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I Still Love You

I Still Love You



  It was a luxurious room with a double bed. What kind of situation was this? She rubbed her waist as she stood up and saw two red marriage certificates neatly placed on the bed. He had only gotten drunk overnight. Was he really going from a young girl to a young woman? Who handled it? When an elegant and refined looking man pushed open the door and approached her step by step, she panicked: "What relationship do we have? "What do you want to do?" "We are husband and wife, so of course we are looking for you to fulfill your duties as husband and wife." When the man smiled, he looked very pretty, but his eyes were filled with an unfathomable charm … " "You are not allowed to come here!" "Anyway, this isn't the first time. Didn't you enjoy last night?" The man approached her step by step. She cried out that she would not respond to him every day and cried that she was not in her right mind. Heavens, who could help her?
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"Director Hale is waiting for you at his office. Please come in." The secretary bent down slightly and made a gesture of invitation.

"Thank you." Yasmine Kim smiled and nodded, then she pushed the door open.

The office was very large with a large French window. A tall and slender man in a suit stood by the window. His back was facing the door, but his hairstyle showed he must be relatively young.

Needless to say, this should be the person Yasmine Kim would be interviewing today — Mr. Hale Charles Hale, the general manager of Legend Company, the largest film and television agency in Blue City.

It was rumored that Mr. Hale grew up abroad. He was young and capable, and immediately took over the Legend Company as soon as he returned home.

He was unwilling to accept any interviews from the media and up to now, who was still a mysterious figure in the eyes of the media in the Blue City.

This time, Yasmine Kim felt great honorable that he accepted her interview invitation.

Yasmine Kim fixed the ends of her hair in the office and let out a light cough, and then said calmly, "Mr. Hale, I am Yasmine Kim, reporter from the Blue City's Metropolis Daily, and have come to specifically interview you today."

Being neither humble nor haughty was her most basic requirement for herself to engage in the media industry.

The man did not react.

"Hello, Mr. Hale." Yasmine Kim raised her voice.

The man at the window finally turned around, and a handsome face appeared in front of Yasmine Kim.

"Yasmine, you haven't changed at all." The man's voice was gentle and his smile was bright and sincere.

However, Yasmine Kim felt bad as if she had fallen into a pond of ice.

The man walked towards her and gently caressed her hair, "Five years have passed, we've finally met again. Yasmine, I still love you as much as before."

Like a cat whose tail has been stepped on, Yasmine Kim pushed his hand away and said coldly, "Mr. Hale, please be self—respected."

The man just looked at her with a smile on his face. He had a pair of enchanting eyes and his entire body was emitting an unruly aura.

Her heart started beating wildly once again.

Five years ago, the man in front of her had captured her heart by his handsome and unruly temperament, soft and charming eyes.

It was her first love, and she was madly in love with him.

She had originally thought that they could live the entire life, but half a year later, he unhesitatingly followed the richest girl in his class, Rose Ming, out of the country.

It wasn't until the night before he left that Yasmine Kim found out about the matter.

She did not cry nor made a fuss, just let him go.

At that time, he was called Gary Hale instead of Charles Hale today.

"Yasmine, I could have been sent to Europe to have a better development. I came back to Blue City for you. I've asked about your information. After all these years, you're still single. Could we be together again?” Charles Hale stared at her, full of hope and sincerity.

"Director Hale, you must be joking. Let's start the interview. If it's inconvenient for you, we may change it at another day." Yasmine Kim said word by word. Only the heavens knew that her heart seemed to have been hollowed out at this time.

"Yasmine, believe me, I will definitely give you happiness. Wait for three months, I will think of a way to get rid of my engagement with Rose Ming. For all these years, you are the only one I love." He grabbed Yasmine Kim's hand, and urgently expressed his love to her. He was nervous.

Yasmine Kim showed him a faked smile. "Director Hale, am I your rebound girl? Have you ever seen a girl that hasn't changed for five years?"

"Yasmine, I was also together with Rose Ming for a career. I'm a man, you have to understand me." Charles Hale said somewhat painfully.

Yasmine Kim shook him off.

She took a deep breath.

She had fantasized about reuniting with this man countless times, but she had never expected it would be like this.

"Don't worry. If I get what I deserve after three months, I will definitely marry you and I will certainly not let you down." Charles Hale promised her in a serious manner. He was very anxious, his breath was fast, and it was obvious that he was truly nervous.

"What about Rose Ming?" Yasmine Kim scoffed, she did not know that she had changed, or this man had changed after so many years.

"I've never loved her." Before he could finish, someone rang the doorbell.

Yasmine Kim immediately took steps towards the door. Her mind was in a mess right now.

"Come in." Charles Hale said as he frowned.

The door was pushed open and a young girl in an Herm s beige dress with a ponytail rushed in as if she were flying.

She flung the luggage to the side, opened up her arms and rushed towards Charles Hale, "Charles, I'm back!"

Charles Hale was dumbstruck for 30 seconds, and then he picked up the girl. He asked her and his face was in blue, "Rose, didn't you say you wouldn't return until one month later?"

"Yes, Mom insisted that I stay on Aegean Island for longer, but I am worried about you and want to give you a surprise so I am back early. Well, surprise?" As she spoke, she tiptoed to kiss Charles Hale's face.

"Surprise," Charles Hale looked at Yasmine Kim awkwardly, and pushed Rose away, "Don't be like that, there are other people here."

"Someone else?" Rose Ming turned around and saw Yasmine Kim standing in front of the door with a pale face. Wearing a grey and white suit, Yasmine, with a simple mushroom hairstyle and big black glasses, was the unimpressive person in the crowd.

"Your staff?" Towards this kind of girl, Rose Ming did not think that she would even be a threat.

"She is the reporter from the Blue City's Metropolis Daily. Come to do interview." Charles Hale said vaguely.

"Oh, she looks a little familiar, but the reporters probably all look the same." Rose Ming laughed, and continued to turn around with her arms wrapped around Charles Hale's neck. "Dear, do you miss me? I intentionally fly back to surprise you, how are you going to thank me?"

"I'm a little busy right now." Charles Hale said with an unnatural expression.

"Is your dear fiancée or the interview more important? Just by saying that there will be a lot of reporters rushing over to help you do the interview, if I get angry, the consequences will be very serious." Rose Ming looked like a little kid, pouting.

Seeing that she was truly going to be angry, Charles Hale immediately pulled her into his embrace, and kissed her forehead, "Of course you are the most important."

As he spoke, he stopped looking at Yasmine Kim and waved his hand, "Reporter Kim, please go back first, we can make an appointment when I have time."