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Away From The Light

Away From The Light



After a very traumatised childhood, one would think she'd get a break from the darkness that seemed to surround her life but fate and destiny refused to give her even a little spark. When a friend turns two-faced and a lover turns heartless with parents that just don't care, she was made to believed she was trapped. Trapped by a force she knew but couldn't seem to touch. Not able to remember anything but that particular night that everything changed, it wasn't like it never happened to her before but what hurts is, it was done by the most trusted people in her life. Is she going to get through like how Lucifer was defeated by God or is she going to lose like how Tom always lost to Jerry? Will she remain forever in that bubble wrap she seemed to be in OR is she going to find a way out.
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  Why are so many peeps gathering over there?" I asked Liam as we made our way into the hallway of our department.

  "How am I supposed to know that when we walked in here together?" He said rolling his eyes

  "One day, your eyes are gonna get stuck in the back due to the number of times you've rolled them". I said to him and he does it again.

  " That's the day you'll get a boyfriend which is NEVER"

  I gasped "How dare you". He stuck his tongue out in mockery and runs toward the group of people standing near the wall whispering themselves and I followed.

  " What is this?". I asked as Liam was blocking my view.

  "It's Gucci".

  " What's Gucci?" I asked in confusion

  "Gucci's CEO is coming to the school to host a fashion show!". I moved him out of the way and there it was, the most pleasant thing I had ever set my eyes on

except myself

. The poster had the faces of the top designers in the industry and it clearly wrote that they were having a fashion show here which  I didn't believe when Liam said it. I mean the guy is not to be trusted.

  Once he told me his pet fish died and was being buried, he said it was an emotional time so he'd call me later. Guess where I found him..........., Not the cemetery. It was in the restaurant having the biggest feast of his life. I guess he was eating dead bodies there.

  Let's not forget the time he cancelled in us with the excuse of going to the gym. Someone I followed on Instagram posted a picture in a hotel and guess who was in the background......, Yes your one and only. He was busy smooching with a girl.

  So you see, I wouldn't trust him even if he says he's in an accident until I see him bandaged all over the body which would take a miracle for me to believe. Even if he was buried, I'll say he's just playing around till two days is over.

  " Are we participating or what?" He asked excitedly

  "Yes! Why wouldn't we? It doesn't matter if we fail as long as we get to see them up close".

  " That's why I love you! You have no motivation and is up for failure. Instead of praying we win and secure the bag look at what you're saying".

  "I can't look at what I'm saying, Liam. But I love you too for having 'motivation' but being third in all the competition we had. It's like you enjoy the position". I fired back.

  " That was two times Tessa, Two times".

  "I don't care as long as it was a Time".

  " I don't have the energy to argue with you, Let's go". He said pulling me into the classroom.

  "Just say you lost," I said following him

  We took a seat in our ever so favourite position, the front row.

  "So... What should we make?". He asked

  " I don't know honestly, let's just wait for Chelsea to show up so we could bring ideas together?".

  "Okay ma'am"

  The professor entered the class with his heavy books in his right hand and laptop in the other, wearing a suit and glasses looking like the serious man he is.

  Prof John was his name, one of the most likeable teachers here. His love for his students exceeds all barriers. He was the father we all wished we had. Not that we don't have fathers but you get what I mean.

  "Hello, class, y'all looking good from the summer vacations. Were you being abused here or what?" He asked laughing

  "Yes sir" someone from the back responded.

  "Oh, I see, well the torture is about to begin so embrace yourselves".

  " Okay sir" We said loudly

  Chelsea takes that moment to bless us with her presence. Her face was bright as day.

  "Did you see the poster?" I asked knowing the answer to my question.

  "Hell yeah, I love it, oh my God I can't believe they're coming here. Someone slap me I need to wake up". She said excitedly

  " Miss Addison, is there anything bothering you, or is there a question you'd like to ask. OR do you prefer to teach your mates instead?". Prof John asked with an eyebrow raised and his glasses pushed down to his nose.

  "I'm sorry sir" she apologised

  "Anyways the project requires you to be in a group of two. Think of who you want to you want to sign up with and come for the application forms tomorrow". He informed us after give Chelsea the 'You better be' eye.

  " Sir" Liam called


  "Can I partner up with you?" He asked trying to hide his laugh.

  "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, Liam, and even if I did I wouldn't want to be partnered up with you since you love the third position. I'm striving for first, sorry".

  The whole class started laughing and I looked at him whispering I told you so.

  We sat through the long a*s class because that's what comes in store along with college.

  Chelsea suggested we go to the library for a few discussions before going home. We lived in the on-campus student housing since my parents were against me living in a dorm when they heard the news of the girl killed in the dorm from a journalist. I didn't agree with them.

  Having the best college experience comes with every bit of it and that included the dorms.

  Liam on the other hand invited his 'no strings attached girlfriend' at least that's what he said.

  He was the first male friend I ever had since men scared me.

  We became friends last two years when I entered the exam hall without pen. He offered me one and our friendship skyrocketed from there. Where as, Chelsea was my friend since childhood at age three.

  Our parents were friends and decided to move to the same city together. She was my everything. We had to separate when her dad got a new business deal in another country and rebounded when we found each other in the university.

  Upon reaching the library, we took a seat and brought out our sketch books.

  " I think we should do a winter collection". Liam suggested

  "No let's do a Traditional one" Chelsea objected

  "We are doing a winter collection and you are not going to stop us". Liam fired

  " Winter!"






  "Shut up!" I was so angered by their childish behaviour. "We'll do two personal clothes and add our ideas together for the rest, wait, no, Liam why are we having this conversation with us when your partner is sitting right there?". I said pointing at his girlfriend.

  " I was just having fun, let's go, babe". He held Lucy's

his girlfriend

hand and marches toward the door, "Y'all should continue to do your work, we would do even better work in the room, right babe?" He asked kissing her cheek earning a giggle from her

  "Right babe".

  Poor her, it saddens me to know that she thinks she has a boyfriend when he's a manwhore under disguise.

  " Bye loser" Chelsea scream after him. "Now let's get some work done".

  Deciding to make a 3 design each and 4 together, we spent the whole afternoon working hard.

  Nothing comes for free right?

  After working for four hours straight, we went to grab coffee from cafe de storm for freshly brewed coffee, to clear our heads after the long day we had.

  " When is the deadline again?" Chelsea asked out of the blue.

  "It's in three months. Why?"

  "Oh, it's nothing. I just wanted to know".

  " Oh okay".

  We made our way home after the refreshment. She ordered food for us on the way and it arrived upon arrival.

  I got the plates and spoons ready while she went downstairs for it.

  "Oh my sweet intestines, it looks delicious!" I exclaimed when the food was brought out of the bag.

  My phone rang and I answered. It was Mom

  "Hello Mom"



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