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The Girl

The Girl

Author:Damn Daniel


A girl in hell, her father Is saten and her mother is human. She is who happens to be next in like to lead, when out with her gang she finds a boy she likes in the human realm she quickly realizesshe had no chance to be with him so she forget all about him .. she never expected her crush to end up like this.
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  I am a girl who lives in hell.. yes I said hell. My name is Jackie but my gang calls me Jack. I'm 16, black hair with red tips, and I'm 5'6.

     My father is saten. And my mother is from your wold. You know how the Greek "gods" go to your world and have half lings. That's kinda what I am. But once I'm born I died, so I come here. My sister on the other hand didnt die. She's living with our mom. I get to talk to her at night when we go out. If it weren't for my sister I'd be alone. No.matter how many friends I have or how many people like me. It's sad she cant be here. I'd do anything to live with her. I can just imagine us, we'd share our clothes, we'd talk about boys, you know the normal girl stuff. Its be nice. But everything happens forba reason. I just hope the reason was good enough to separate us. I guess I'll never know. I talked to my father about why I was the one who died and not her. He said "I chose you dont doubt me again." The look he had gave me chills. I couldn't wait to be like him. There only one thaing that bothers me about him, mental about about my mom alot. Even things that dont matter much. It makes me sad. I wondered why I couldn't have a normal family, or be a human. But I cant say anything it'll ruin the way people look at me and my father. They'd think I'm going soft then look down at my father because he let me to become that way.

  However, I'm not ganna make the same mistake he did. Falling for someone, love isn't real and it distracts you for your work and life. I'd never let that happen to me. He let his gard down one time and ended up with 2 kids. I dont blame him completely though my mother is every pretty.

  Oh I forgot to mention my cat. She's very pretty. Shes gray/drown and tan. Shes not a normal house cat though, she had giant claws and huge teeth, her eyes are yellow in the dark they seem to glow. She has a red collar with a big bell. I found her in the garage and I love her more then life its self. My father told me to put her back but I dont care. I made the discussion when I first saw her.