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Dear Ex-Wife, Wait For Me

Dear Ex-Wife, Wait For Me


Olivia Johnson's ten-year love for Noah Smith was no match for a teardrop of Noah's ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Brown. When Olivia chose to let him go, she was diagnosed with cancer and wouldn't live long. Coincidentally, Charlotte needed a kidney. After thinking over, Olivia decided to use her kidney as a bargaining chip in exchange for Noah's company for three months. They finally divorced, but Noah appeared more and more often by her side. He took her to the hospital and sent her gifts, but he also resented her because he suspected that she was having an affair with another men. Noah's feelings for Olivia were getting increasingly complicated, and even he didn't understand why he was like this. Olivia finally passed away due to illness. But six months later, someone exactly like Olivia appeared...
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"Mrs. Smith, thanks to new medical discoveries, we can now face cancer. I think if you start the treatment..."

"How much time do I have left?" interrupted Olivia Johnson, her voice shaking, cutting off the physician's well-intended assurances.

Following her troubling symptom of post-coital bleeding with her husband, Noah Smith, she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer.

"Don't anticipate more than three months..." said the doctor, adjusting his glasses nervously.

It was like a giant fist clenched around Olivia's heart, and tears welled up in her eyes...

In a whirl, Olivia found herself running out of the room.

Now it was her turn, ten years after her world was shattered with the loss of her parents.

At the tender age of twenty-three, she was faced with her mortality.

Her tears, held back for so long, came out in a torrent as she ran blindly out of the consultation room.

Upon exiting, she spotted a familiar tall figure striding past her. Noah!

Why was her husband at the hospital?

Olivia hurried after him, catching sight of him entering the premium intensive care ward labeled: Charlotte Brown.

His absence from home for the past few days now made sense: his old flame was back. But why was she unwell?

Without further ado, she entered the Dean's office and promptly received Charlotte's health report and Noah's kidney transplant documentation.

Under normal circumstances, access to such sensitive reports would be restricted unless the patient or a family member requested. However, Olivia, as the head of the Johnson family, which owned the hospital, enjoyed access rights to any patient's report.

Having terminal kidney disease meant an urgent kidney transplant for Charlotte. Noah was prepared to donate his kidney to the woman he still held dear, but unfortunately, it wasn't a match.

Would Noah show her empathy if he knew about her cancer diagnosis? With a sense of anticipation, Olivia dialed Noah's number. His annoyed response finally came after a long wait, "What is it?"

Shedding her hesitance, Olivia said, "Noah, I miss you."

At that moment, all she longed for was him, his consoling embrace...

"I'm occupied," Noah replied abruptly, shattering her daydream.

It hit Olivia that he was spending time with Charlotte. She mustered the courage to ask, "What are you busy with?"

"I'm keeping Charlotte company. She's back!"

His admittance wasn't surprising. Olivia understood it wasn't his honesty or his refusal to craft a lie, but his sheer indifference towards her as his wife.

Longing to speak her mind yet unable to voice her thoughts, Olivia remembered that no one knew about her diagnosis.

"Noah, could you massage my legs? They hurt..." Charlotte's sultry plea unexpectedly carried over the call.

Gritting her teeth, Olivia told Noah, "I'll be waiting for you tonight."

"I won't find the time!" He was frank, as always.

Feigning cheerfulness, Olivia suddenly said, "I've found a kidney match for Charlotte..." she rolled down the car window, letting the rain stream in, kissing her face with its penetrating coolness.

Instantly, the line went silent.

"My love, I'll be waiting." With that, Olivia hung up the phone.