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Playboy's Ugly Bride

Playboy's Ugly Bride

Author:An Xiaoxiao


He, in charge of the world economy, was arrogant and dignified. Lan Qiqi was an ugly woman with an ugly birthmark on the face. However, the most eligible bachelor was addicted to an ugly woman and imprisoned her by his side like a canary. He occupied her almost every day. He spoiled her, spoiled her to an extreme extent that no one dared to air their opinions. He spoiled her as he wanted... If anyone dared to say she was ugly, he would definitely break their teeth into ashes...
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The cold wind blew from the sea, a luxury cruise ship sailed in the endless sea, and the deck of the cruise ship was crowded with tourists for fun. However, at this time, I heard a person on the deck pointing at the sea and shouting: "Look, someone over there is falling into the water!"

"Where? Where?" The crowd gathered around and yelled, staring at the sea not far away.

"Get the lifebuoy to save people." The manager of this cruise ship also saw the woman in white floating on the sea a few tens of meters away from the cruise ship. See the waiter on the cruise ship, look at the play, and stand on the light and stand up for the show. People whipered a sentence.

"That's going to get it." The two men trembled, one to get the lifebuoy, and the other to the railing of the speedboat.

"The lifebuoy is coming..." He hurriedly brought the lifebuoy to the manager.

"Well, you go with me to save people." The manager took the lifebuoy and quickly dropped the words, and went to the place where the speedboat was stored at the bottom.

"Yes." The man was behind the cruise manager.

In a few minutes, the manager took two employees and boarded the speedboat, started the boat, and soon approached the woman holding the wood like a dying woman. The cruise manager put on the lifebuoy and jumped into the water, slowly pointing to the woman in white.

Soon, the cruise manager clung to the white woman's hand holding the wood and forced her to pull the speedboat to the position of the speedboat...

After some hard work, they finally saved the woman in white on the cruise.

On the floor of the deck, where the woman's head is resting, there is a pool of blood, and the white gauze dress on the woman's shoulder is slightly dyed. Her head may have hit a certain part of the water because of falling water, so she bleeds and falls asleep.

"Manager, do you want to give her artificial respiration?" One of the waiters stared straight into the woman in white.

"Her belly is full of sea water, artificial respiration is useless. Everyone spreads out first." The cruise manager twisted the water on his body and squatted beside the woman in white, folded his hands and pressed the woman's abdomen hard a few times.

"Cough and cough..." The woman in white woke up silently, and her mouth continued to cough up the seawater accumulated in her abdomen.

The woman in white coughed up for a moment, the long hair covering her right face was opened, and a black birthmark as big as a half slap on her face was exposed to everyone's eyes.

"Oh... what is the sticky thing on her right face? It's dark, ugly..." Someone sighed next to him, and the step leaned back, and his face was disgusting.

"Fortunately, I didn't do artificial respiration for her. If I kissed it like this, I can't eat dinner." The man who originally proposed artificial respiration for the woman in white, looked at the black birthmark on the right face of the woman in white, whispered aloud. Secretly glad that he did not put into action, her face is so big and dark, and the beauty of the person is also ruined by the birthmark on the face!

"Miss, are you okay?" Seeing the ugly birthmark on Lan Qiqi's face, the cruise manager was stunned and his face was stunned.

Such a beautiful woman, how can there be such an ugly birthmark on the face?

If her long hairs were not spread out, what a beautiful face it was...