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The Talent King

The Talent King

Author:Ji Xiaozei


After the inheritance of Nine Suns, the down and out prince Qin Yun woke up his amazing martial soul and mastered the peerless method of refining weapons. From then on, he became romantic and unrestrained on the road of martial arts cultivation. All kinds of powerful martial artists served as his men willingly to beg him to refine weapons. All sorts of goddesses were willing to be his women to beg him to refine weapons. However, Qin Yun was not satisfied with this because he wanted to possess all the beautiful women in the world.
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The earth was dark and cold when the sky and the earth had just separated.

Several years later, nine bright suns appeared in the sky and hung high above the sky. Shining on the boundless earth, it was pregnant with Nine Sun Spiritual Qi.

In the millions of years, when Spiritual Qi nurtured heaven and earth, everything in the world was conceived, thus forming the mysterious Nine Sun Earth.

No one knew when human beings appeared on Nine Sun Earth. They understood heaven, spied on the laws of heaven, set up the practice of magical martial skills, draw inspiration from Nine Sun Spiritual Qi to exercise their bodies and cultivate their mental power, and gain the power to change heaven, thus becoming masters of all spirits in Nine Sun Earth.


The imperial palace in the capital of the Tianqin Empire.

At night, the palace was brightly lit and the sky was ablaze with fireworks, which appeared colorful and shining, hanging over many pavilions and palaces. It was to celebrate the new crown prince.

In the secluded old buildings to the south of the palace.

A young man on the roof of a small building frowned slightly and looked at the beautiful fireworks in the night sky. His determined eyes were flashing as if he was thinking back to the past...

The young man's name was Qin Yun and he was fifteen years old this year. His father was the emperor of the Tianqin Empire and his mother was the queen, but she had died for many years.

He was originally a real Crown Prince, but he was framed and dethroned five years ago!

Five years ago, the Prince's Teacher was identified as a man who practiced magic skills and a practitioner of magic skills. He practiced one of Forbidden Magic Skills!

After the incident came out, it soon caused quite a stir and shocked everyone in the whole empire.

Crown Prince's Teacher fled the palace to protect himself, but his whereabouts were still unknown.

After that, many ministers jointly requested Emperor of Tianqin to dethrone the Crown Prince. The reason they held was that the Crown Prince had been coached by the Crown Prince's Teacher since he was a child, so he was most likely practicing magic skills secretly. Moreover, they also asked the emperor to re-appoint a new queen and a new Crown Prince to revive the prestige of the empire.

The emperor might also have done so under the pressure from many ministers, so Crown Prince Qin Yun was deposed.

However, many ministers were still not at ease about this. They were worried that Qin Yun would have a grudge against this matter and secretly practice magic skills to seize power and usurp the throne to avenge them in the future.

Therefore, they seized Qin Yun, who was only ten years old at that time, in a"pre-emptive" way and forcibly took four out of the five spiritual pulses in his body.

Qin Yun was born with five spiritual pulses, and it was very rare for him to be endowed with martial talent. After he was deprived of four spiritual pulses, he had only one left.

He was originally a gifted Crown Prince, but he became a mediocre prince overnight!

The spiritual pulse was extremely important when practicing martial arts!

The more spiritual pulses there were, the more Spiritual Qi one could perceive, and the faster and stronger Spiritual Qi one absorbed, which could make people practice faster and smoother.

Qin Yun was originally endowed with Five Sun Spiritual pulse, so he could sense Spiritual Qi of Five Sun. After he was brutally deprived of four spiritual pulses, there was only one left. He could only sense Spiritual Qi of one sun now. No matter how hard he tried in the future, he would hardly become a powerful practitioner.

"You conspired against the Crown Prince's Teacher and me, not only took my Crown Prince but also destroyed my spiritual pulse and cut off the foundation of my martial arts. I will definitely avenge this! If I achieve something in my cultivation bases, I would definitely wipe out all your power!"Qin Yun secretly made a vicious oath in his heart. The fact that he was now facing such a situation was caused by those evil ministers.

"Queen and Crown Prince, you thought I didn't know you were involved in this matter! It doesn't matter if I don't become a prince, but you have destroyed my pulse and cut off my path of martial arts. I will slowly take revenge on you!"

