let me go! "

Wanted to capture him?


He leaned over, and his deep, magnetic voice was full of amusement. "I don't care how you got here, you want to leave just by teasing me? It's not that cheap, is it? "

"Stop pretending, I know you want more. One night, one million." He confidently stated his price. Even some of the B—list celebrities didn't have such a high price for one night.

"I don't care about your stinky money, let go of me." She wasn't moved at all.

From the bottom of her heart, Mu Yu Yan detested this kind of person who thought that with money she could buy anything. Ye Yun Feng's words only made her hate him even more.

Ye Yun Feng frowned, he never expected that this woman would reject him.

It seemed like this woman's appetite was quite big.

"2 million!" He increased the price.

Two million yuan in one night, this price was definitely acceptable.

"Let me go!"

Mu Yu Yan completely ignored him, she only focused on struggling, wanting to break free from his grasp.

Ye Yun Feng frowned, his desire for Qi had already made him impatient, he licked his dry lips and said angrily: If you want to be strong, then I'll grant your wish.


Mu Yu Yan felt a pain in her shoulder, she could not help but let out a painful cry. She was unable to struggle free even if she wanted to, but she was already on the verge of tears.


A crisp sound rang out under the dim light.

The tense atmosphere immediately quieted down.

After a while, her deep, magnetic voice made people feel especially cold. "I'll let you go now. If you dare to run, I'll definitely catch you and make you want to die."

With that, he let go.

Mu Yu Yan almost fell limply to the ground as she slapped Ye Yun Feng's face.

She wanted to run now, but she didn't dare to. She knew that as long as Ye Yun Feng wanted to find her, even if he was digging, he would still dig her up.

Ye Yun Feng picked up his cell phone and made a call. His voice was so cold, "Get the hell in here, transfer the light back to me. You're not here? I'll give you two minutes to come over, or you'll never have to come over. "

Two minutes later, the door was slowly pushed open and a young man walked in. He was breathing heavily, and it was obvious that he came running over. When he entered the room, his expression changed slightly.

Anyone could tell with a single glance that something was wrong.

He tiptoed over to the switch and pressed it. The lights in the room lit up all of a sudden.