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The Wife's Miserable Life

The Wife's Miserable Life



  There was no worst situation in her life. Even worse, she was the most perverted of all the rich kids, Yi Mo, who had received the diagnosis of "pregnancy" from Wu Long; she was muddle-headed and married herself; she would be wrong, she accepted her fate, but who knew that some pervert would carry the name of a germaphobe, picking the bones out of all kinds of chickens. Are you not going to let me live a good life? Unable to bear it any longer, she tried to resist, only to fall into his tenderness. When her first love returned, she broke the secret and left the scene dejectedly. "Divorce!" The first rule of the Feng Family! " The descendants of the Feng Clan would be married to each other! A certain man's eyelids did not rise. "Fifth!" Contradictions between husband and wife, the wrong side of the door, the room's rules, a hundred times! The heck! In just one month, she had already committed the fifth move more than ten times! Would she ever know in her life? Could she leave?
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The night in the city was quiet and deep.


With a burning face, Lily opened her eyes and saw herself sitting on the ground beside the bed in awkwardness. Her fair arms were covered with bruises. Her body, which was slightly covered with half a quilt, was actually … naked!

What … what happened?

With a "boom" in her head, she reflexively turned around quickly to grab the corner of the quilt. Suddenly, she saw a sturdy arm of men and the next second, she felt chocked while being grabbed by the neck.

"Tell me! How long have you been following me? Who sent you here?"

"Who is he? What is he talking about?" Lily was dumbfounded when a low, angry, unfamiliar male voice jumped into his ears.

Her head was still in a daze. The air seemed to have thinned out and the world seemed to be enveloped in gray. Instinctively, Lily reached out to pull the tightly clasped palm on her neck.

"Uh … let go of me …."

"Tell me! How dare you set me up?"

An angry voice rang out again. It was as if Lily could smell the aura of death. She could no longer speak, so she could only shake her head.

Just as she thought that she was about to be strangled to death, her body tilted when the force on her neck suddenly disappeared. Lily beat her chest while having a fit of coughing and powerlessly fell to the ground.

Before she could regain her senses, her jaw was once again pinched by someone. A cold but charming face instantly filled her field of vision with a pair of blue and black eyes on it, flickering with a strange cold light.

His eyes were actually … blue and black!

She had seen many foreigners, but this was the first time she had seen such special eyes!

Capturing the change in her gaze, the man's expression instantly darkened.

"Don't think that this night can change anything! If you dare to say one more word about what happened today, I will kill you!"

Letting go of her jaw, the man suddenly turned around and walked towards the bathroom. With a splash, Lily fell to the ground again, hearing a rumbling sound of flowing water!

Lily was still dizzy, and her eyes were blank as she looked at the unfamiliar room.

Before her could start to think, a loud sound of the mirror shattering burst out.

With a tremor, Lily raised her eyes and saw the man wrapped in a bath towel walking out. He picked up his scattered clothes, his falling fist still carrying some terrifying blood.

Before leaving, the man looked at her fiercely for another two seconds, "Don't forget what I said!"

The door slammed violently, and the floor trembled. A clear chill suddenly climbed up Lily's back, and her eyes cleared. Only then did she notice the messy bed.

Feeling the obvious discomfort in her body, as well as the ambiguous aura which was so dense in the air that it couldn't be ignored, Lily was so shocked that the blood on her face suddenly faded and she quickly took off her clothes. She put on her clothes with trembling hands while wondering, "What the hell is going on? Didn't I come to attend Uncle Reed's birthday banquet?"

Lily still lost her mind while a burst of hurried footsteps rang out.


At this moment, the door was squeezed open, and a burst of crackling flashes of light lit up.

"Ah——" screamed Lily, subconsciously pulling the quilt over her face.

"It's a young woman? Shouldn't it be a rich lady having an affair with a young rich man?"

"Who is she? It's a waste of time!"


The reporters left with disappointment. Just as Lily poked her head out of the quilt, a familiar tall and figure in light gray entered her field of vision without warning. The blood on her face faded away.

It's Zack ... Zack Green. He's back?