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The Revenge from the Wife

The Revenge from the Wife



  On the surface, she appeared to be a weak girl who was powerless. However, no one knew that she possessed an innate special talent. In the future, her mother-in-law would look down on her and ruin her reputation so that they could smoothly end the engagement? Alright, then she'll give her future husband and that slut a huge gift. The elder cousin was vicious and the mistress was vicious. Did everyone want the lives of the mother and daughter pair? Alright, come and take it if you have the ability. Let's see if she won't beat you all to smithereens one by one! He was the first son of an influential family in the world, with a noble temperament. Unintentionally, he had watched a free drama first. He saved her, yet he used kindness to repay her? "How can there be such a shameless, vulgar, scoundrelly, despicable man in this world?" Rest assured, I will let you know what true shamelessness is! " As he spoke, he stepped forward …
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Grand Xia, Beijing, Palace of the State of Su.

Today was Duke of Su's birthday celebration. As a famous sect in the capital, they naturally invited many distinguished guests.

The Palace of the State of Su was truly worthy of being called a hundred year old Prominent Class. The beautiful trees in the courtyard were smooth and tender, and the beautiful flowers were scorching. Even the noble ladies of the capital could not help but exclaim in admiration when they entered.

The pavilions and pavilions, the ponds and pavilions, were reflected in the pine and cypress, and were brimming with vitality. However, it was still early spring. All kinds of flowers were blooming and competing with each other for glory. In the backyard, fake mountains, weird stones, green willow trees, and lush vines and bamboo trees adorned the area. The entire courtyard was grand and dignified.


However, he hadn't thought that in the middle of the banquet, he would hear such a sharp cry of surprise.

Judging from the voices, they should be in the back garden, not more than a hundred steps away from where the female servants were holding their banquets.

It was unknown if it was due to guilt or not, but Lady Leng subconsciously looked towards Gu Zhi Nian's direction.

Seeing that she had always been sitting there quietly, even when she heard the cry, she had never whispered to anyone. She had lost her composure and had a frown on her face for a while.

The Lady Leng was not satisfied with this future daughter—in—law of her. He should have appeared in the backyard, why was he still sitting here?

Suddenly, the Mrs. Han felt that something was wrong and stood up.

"Wait, where's Min Er?"

The female members of the audience also appeared to only have one less Han Min Er.

Hearing that, Gu Zhi Nian raised her head, and looked at her with a smile. Isn't it too late to think of your precious daughter now?

Gu Zhi Nian slowly lowered her eyelids, stood up and said, "Lady Leng, please give the order to look for Cousin Min Er."

"That scream just now, could it be that it came from Miss Han?" A Madame spoke out.


It was as if the whole place had exploded.

Gu Zhi Nian's mother looked at Mrs. Han with a face full of worry, then turned her head to look at her daughter. She noticed that Gu Zhi Nian was slightly shaking his head at her, and thus became silent.

Mrs. Han was unhappy, but she was even more unhappy.

The one who should have been tricked today, should have been that Gu Zhi Nian, how did she become Han Min Er?

However, this was also good. As long as he could make that vile spawn lose all his face, it didn't matter who the woman was.

However, if she wanted to replace this daughter—in—law of hers, she would have to think of another way.

Since the Han Family Miss had disappeared, he had to go look for him.

Everyone majestically rushed over to the loft in the back garden. Unexpectedly, there were strange sounds coming from inside!

Many Miss s looked at each other, and very quickly, their faces and ears flushed red.

The Lady Leng knew what was happening inside, other than the female lead who was in the wrong, everything else was right.

Especially when the old woman beside her nodded at her, she became even more excited.

No one noticed that there was a trace of pride in Lady Leng's eyes.

She wanted to see how that bastard would explain himself in front of so many Madame today.

"Servants, invite the duke over." "How can a noble Duke of Guo's mansion hurt an outsider in the harem?"

"Yes, Madame."

The Madame s seemed to have realized something as they protected their own girls behind them, preventing them from entering the human wall.

Mrs. Han's face was deathly white. Amongst all the Miss present, the only one missing was Han Min Er.

However, when the door was opened by someone, and there was a granny who directly barged in, and there were even more people rushing out, their expressions would turn ugly.

"Return to the Madame. Inside is the Han Family's Miss, and there's also …"