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The Missing Husband

The Missing Husband



  With a single marriage contract, these two people, who had no love at all and had only seen each other once at the wedding, were tied together. The day after the wedding, the newlywed husband did not come back for two years on the grounds of going abroad to expand his branch office. As long as she was separated for two years, she could apply to the court for a divorce. However, her husband returned at one year and nine months! Their first meeting had been bloody and passionate. She kissed him in a sexy bikini for a bet, and he gave her a cold smile and kissed her in all sorts of ways, and brought her home. " "Leng Donglu, I want to divorce you!" "The reason." Because … Because you are disobedient! " The man smiled. "It seems that I have not served you well. I have my complaints." As he spoke, he stepped forward …
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Under the flickering lights, the ice—cold night was lit ablaze.

A group of handsome young men and beautiful women were making a racket at the swimming pool party.

Rows after rows of fine foreign wine, as well as the beautiful figures of youth, sketched out the sound of this sleepless night.

At the moment, a group of people were playing a thrilling game at the edge of the pool.

The men each had their upper bodies bare, some showing their abdominal muscles while others looked creamy. They looked plain but had the color of peanut dew.

Most of the girls were dressed in sexy and sexy outfits. They squeezed out their breasts and wore clothes that were as sexy as they could get.

Yin Jia Lu was wearing a pink bikini. Although it wasn't much on the chest, it was perfectly formed, with two slender legs showing without a doubt. That white, handsome face made many boys drool.

She was surrounded by a crowd.

He closed his eyes and clasped his hands, praying that he could win this match.

Rotating the empty bottle around on the table was the most popular classic game.

It was a huge risk to him!

The empty wine bottle turned a few rounds and started swaying, then suddenly stopped, and pointed straight at Yin Jia Lu!

"Waa ~ ~"

"Yin Jia Lu actually lost again!"

"She lost the whole night..."

The surroundings were filled with hissing sounds! There were also a few voices mixed with sympathy.

Yin Jia Lu closed his eyes before opening them again. She hadn't won a single game in so long tonight.

What kind of luck was this! She was sad for herself.

Her classmates were the first to speak, filled with helplessness: "Jia Lu, playing with you really isn't exciting at all, I think you should just directly take a big risk! "Because what you said last night was all true …" They had heard about all those grandparents and uncles and aunts!

"That's right, that's right. If you want to speak the truth again, then we will have to ask you about your marriage!"

Yin Jia Lu raised her head, her eyes rolling around, he couldn't let them ask that question!

If she asked, she would have to say the truth … Then she …

Student A: "Jia Lu, we can't act shamelessly. We agreed that we must be punished if we lose, you can't be so foolish!"

Student B: "That's right!"

Student C: "Hurry up or you'll be punished in the end. It's up to you!"

Yin Jia Lu made up her mind. She would give it his all, she would definitely not let them ask him if there was such a problem with marriage!

"I choose the grand adventure!"

"Wow, Yin Jia Lu, good job!"

Another round of jeers and jeers.

A few of the male students were already eager to give it a try.

Yin Jia Lu felt that something was amiss. She seemed to not have asked what the big risk was yet.

A kind—hearted classmate had already handed over a cartoon eye patch.

"What is this?" She looked at the eyepatch in surprise. Was she supposed to travel at night?

The student mysteriously laughed as he approached Yin Jia Lu's ear and whispered to him.

"Ah?" "No way!" Yin Jia Lu's little face instantly turned red. Wasn't this too risky?

Student A: "Jia Lu, this big adventure was chosen by you, why? We've all graduated, so this is the last time you can't afford to play? " The good news was that it incited the girls to agree with him even more.

Originally, Yin Jia Lu's beauty and grades were great, and she was even taken care of by such a handsome senior. How could she not see any flaws?

"Yeah, don't choose and you won't be able to play again." The other female students' voices clearly began to mock him.

Yin Jia Lu knew that if she refused again, this graduation party would become unhappy because of her alone.

"Who doesn't dare to play? Seriously!" Yin Jia Lu braced herself and reached out to grab the eye patch.

She pretended not to care, but she could hear the sound of her heart beating.

In his heart, he silently mourned for himself. Who told them to go crazy during their graduation ceremony? Wish he was unlucky.

She took the blindfold from a classmate and covered her eyes. She staggered to the entrance of the swimming pool and stood up.

"It's here, it's here!"

Following his classmates' booing, Yin Jia Lu stepped forward and held onto the door frame. With his hands on his waist, he caved in a S shaped figure, in a sexy posture.

She hooked her fingers and said with a sweet voice, "Sir, do I look like your next girlfriend?"