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Legend of The Martial God

Legend of The Martial God



A young man suffered a betrayal from his lover. His martial pulse was pillaged and his cultivation was abolished. Three years later, against the gods, Xiao Lin came back. He challenged the supreme geniuses by one sword and trod super mighty lords under his feet. He swept the whole world invincibly, creating an eternal legend!
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Wanshou City, Beihuang State, The Tianxuan Dynasty

“I, Xiao Lin, finally come back after three years!”

Watching the black sword hanging on the roof of the Xiao’s house, Xiao Lin griped his hands tightly with cracking sounds.

The Xiao’s family had been the second biggest family in Beihuang State. However, due to the fast development, they suffered sniping from the Bai’s family which was the largest family of Beihuang State.

All the masters in Xiao’s family were slaughtered overnight.

In addition, the Bai’s family hanged a “Tian’e Sword” in Xiao’s house.

Tian’e Sword, which was naturally gathered with world’s misfortunes, was a notorious evil sword.

Because of the Tian’e Sword, Xiao’s family was ridden with misfortunes.

No child in Xiao’s family could practice martial arts because their martial pulse was sealed by the evil sword the day they were born.

Thus, the only hope of Xiao’s reemergence was chopped.

“What a poor girl from Xiao’s family!”

“To dissolve the evil power of Tian’e Sword, Xiao’s family will hold a blood sacrifice for 7 days until all her blood dries up!”

“Today is the sixth day. She might be in imminent danger?”

All of a sudden, Xiao Lin was startled by a burst of discussion.

“Blood sacrifice to the living can dissolve the suppression of the Tian’e Sword?”

“The family is full of pandemonium these years.” Xiao Lin whispered with his eyes sinking slightly.

“How can they use this vicious method openly?”

Meanwhile, Xiao Lin walked in a whisper towards the direction of Xiao’s house.

Soon, the familiar architecture came into his eye.

However, he didn’t even cast a glance at it, but stared at the ten-meter altar in the yard.

On the altar, an emaciated girl was hanged upside down by the hasp iron.

Along her pale cheeks, blood was hitting on the altar drop by drop, dying the altar bloody red long before!


Watching the little girl, Xiao Lin was extremely angry and all his blood almost boiled to his head because that girl was exactly his sister Xiao Youyou

“These damn bastards!”

Xiao Lin griped his hands tightly with the nails pierced into his flesh. “Youyou is only eight years old. How dare a human do this to a little child?”

With these words, Xiao Lin already rushed to Xiao’s house


Seeing Xiao Lin rushing in, the two guards in front of the house shouted loudly and prevented him.

“Get away if you don’t want to die!”

Xiao Lin had been long since wrapped in anger at this moment.

The only thought he had now was to save his sister as soon as possible.

He would not hesitate to kill anyone that tried to prevent him.

“Boy, look at where this is, how dare...”

The two guards taught Xiao Lin a lesson instead of moving away.

However, without waiting for them to finish, bang bang, Xiao Lin had rushed in and hit them like a wild elephant.

With two sounds of the bone fracture, those two men flew away like scarecrows and dizzied on the ground immediately.

Xiao Lin rushed to the altar without any stay.

“Who dares to break into Xiao’s family?”

Xiao Lin’s intrusion instantly startled Xiao’s warriors.

Before Xiao Lin arrived at the altar, a dozen of warriors had surrounded him.

The leader was a young man in blue.

With hair tied up high and several gold rings hanged in ears, this man looked extremely rebellious and arrogant.

“Xiao Lin? You are not dead yet?”

The man in green was surprised when seeing Xiao Lin.

“How can I die since you are still alive?”

Xiao Lin’s face looked clouded and he had no good feeling for this man in green.

“Hum, you tried to rape sister Ningyan, but turned out to be captured by my father in site and expelled from the family.”

Xiao Lang looked at Xiao Lin disgustingly and said coldly: “I never expect that you even don’t feel ashamed to be back!”

“Xiao Lang, it is you that set me up for that thing!”

After a deep breath, Xiao Lin put down the tumbling anger and said, “ The reason I come back today is to expose Xiao Ningyan’s hideous features and clean the dirty water you splashed on me!”

Ten years ago, Xiao Lin awoke Supreme Martial Pulse---The Tianyang Warfare. Even the Tian’e Sword couldn’t suppress it. Thus, he was considered the hope of Xiao’s reemergence.

In the same year, Xiao Ningyan, the granddaughter adopted by Xiao’s First Elder, was detected Ninth Tier Martial Pulse and was considered genius in heaven.

However, because of the Tian’e Sword, Xiao Ningyan suffered from cold toxin and preferred to die.

To help Xiao Ningyan, Xiao Lin used the Tianyang Warfare to eject her cold toxin.

It took seven years for Xiao Ningyan to get rid of the suppression of the Tian’e Sword, but Xiao Lin almost lost his life because of the body exhaustion

However, Xiao Lin was totally willing since he had sworn to god to pledge a marriage with her.

To sacrifice for his beloved, Xiao Lin had no regret even losing his life.

Unexpectedly, in Xiao’s family meeting, Xiao Ningyan suddenly took Xiao Lin’s Tianyang Warfare and framed him that he tried to rape her. Xiao Lin was misunderstood by the whole family and suffered all humiliation. In the end, he was even expelled from the family and left alone.

If not for the opportunity, Xiao Lin would have been a rotten body.

“Xiao Lin, I guess you are tired of living.”

Xiao Lang said with a ferocious eye, “ Tomorrow happens to be the last day of the blood sacrifice. I will take you down and accompany your sister.”

“By the way, it is I that hanged your sister to the altar.”

“Xiao Lang, you deserve to die!”

After hearing that, Xiao Lin’s anger couldn’t be suppressed any more.

He gave a shout of anger and rushed directly to Xiao Lang.

“Hum, it is you that deserve to die!”

Xiao Lang stood without any fear.

The Martial Art was divided into seven realms, which were Yuanqi


, Yuanling


, Wanxiang


, Nirvana, Martial Saint, Martial Emperor and Martial God.

Each realm was divided into ten grades.

Xiao Lang had reached the ninth grade of Yuanqi. A slight move of his hand or foot had 450kg weight. One punch could break a thigh-thick tree.

However, when the two fists punched together, bang...Xiao Lang felt like being struck by lightning and his face turned red all of a sudden. His body rose to the sky and his blood sprayed in site.

“How...how this possible?”

Xiao Lang goggled at Xiao Lin and growled puzzled, “ You are only a waste without any cultivation. How can you beat me?”

“Thanks for your father Xiao Shanhe, I have this achievement!”

In that year, Xiao Lin was first framed by Xiao Ningyan, and then his cultivation was abolished by Xiao Shanhe. He was expelled from the family and suffered humiliation.

The moment he could not stand on, an old beggar gave him a copper tower.

The copper tower was mottled rust with ‘Hao Tian’ engraved on it.

The moment Xiao Lin held the tower, it suddenly broke out a great deal of light and rushed into Xiao Lin’s body. This not only healed his body trauma, but also re-lighted the exhausted Supreme Martial Pulse---the Tianyang Warfare.

With the Tianyang Warfare, even the master exceeding one or two realms were not Xiao Lin’s opponent, let alone the warriors in the same realm.

Now, Xiao Lin was the tenth grade in Yuanqi.


Primitive materials that produce and constitute the whole world.


A life form that is coagulated by Yuanqi.


All the materials and scenes within and beyond the universe.