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Alpha Blake

Alpha Blake

Author:Mari Villarreal


Blake Landon, he's the hot, serious guy that all the girls drool over in our pack, and the next in line to become our pack's alpha. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up being his mate. He's arrogant, short-tempered, and no one- I mean no one dares to defy him. So how in the world did I end up being his mate? When things turn, and we go face to face with a powerful vampire clan, he and I get thrown into having to choose to fight together, or sacrifice one or another. One thing is for sure, things will not end well, and will be up to us to sacrifice our love for each other, or our pack.
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  Selene’s POV

  "Selene.....Selene, where are you?"

  The sudden sound of my mother's voice brings me out of my trance. My mind had traveled away, back to my thirteenth birthday. Back to the day when our first shifting ceremony had taken place.

  I'd always been the kind to isolate myself away from everyone. I don't like being in the company of others, specially in the presence of other girls.

  They all seemed to want to get close to me for one thing only, to get close to my twin brother Tyler, and his arrogant best friend, Blake Landon. Blake is the next in line to become alpha of our pack. My brother Tyler, as he says, will become his beta.

  That day, I had gone out to walk by myself. I loved taking long walks through the forest, it's just so peaceful. The feel of the ruffle from the branches, the crinkle sound of the leaves crushed under my feet, the warm of the sun on my skin, and the smell of the woods. Everything about the forest is just magical.

  It must of been just a few minutes before my eyesight became blurry. Everything around me became dazed, and I began seeing color circles in the air. The pit of my stomach balled up in a painful knot, and I had a sharp stab in my chest. My body was fast loosing its energy within.

  I could hear the voice of a woman echoing in the distance. I couldn't make out what she was saying, her voice faded away as I kept walking. It sounded as if she sang, or perhaps she chanted. Nevertheless, her voice sounded so sweet.

  I faintly remember how she looks from the small glimpse I saw of her; her beauty was indescribable, her physique like no other. She was a mere image of an angel.

  Before long, everything around me went blank, and my body lost all of its energy.

  I was awakened at what seemed minutes later by my mother, Rebecca Slate and our Luna, Christy Landon.

  Luna talked to my mother. They held a conversation among themselves and argued for a while about something. I was so dazed, my mind could not process nor comprehend what was happening. I couldn't make out what they were saying. My father picked me up, my body felt so weak it was unwilling to respond.

  My eyes fluttered at a rapid pace on their own, as if they'd spasm. Before I knew it, I had passed out ones more in his arms.

  That day, when I woke up, I had a loud ringing in my ear. I felt a huge painful throbbing headache that was stilling me from moving an inch without me feeling as if my head would explode. All I could do was lay there, wondering what it was that the mystery women was saying. Why was she calling for me? Who was she? What did she want from me?


  My dad's name is Chansey Slate, he is Beta to our Alpha, Brock Landon. My father is married to Rebecca Slate, and I have a brother named Tyler, who is my twin.

  We look completely opposite. I have dark brown hair, his is raven black, which I envy to be honest. He's darker skinned toned then I am. He's extremely well built, meaning he's super muscular for his age, since he is always working out! And I mean literally whirling out all the damn time, just like his arrogant best friend Blake.

  I on the other hand have fair caramel skin, just a bit lighter then Tyler's. Fair plumped lips; and I'm short in stature at five feet and four inches.

  Like I said, my brother works out almost all day long. When he's not in school or training, he's lifting and training. But always working out.

  He's always say, “You don't get it little sis...It's because, we're getting close to our eighteenth birthday, and I have to look my best for my mate when the time comes to meet her."

  If you ask me, they should be more focused in training in case of a rogue attack. Typical, that most men in our pack have the same mentality. All they look forward to is turning eighteen, and finding their stupid mate. Complete arrogance if you ask my opinion. I can care less about finding my mate.

  For the past few weeks, Alpha Brock, and our Luna have been announcing a party they will be hosting for tonight, in honor of their son Blake. He is turning eighteen today, and in just a few hours he will officially become our next Alpha. Then, he will find himself his mate, if he hasn't found her already; afterwards, we will be announced and introduced to our new Luna. Well, as soon as their mating bond is completed of course. Yay, how fun.... can you hear my excitement? Please!.... I rather lock myself in my room, and bury myself in my books.

  I don't do people. Anything that has to do with talking, or interacting with others, is out of the question for me. I don't like being around anyone, no matter how much I try, I just like being alone! Call me awkward if you want, I just can't be around people for too long! It's just not me.

  Luna had asked to speak with me before the whole ceremony took place. I was really hoping it had to do with that day of my first shifting, and why I kept passing out. The whole thing is just so weird. Every time I try and ask my parents, they just change subjects on me or act like they didn't hear me.

  Ever since then, the same thing has happened to me again. Each year, days before my birthday..... I mean literally, every freaking year, like a clock! I start feeling all weird, I get my energy drenched from my body, and then!!.... I pass out! I have no idea how I even make it back to my room, or who brings me....NOTHING! There's times I don't even recall how I got to the damn forest.

  Here is a true fact; as a werewolf, everyone is so eager to find their mates on their eighteenth birthday. Even my damn wolf Hazel. But, all I want is answers! answers as to what is happening to me.

  "Selene?.... seriously now! I have been calling for you, for the past ten minutes child. Get your head out of the clouds. Luna and Alpha Brock are waiting for you at the office. Please, don't have them waiting. Hurry up and go!"

  "Ok, sorry!! I'm coming," I answer sarcastically making mother frown. I sigh and get off from my bed. I place my book on the nightstand, and begin to make my way down the steps to the office.

  I knock on the door and wait to be let in to the office. I can hear someone's footsteps nearing. Soon, Luna opens the door as she comes over, gesturing me to enter, with a sweet and gentle smile.

  Although I have never been the kind to care about looks, I have to say that both my mother, and our Luna, are the most beautiful women I have ever met.

  Of course, our alpha and my father are no exempt. They are extremely good looking for their age. Even their wolves are beautiful. Well, all except for my mother. I don't recall ever seeing my mother shift before, weird right? But, I give it no thought, whatever.

  "Come on in sweetheart," Luna says.

  "Thank you," I know it may be rude of me, but being used time and time again for fake friendships, just to get to my brother made me get on edge over time. So yes, thus is the reason why I always respond dryly or unemotional.

  As I make my way into the office, I see Alpha Brock, sitting in his chair that is fixed in the middle of his dark mahogany desk. My father sits on a lazy boy arm chair, in the small sitting area that is arranged to the right side of the office.

  Luna makes her way slowly and stands next to her husband, alpha Brock, towards his left hand side. Behind me, my mother walks in and makes her way, sitting next to my father in the small living room.

  "Selene, have a seat," Alpha Brock demands.

  I make my way over, and sit on the cold brown leather of the chair, fixed in front of his desk.

  Utter and awkward silence overtakes the room, making me feel unease.

  He clears his throat as he commences to speak.

  "Selene, do you have any idea why we have called you here?" I stare in awkward silence, dumbfounded by his question.

  "Uh, No, alpha!" Luna places her hand on his shoulder, giving him a warm smile he humbly returns to her. He places his pen down, and fixes his sleeves before setting his hands back down on top of his desk, pursing his lips in a thin line before he sighs.

  "Selene, do you recall anything about what happened to you, days before your first shifting years ago? Do you remember anything at all, from what happened that day?"

  I narrow my eyes, 'seriously? I came here for answers. Not to be questioned!' I think to myself,

  I had completely forgot about the mind link, and obviously forgot about canceling them out.

  He clears his throat, letting out a stern growl, and his eyes become dark. He narrows his eyebrows as he tries to not lose his cool.