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CEO's Precious Wife

CEO's Precious Wife



  He was the ruthless president of the Mo family, and he was known as "no" for his misogyny! She, an illegitimate daughter who had been sold, had been tied up in his bed because of one affair. She was imprisoned under his wings, it was Spring Festival Gala every night. He had realized to her that if she married into our family, she would definitely be blessed! Standing at the top of his power, he unexpectedly discovered the other identity of his wife. A song empress with billions of people crazily chasing after it? Unmarried?! " Then is that lump in your stomach fat?! " In the program, he suddenly dropped to the ground and picked up her, who was currently being interviewed, and left the dumbfounded crowd behind as he left in large strides.
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Inside the resplendent VIP box, a man was reclining on a sofa. His facial features were deep like a mountain, and he was speechless, yet he exuded an intimidating aura.

Xiao Yan's slightly closed eyes slowly opened. His ice—cold black pupils flickered with a scorching killing intent!

Damn it! That so—called fiancee actually dared to drug him!

Although he already had someone throw her out, thinking about it still made him nauseous.

Suddenly, the door opened and a familiar figure stumbled into his arms.

Feeling the softness in his embrace, Mo Cheng Jun's body stiffened at first, but his burning desire suddenly erupted again. His cold eyes turned red, and he looked at the girl in his embrace with a burning gaze.

A pair of emotionless eyes that didn't seem to have been wrinkled yet were filled with shock and uncertainty. The waist—length black hair accentuated her red lips, and the long white dress made her originally elegant facial features seem all the more celestial.

This was a beauty! This was a beauty that could arouse a man's desire to protect!

"What are you doing? Who are you? Let me go, my friend has called the police! "Ugh …" Chen Zi Tong's train of thought once again began to revolve.

Just a moment ago, while he was still pretending to be that disgusting old man, a man suddenly rushed in and brought him here.

Looking at that chattering mouth, Mo Cheng Jun used his mouth to cover it without thinking.

Her thin lips sucked hard on her captivating red lips, yet her desire did not lessen in the slightest. The man's eyes were filled with impatience. He licked his lips with a long tongue, wanting to go to a warm place.

The red lips that could not be knocked back for a long time caused Mo Cheng Jun to lose the last bit of reason in his brain due to the aphrodisiac.

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth tightly, and Mo Cheng Jun threw the woman in his arms onto the sofa.

"You hooligan, let me go! "Help …" The moment her little mouth was released, Chen Zi Tong shouted angrily. Did she run into a lunatic?

"You don't know me?" Mo Cheng Jun looked at the woman's anger, and was a little puzzled. With her identity, she should not have resisted!

"How would I know who you are?" Looking at the man's arrogant appearance, Chen Zi Tong was even more furious.

He struggled to straighten his body, but was held back by his slender body.

"My friend is outside. Let go of me now, I can pretend that nothing happened!" Chen Zi Tong who was on the verge of death struggled to save himself.

Mo Cheng Jun, who had been annoyed to the point that his head hurt, chose to block the mouth.

The resisting Chen Zi Tong was scared stiff by his violent reaction. A stream of warmth flowed through her four limbs and a moan came out from their intertwined lips!

Chen Zi Tong, who had been shocked by her shameful reaction, resisted even harder than before.

She desperately punched the man on her body with her fist, but was suppressed by him in two or three hits. She felt at ease as she experienced a beauty she had never experienced before, and Mo Cheng Jun's muffled voice came out from her intertwined lips — —

"Don't move, let me kiss you!"

Shameless! This man was simply too shameless! Not only did he snatch away his first kiss, he even made her stay put!

Although Chen Zi Tong knew that the most luxurious man in the night was someone she could not afford to offend, she still could not control the anger in her heart. Gritting her teeth, she bit down hard.