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Pick A Bridemaid To Be A Wife

Pick A Bridemaid To Be A Wife



"From now on, you are my wife. Without my permission, you are not allowed to remove your ring, or else you will bear the consequences." His words still echoed in her ears, showing his pride. But she was just a bridesmaid, who attended her best friend’s wedding ceremony and was honored to be a bridesmaid. But what on earth did the groom do? He picked her, a bridesmaid, to be his wife, and put a diamond ring on her finger. The truth was her best friend cheated on the groom. But what did it have to do with her? This was the man she met for the first time! She felt pity for him, but not pitiful enough to marry him. So she began her exciting trip escaping from this crazy but powerful and super-rich man.
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Country M, Spring.

A grand wedding will be held here.

The groom, Long Yu Chen, the Crown Prince of Long Group with a hundred billion net worth, twenty—six years old this year, bride, Pei Yan, the famous daughter of the Pei clan, twenty years old this year.

The wedding took place in the biggest church in M Country. Everything was ready.

At 10 o'clock, the wedding ceremony proceeded as scheduled. The top of the church was a flowerbed made up of 99,900 colored red roses. It was where the newlyweds exchanged their oaths, and the priest was ready.

Qiao Yi Yi was very excited to be one of the bridesmaids, walking at the back holding onto Pei Yan's six meter long long dress, the whole wedding was romantic and beautiful.

As the guests took their seats, the scene turned quiet as the wedding song sounded.

The clean red carpet extended all the way to the front, and on it stood a man wearing a classic black suit. He had a pair of long, proud legs wrapped around the legs of his knife—cut trousers, and his straight body resembled that of a medieval prince. His face was as handsome as a sculpture, with distinct contours, straight and handsome eyebrows, a nose that was as high as a mountain peak, and his sexy, thin lips.

His eyes were as deep as obsidian and as bright as the depths of the abyss. He was looking at his bride with a meaningful smile on his face.

When Qiao Yi Yi's six bridesmaids brought the bride to a position less than three meters away from the platform, they all stood to the side, ready to join everyone in wishing the newlyweds a good fortune and witness their most sacred moment.

Pei Yan's lips curled up into a smile. In the mist, she saw the handsome figure of a man that was about to complete her dreams.

She took a deep breath and stood facing him.

At the scene, the wedding march proceeded to the climax.

Finally, the respected priest began to swear in English.

A sacred and bright sound rang out.

After he finished reciting, he looked at the bride Pei Yan, "Miss Pei Yan, may I ask, are you willing to marry Mr. Long Yu Chen?"

Pei Yan did not hesitate at all, her voice was filled with joy, "I am willing."

Immediately after, the priest started reciting it again, and turned to look at the noble man beside him, "Mr. Long Yu Chen, may I ask, are you willing to marry Miss Pei Yan?"

Everyone held their breath, waiting for the two to exchange their oaths.

At this moment, a deep male voice that sounded like a cello called out, "I don't want to."

Even if this sentence was spoken in English, it was enough for everyone present to understand. In the next second, the entire audience burst into a commotion. Everyone was shocked.

Pei Yan suddenly lifted her veil and looked at him in shock, "Yu Chen, what did you say!? "Don't you want to marry me?"

Long Yu Chen didn't say anything. He took out the diamond ring box from his pocket, and with a cold smile, he said: "However, even though today is my wedding, I must finish it! It's just that my bride is someone else. "

Just like everyone else, Qiao Yi Yi was dumbstruck with shock. She covered her mouth with her bright eyes wide open. Why didn't he marry Yan?

As soon as the groom's words fell, his eyes that were as deep as the night sky swept across the shocked guests, and then, his eyes swept across the people around him, and finally, landed on the side of the bridesmaids' group of six. The bridesmaids were all out of breath, and none of them dared to meet his gaze.

Qiao Yi Yi did the same, she didn't understand why the groom was looking at the bridesmaid's side.

The groom spread his long, proud legs and walked step by step towards the bridesmaids' group as he walked forward with a strong aura.