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Shhh...His Wife is a Bigshot

Shhh...His Wife is a Bigshot


When Chloe was a child, she was Lily's savior sister. Being taken away from that remote island, now, she was Timothy's substitute lover. Chloe didn't want to be a substitute for others all her life! She wanted to escape from Timothy! She wanted revenge! She pretended to be insane and dressed up as a psychopath, but even so, Timothy didn't allow her to leave. She tried her best to escape from his control, thinking that she had succeeded, but she didn't expect that it was within his expectation. This was not good. Was she really going to show her true strength?
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"What the hell is this place? This is a living hell!"

Billow Island was a forgotten island as well as an infamous slum. It was dark and humid all day long. A group of disabled people who was incapable of taking care of themselves lived on this island.

Among them were old and weak elderly, disabled people who were seriously ill or injured, and people who suffered from mental illness...

It was a lawless island without electricity and fresh food. These people were not bound to morality or any sort of principle of behavior. As they lived in this miserable hellhole, trying to survive, they turned this place into a living hell.

In the woods on the beach, a pale-faced girl was biting her nails. The blood stains on her face were a shocking sight.

She looked ahead calmly and indifferently, and all she could see was misery and dismal.

There was an old man roaring wildly.

There was a child giggling foolishly while drooling.

There was a young man running to the sea with tears, trying to escape from the isolated island.

She had witnessed the same scene over and over again since she was thrown here by the Nelson family three years ago. She was the adopted daughter of the Nelson family, and her existence was just to protect Lily Nelson, the legitimate daughter of the Nelson family from the disaster.

Her birthday was exactly the same as Lily's. Therefore, she was "lucky" enough to be adopted by the Nelson family and became Lily's savior sibling.

Since she was a child, she had been forced to take all kinds of medicine. It caused a serious trauma to her body. As a result, she had become ill.

When she was 18 years old, the disaster relief was over. The Nelson family forced her to marry an old and lecherous man. She refused and even stabbed the old man with a fruit knife. She was caught when she escaped and was sent to Billow Island.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye. She presumed that the Nelson family probably had long forgotten her and only thought that she was dead.

Chuff! Chuff! Chuff!

Suddenly, more than a dozen helicopters flew over from the sky and hovered in the air.

A group of mentally ill patients gathered into a small group as if they had discovered a new paradise.

The helicopters landed on the beach, and the patients immediately went berserk and climbed onto the helicopters.




Three ear-piercing gunshots echoed across the island, and all the birds in the forest were flying due to the shock.

The crowd immediately screamed and fled in all directions.

A group of men in black jumped off the helicopters with guns, and the unfortunate people who were shot and were lying on the ground were mercilessly kicked aside.

Chloe Nelson's body tensed up, and her pupils trembled slightly.

This was it? Did the country finally decide to destroy this island?

Was this her doomsday? Was she going to die just like that?

Did she exist just to protect Lily from the disaster?


She didn't want to die!

She hadn't gotten her revenge yet. She was determined to make those cruel bastards pay for what they had done to her!

Two men in black walked into the woods with guns. They frowned and looked at Chloe, who was shivering beside the roots of the trees.

"Mr. Law, there's someone here!"

Chloe bit her nails and looked ahead with a blank gaze.

Two black gun muzzles were pointing at her forehead.

The ground was covered with a layer of red maple leaves. As a man with leather shoes stepped on the thick fallen leaves, she could hear the rustling sounds.

Chloe stared nervously as the pair of leather shoes approached her little by little. Her pitch-black eyes reflected a layer of red haze.

The man stopped in front of her, and a breeze with the fragrance of green grass swept past.