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Alpha's Soulmate

Alpha's Soulmate

Author:Purnima Negi


In a world where mythical creatures rule, humans are treated as nothing. Humans don't have any rights, nor are they given any respect...... Unless that human is someone's soulmate. Every human wants to be someone's soul mate, except her. She despises mythical creatures, especially werewolves because they were the ones who turned her into an orphan. What happens when she finds that she is indeed a soul mate of a monster (werewolf). In addition to it, that monster turns out to be the Alpha of the region. How will she escape her fate when the Alpha is insanely in love with her? Note: Alphas are notoriously powerful and possessive of their soulmate.
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This is a work of fiction. The author does not support the nature of the relationship, lifestyle, and certain scenes related to violence against women}

Suddenly the room fell silent. Even though the room was already quiet as it was an examination hall, but this kind of silence was cold and full of .... fear! She ignored everything and concentrated on the exam she was taking. Her hand automatically moved to write an essay on cisplatin and its uses.

She had to clear this exam with very good grades, and she knew this very well. Humans had to score 95% marks in all subjects, or else they won't be given any educational degree. Whereas, the mythical creatures had to score only 40% marks in all subjects to get the same degree. Unfair! But nobody could do anything. The Alpha of the region as well as the King of the mythical creatures would literally kill any human who as much as raises a voice against the monsters.

She was busy writing everything she knew as fast as she could when suddenly she felt a low growl. This growl was much like an ..... approval.

Living with the mythical creatures, especially werewolves, for almost ten years, had given her enough knowledge about werewolves and their habits. She knew what each type of growl meant. She even had a subject in her educational institution on werewolves, which supplied her with all the required information.

Another growl was heard, which sounded like, it sought attention. She ignored the growl again. For her, the exam was much more important than some stupid mate ritual. She knew, that the werewolf was asking for attention as he had sensed his soul mate.

She was very well aware of the fact that the only weakness of these monsters was their soul mates. And, once they find their soul mates, they feel complete. She couldn't help but scoff at this. She had witnessed these monsters finding their mates. The only thing which she could describe it was.....

It is insane! She thought.

The monsters would grab their soul mate and kiss the hell out of them at their first sight. Werewolves would bite on their soul mate's left side of the neck. Vampires sink their sharp canines on their soul mate's neck and then suck their blood.

Eww! She thought again. She hated this soul mate concept so much that, that every night, before sleep she always prayed to God, to not let her be somebody's soul mate. Her best friend- the only friend, Shraddha has already become a victim/soul mate of a monster. She didn't want such a fate for herself.

She could hear the sound of shoes clicking in the room as if somebody was approaching in their direction. But, she still didn't look up, as the students were not allowed to look anywhere other than their sheet of paper- or else their exam would be cancelled.

Must be the invigilator! She reasoned.

She was about to think about other creatures when she heard a psst sound. She knew who it was. Her best friend's seating arrangement during the university examination was exactly behind her.

Maybe, she wants to know the answer to some questions. She thought.

She slightly tilted her head to look behind her through the periphery of her eyes. But, her eyes fell on a body instead. She stared at the stomach of the person. Out of instinct, her eyes started to travel up. She could say it was a man- a very build-up man. His broad chest was enough to justify her point. But she didn't want to waste her time looking at somebody. She had an exam to complete. But, the curiosity to look up at this man was high.

Before her eyes could reach his shoulder, her best friend screamed.

"Aadhira, No!!!" Her best friend Shraddha screamed. Her scream echoed throughout the already silent room. For other werewolves, her voice hurt like hell, even some of them growled in annoyance! But, for Aadhira, it was a lifesaving scream. She knew what her friend was telling her indirectly.

Her soulmate was standing right in front of her!