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Dear Ex-Wife, Wait For Me

Dear Ex-Wife, Wait For Me


Olivia Johnson's ten-year love for Noah Smith was no match for a teardrop of Noah's ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Brown. When Olivia chose to let him go, she was diagnosed with cancer and wouldn't live long. Coincidentally, Charlotte needed a kidney. After thinking over, Olivia decided to use her kidney as a bargaining chip in exchange for Noah's company for three months. They finally divorced, but Noah appeared more and more often by her side. He took her to the hospital and sent her gifts, but he also resented her because he suspected that she was having an affair with another men. Noah's feelings for Olivia were getting increasingly complicated, and even he didn't understand why he was like this. Olivia finally passed away due to illness. But six months later, someone exactly like Olivia appeared...
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"Mrs. Smith, cancer is no longer an incurable disease because of the medical advancements, I believe if you actively engage with the treatment ..."

"How long have I got?" Olivia's trembling voice interrupted the doctor's pointless reassurances.

She had recently started bleeding after having sex with Noah, and it was discovered that she had advanced cervical cancer.

The doctor pushed the glasses onto his nose. "Three months at most..."

All of a sudden, Olivia's heart felt as though it were being grasped by a giant hand, and something surged into her eyes....

She got up and ran away in a rush.

God was particularly cruel to her because she had advanced cervical cancer at the age of twenty three.

God took her parents' lives when she was thirteen, and now it is her turn.

She hadn't shed a tear in a very long time, but she just couldn't contain her emotions any longer and the flood of tears came pouring out of her eyes.

As she dashed out of the examination room, she noticed a familiar, tall figure passing by diagonally in front of her.


Why was her husband in the hospital?

Olivia quickly chased after him. She then saw him enter a high-class ward with the patient's name: Charlotte Brown.

It turned out that he hadn't gone home for the past few days because his old flame had returned. But why was that woman ill?

Olivia thought for a while and left. She went to the dean's office,?where she was quickly given Charlotte's report and a copy of Noah's kidney transplant report.

If it were anyone else, the patient's report would be unavailable unless the patient was herself or a member of her immediate family. However, because the hospital was owned by the Johnson family and Olivia was the head of the Johnson family, she had access to the report.

It was the end-stage renal disease, so a kidney transplant was required.

It revealed that Noah adored Charlotte so much that he was willing to undergo a matching kidney transplant to rescue her.

Unfortunately, the matching did not work out.

If he knew that she had cancer, would he treat her better?

Olivia was filled with anticipation as she dialled Noah's number. Noah took a while to respond but was incredibly impatient, "What's the matter?"

?Olivia looked out the car window at the heavy rain. She hesitated in her words, "Noah, I miss you."

Yes, she missed him terribly.

At this moment, she wanted him to stay with her. She wanted to lie in his arms...

"I'm busy." Noah said coldly, interrupting Olivia's fixation.

Olivia's heart ached as she realized he was with Charlotte at the time. She couldn't help but ask, "What are you working on?"

"Charlotte is back. I'm accompanying her!"

She expected him to make a flimsy excuse, but Noah was so forthright.

Olivia knew it wasn't his honesty or unwillingness to lie, but Noah was just lazy to do that because he had never considered her as a wife.

Olivia wanted to say something, but she couldn't.

Charlotte had kidney failure but nobody was concerned about Olivia, who had cancer.

"Noah, please massage my legs, they hurt so much...'' Charlotte's soft voice came out from the phone, though it was unclear whether or not this was intended.

Olivia tightened her grip on the phone and said to Noah, "I'll wait for you tonight."

"I don't have time!" His reply was so straightforward.

With a spontaneous grin, Olivia said, "I just made a kidney transplant match with Charlotte..." as she opened the car window and let the rain flow in and rest on her face.

There was a moment of silence!

"Honey, I'll wait for you." After saying that, Olivia hung up the phone.