Qin Yun originally had five spiritual pulses and was also a Crown Prince. He would certainly become stronger in martial arts in the future, thus seeing the vast and mysterious world of Nine Suns and Nine Wastelands. He never cared about the Crown Prince and the throne, because strength was everything!

After jumping off the roof, he put on special weight-bearing equipment and began to practice at night.

All kinds of weight-bearing equipment on his body weighed more than 250 kg. Because he only had an ordinary spiritual pulse, he could not absorb Spiritual Qi as quickly as before to refine his body, so he could only exercise his body to gain strength through this hard way.

"I must become stronger and my fate is in my own hands!" He was carrying hundreds of pounds of heavy equipment, and was playing a set of "Spiritual Tiger Fist".

This set of fist was a staple good that he bought with all his savings. Although it belonged to a lower level, it enabled him to absorb Spiritual Qi while exercising his physical body.

For five years, in order to change his fate and to have a strong power to protect his dignity, Qin Yun had been carrying out arduous practice every day and night regardless of wind or rain.


Fireworks to celebrate Crown Prince didn't stop until late at night and the smoke hung over the palace. The smell of gunpowder was very heavy.

Qin Yun was already feeling weak from exhaustion. Although it was very hard to practice day and night, it made him feel that his strength was constantly improving, and this was the motivation for him to persist!

"Today I feel really tired. It will certainly have a great effect. I will rest now."

He came to the well and was preparing to draw water to take a bath. An elder came up suddenly.

This elder was the head steward of the palace.

"Head steward Wang, what can I do for you?"When Qin Yun saw the elder and asked hurriedly.

"Fifth Prince!"The head steward Wang said seriously.

When Qin Yun saw this expression of head steward Wang, he immediately became serious."Yes!"

"The emperor has issued an order that after ten days, all the princes who have failed to enter the fourth level of martial physique realm will join the army and go to the frontier to fight against the orc army." Head steward Wang's facial expression was serious and there was a look of sympathy in his eyes.

When Qin Yun heard this, his face suddenly changed and his body suddenly trembled. He then squeezed his fists tightly and gave a crunchy"cracking".

Those princes who did not enter the fourth level of martial physique realm at the age of 15 would be regarded as having nothing to do with martial spirit...

In fact, it was very resource-consuming to raise a group of princes. If these princes were arranged to join the army, it would not only gain the goodwill of the people and soldiers but also enhance the goodwill of the empire among the people, which was also the rule of the Tianqin Empire.

Martial physique realm had nine levels, and the first three levels were mainly about practicing qi. If one's spiritual pulse was too poor, it was difficult to sense the sun's Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth, which had a great influence on practice.

Qin Yun had only one pulse, so he could only sense the Spiritual Qi of one sun, which was one of the main reasons for his slow cultivation. If it were for others, they would have given up practicing martial arts, and he was the only one who was struggling to persist!

"If there is a chicken out, once arrested, one will be tortured to death..."

Qin Yun couldn't hear what head steward Wang said afterwards and he also did not know when head steward Wang left.

He stood by the well. His mind was blank as if he had fallen into the depths of the cold water well and was struggling continuously. The helplessness made him feel desperate...

When he was ten years old and only a child, he was robbed of four spiritual pulses by a traitor minister in association with the vicious concubines. At that time, no one helped him.

From then on, he secretly made a vicious oath that he would be stronger no matter how much he suffered.

Only after he became stronger would he not be oppressed or taken everything away from him. He would not feel despair when facing difficulties!

At this time, when he was once again in despair and engulfed by despair, it made him seem to return to the painful moment when he was robbed of his spiritual pulses five years ago...

Over the past five years, he had been ridiculed countless times in the palace and encountered many difficulties, but that didn't make him give up practicing martial arts!

After hard training, he finally ushered in a glimmer of light!

He finally stepped into the second level of the martial physique realm!

Tears filled his eyes at that moment and his hard practice finally paid off!

Since then, he was even more convinced that as long as he made unremitting efforts, he would one day become a strong martial artist and change his fate!

But at this time, he would be forced to join the army to fight against the brutal orcs, which undoubtedly sentenced him to death and completely ended his martial arts career!