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My CEO Diva

My CEO Diva



  A mysterious master, who returned to London, met a CEO goddess and married her. It seemed that, however, there was another husband in the CEO’s family……
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  "I'm back in London again. It's been three years ..."

  Philip Green drank a glass of spirits and smiled bitterly.

  Three years ago, he was forced to leave London. Three years later, he returned.

  Philip Green squinted his eyes. In his gaze, he was a little bloody, and the glass in his hand was also cracked.

  He had already drunk several glasses of spirits in a row, but Philip Green was a little excited.


  At this time, a drunken girl rammed into Philip Green's arms. Fortunately, Philip Green's eyes were so fast that she grabbed the girl.

  The fragrant jade was in her arms, and Philip Green could not help but feel a little disappointed.

  The sensation of feeling on her arm, combined with the faint fragrance of the girl, could not help but let Philip relax.

  "man, fuck off, don't bother me!"

  At this moment, a very arrogant voice came over, accompanied by the two yellow—haired hooligans with disgusting smiles on their faces.

  No man would not let a chance like it run away when he encountered a beautiful girl who was drunk. These yellow—haired people were exactly that kind of people who came to pick up drunk girls.

  Moreover, the young man in front of him looked like a hanged one. His whitewashed jeans and shirt were the most speechless. A bag had been ripped through with a patch on it.

  Does this person want to bother them? It was a joke.

  "Save me ..."

  The girl whispered, accompanied by a faint shadow, which made Philip Green feel a little excited.

  Come on, I have to be her knight, which came to Philip’s mind.

  "To give you advice, it's best to stay away from me. I'm not in a good mood today! I need to vent."

  Philip Green took a sip of the spirit and stared at the two yellow hairs in front of him.

  "What's wrong with you?"

  The weirdo shouted and rushed up.

  "You just do not know what is good for yourself ."

  Philip Green didn't have to deal with this kind of bastard seriously.

  At any point, Philip Green directly hit the key part of the yellow hair.


  "Dare you hurt my brother?"

  Another jerk rushed up as well, and Philip Green threw out the wine glass in his hand.

  The wine glass struck a small arc and hit the jerk’s face.


  The wine glass splattered and the jerk’s face blossomed.

  "Ah! It hurts so much!"

  The jerk covered his face and shouted.

  "This is money for the damage.Keep the rest."

  Philip Green dropped a few hundred dollars and helped the girl walk out of the bar.

  Outside the bar.

  Philip Green looked at this girl.

  The exquisite curves, the beautiful face, the absolute goddess!

  "Lady ... are you alright?"

  Philip Green asked tentatively.

  Her face was reddish and she seemed to have been drugged.

  In particular, her eyes were so blurred that he could not help but fall into it.

  At the same time, her whole body was leaning on Philip Green. With the fragrance, she could not help but feel drunk.

  Jade Smith's consciousness was a little unconscious, and her body was irritably irritated, especially the man's faint masculinity beside her made her chest feel stuffy.

  "Take me to the hotel, quick!"

  Jade's voice softened.


  Philip was stunned. Why was there such a good thing?

  How can this lady brought me to the hotel when we just met? Is it too fast?

  But at this rhythm, he liked ...

  But after all, did he indeed pick up a girl from the bar?

  "It ..."

  However, before Philip Green's words were finished, Jade Smith immediately rushed up, snorted and kissed him.


  " Wow... let's make it clear first ..."

  He pushed away.

  She rushed on ...

  And he pushed it away again.

  "Why do you dislike me like that?"

  At this time, Jade Smith's hazy eyes were open, and she was staring at Philip softly.

  This is what you asked for.

  Do not blame me.

  Book a room ...


  Philip Green opened his eyes and noticed his head hurt so much.

  Yesterday, it seemed like he had drunk too much.

  Philip Green held his head up and felt a splitting headache. Philip Green was shocked when he reached out and lay on the side.

  Being soft. It must be a living person.

  He couldn't care about his headache anymore, and Philip Green turned his head and found a girl with a layer of shirt on his side.

  A Girl with snow—white skin, a delicate nose and messy hair.

  It was the girl from last night.


  Shall I be responsible?

  Responsible for what? Yesterday, it was the girl who first got up.

  "Hello, hey, wake up!"

  Philip Green pushed the girl and asked tentatively.

  But at that moment, the girl's body suddenly moved and she opened her eyes.

  Her hair were draped over her shoulders, and she slowly lifted her body. Although her exquisite curves were drowsy, it was hard to hide his beauty.

  Lazy eyes lovingly looked at Philip Green. Her gentle eyes like water almost made Philip Green fall into it.

  "Looking at your expression, did you feel wronged?"

  Jade Smith's voice was cold and swept away from the drunkenness. Instead, she seemed to be a female CEO who was as cool and elegant as a queen.

  "Yeah, I'm a little wronged ..."

  Unexpectedly,Philip looked as if he had been taken advantage of.

  "You ... you ..."

  Jade Smith was suddenly angry. As a female CEO who was also a beautiful one, she felt simply despised.

  "Go away!"

  Jade Smith directly kicked Philip out of bed.

  "Hey, hey, why are you kicking me?"

  "Turn around!"

  Jade Smith coldly ordered Philip Green which revealed her strong personality.

  "Why did I have to turn my head?"

  Philip Green asked.

  "I want to change my clothes! That is why."

  Jade Smith's pretty face blushed, and with a cold expression, she revealed the temperament of the CEO.

  "So what matters if I watch you now?"

  "Shut up!"

  Jade Smith blushed and said coldly, this person was not serious, it was annoying!

  "Well, we drank too much yesterday. Should we do it again to have a better experience now?"

  Philip Green smiled so evilly that he was about to pounce.

  "How dare you!"

  Jade Smith coldly took out a fruit knife from her bag.

  "Hello, hey, you asked for it yesterday. You can't blame me!"

  "Lady, be calm, if we have something to say, just say it and don't move the knife!"

  "If you dare to come again, I'll cut you and see your growth rings!"

  Jade Smith also waved a little.


  Philip Green quickly jumped away.

  Was it necessary for you to use a knife?

  And saw the growth rings. Do you think I were a big tree?

  "Okay, Let’s talk calmly. Don't be impulsive."

  Philip Green sandwiched his legs, for fear that someone would cut that growth ring.

  "Turn your head! I want to dress."

  Jade Smith reached out with a knife and her snowy arm was exposed outside. Although she was stunned, it was also dangerously scary.

  Fine, she had a knife in hand and I had to listen to her.

  Although he was unwilling, Philip Green turned around.


  When Philip Green turned his head, Jade Smith was wearing a coat.

  Yesterday, Philip Green drank a lot and did not admire this girl's figure well. Now, Philip Green could not help but praise Jade Smith.

  The upper body was a clean white shirt and a small suit. She was very attractive.

  Dressed smartly, Jade Smith pulled open her bag and took out a stack of money from inside. She threw itl on the bed.

  "The money here is at least two thousand dollars. It's a reward for you last night."