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Enough Love

Enough Love


Six years ago, Gina was forced to leave Eason after an accident even when he was seriously injured. Six years later, she went back with a kid, and became a doctor. “Off the shirt.” Doctor Gina said to her patient. But he said, “As my doctor, you do this for me.” “Sorry, but it’s not a doctor’s duty.” She refused. “Then as my woman, you know what to do.” He insisted. “Just ex-girlfriend.” She retorted. After the checkup, she intentionally warned him, “bad news, you’d better suppress your passion for a few days.” However, he pressed her against the desk, smiled, “Or what?” ... The next morning, Gina’s kid found him, and asked him, “Uncle Lu, will you take care of my mom from now on?”
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A City, at the hospital.

Gina Hsiao took the pregnancy report and thought of the doctor's words. "You are indeed pregnant, but the progesterone level is a little low. I suggest you rest more and pay attention to your nutrition."

Is she really pregnant?

Today, Eason Lu's notification of critical illness had just been retrieved, and now she was diagnosed pregnant. Was it a double blessing? Was everything going to be fine?

She really couldn't wait to run to the ward to tell him.

"Ding." The elevator door opened.

Gina Hsiao raised her head, only to see a pair of cold and fierce eyes.

It was her future mother-in-law. At the sight of this, her body trembled and she subconsciously protected her lower abdomen.

"Mom." Gina Hsiao's voice trembled a little. Everyone in the A city probably knew about Mulan Gu's way of doing things.

Mulan Gu did not respond but grabbed her test result.


"Bang." Gina Hsiao got slapped in the face before she could finish her words. In an instant, she felt as if she got stunned from the hit, and her face was burning with pain.

"How dare a little wh*re like you to call me mother!" Mulan Gu had a fierce hatred on her face. "Haven't you done enough harm to our Lu family? Now, are you even expecting to marry into our Lu family using this child in your belly? Don't even dream about it, go and get an abortion!"

Her voice was bone-chilling. At this time, Gina Hsiao was protecting her lower abdomen and took a step back. "No, you can't be so cruel. He is the descendant of the Lu Family, and he is the blood-related grandson of you."

"Bitch, you are not qualified to give birth to a baby for our Lu family!" Mulan Gu became even more and more fierce and ordered several bodyguards behind her, "Take her to the operating room."

"No!" Several strong bodyguards behind Mulan Gu immediately took the order, they came forward and grabbed Gina Hsiao. Gina Hsiao fiercely resisted, "Let go of me, let go of me. You can't do this. If Eason finds out, he will never forgive you."

After that, Mulan Gu slapped her on the face again. "How dare you mention Eason? Who made him like this? Who made me almost lose my son? It was all because of the jinx from you! Not only do I want you to abort the evil child in your belly, but I also want to eat you alive now!"

"Mom." Gina Hsiao knelt down in front of Mulan Gu in despair and pleaded, "Please, don't hurt my child. This time it's all my fault, it is me who has hurt Eason, but he needs me now. I can't leave him, I can't leave him..."

Mulan Gu mercilessly kicked her to the ground. "What right do you have to negotiate terms with me? There is only one option in front of you now, that is to get rid of this evil b*stard in your belly and piss off. Never appear in front of Eason again!"


"Don't call me!" Mulan Gu's voice became more and more fierce and sharp. "Take her to the operating room quickly, abort this b*stard, and then throw this woman out of A City."

"No, no one can hurt my child, no one can."

Gina Hsiao got up and ran out desperately, but two bodyguards soon caught up with her. They grabbed her arms on her back and pressed her to the ground, making her unable to move.

Gina Hsiao shouted with helplessness and hatred, "Mulan Gu, you can't be so cruel, Mulan Gu! You hear me?"

Gina Hsiao's struggle was like throwing straws against the wind. Mulan Gu was cold-blooded, and she had no humanity at all. She was dragged to the ward and put under anaesthesia. Her consciousness, as she was lying on the cold operating table, became weaker and weaker...