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Author:miss s


a cold, yet warm name had hit her ears as she'd stood upon the stage. her newly found members looked her way. the Korean silently contemplated whether to respond to the fans of hers or not, choosing to respond impulsively. " Us? There's nothing going on between our groups. You heard it here, 'Royal Flush' is our competition and our competition only. " She so coldly stated, her kind attitude vanishing for a mere second before a gentle, but hidden smile spread across her red lips.
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  the crowds cheers hit her ears, their words of enthusiasm pounding against her skin. it stabbed into her soft flesh, the blood dripping down her chin. her chin? ah, she'd noticed soon that a gentle stream of red dripped down her chin as she soon realized she'd been biting her lips far too hard.

  she glanced towards the other members of her supposed band. 'limitless', she'd come up with the name. she'd become familiar with it quickly. a cold, but gentle touch was placed against her shoulder. swiftly, she'd turned around towards the person who'd placed their hand on her shoulder.

  " Si-Yeon, are you okay? " the person the hand belonging to had asked slowly as if she were too stupid to understand. the Korean's eyes widened and she rushly nodded. she then turned back towards the fans, a smile growing over her lips as she returned from her dazed state.

  " Bye, bye ladies and gentlemen! Next time we come on, hopefully Yeo and Valentine will be together, yeah? " The leader of their group, Min-Soo, or MS, had yelled. With those simple words, the crowd erupted into a fit of screams and cheers.