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The Heartless Emperor Mistress

The Heartless Emperor Mistress



She is a woman that hopeless to freely like a butterfly, He's the heartless emperor that loves torture her and too much adore her. "p-please, don't 'touch' me anymore. why you do this to me asher.. please stop it. you hurt me." - Lily Ariana Even just a small smile, she can make everybody love her, make a mistake and accidentally time travel in another world. A woman with a pure mind and stunning form ensnared into the emperor cage of the hell. " Either you like it or not, I do not care. you will serve me tonight like a good girl. now, undress and began warming my bed." - Emperor Asher Dennis Nelson Everyone scare of him. Always show with a dark aura and cold attitude. Never falling in love and not afraid to kill anyone he likes. Asher always forced his people will submissive to him. from the beginning, it's all about lust and greed but eventually, Asher starts to change and Ariana be more doubtful. "a-are trying to be kind or wanna something for return to your generosity?" "Well, what do you think? whatever you thought I will make it come true." The ruthless emperor and the sweet angelic girl, are there any happiness for both of them even the gap times are biggest. will the heartless emperor head over heal for lily Ariana that sweet as honey and pure as a little lamb
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  Lily Ariana is a 18-year-old teenager who enjoys Writing, reading and charity work. She is friendly and caring, but can also be very lazy and a bit untidy.She is average-height with light skin, auburn hair and beautiful blue's eyes. her both parent had been died in accident 13 years old ago. She has a brother but unfortunately her brother, James didn't not care about her at all. both of them act like a stranger even through they in a same blood.

  Since young, Ariana had dependence on herself and will do anything to survived. she's never felt of being loved by someone. And of course she always envious toward her other's friend that loved by their family. That something she was never felt it forever. Ariana is friendly girl and curious on everything, she was never get tired for learned something new and sometimes she had pretendant to be strong in front of other's people. she hates showed her weakness.

  Her best friends, Layla Thomson had everything, even something she didn't have. Family, Love and money she perfect with those. sometimes ariana hope she can feeling those love one day even if temporarily time. Layla Thomson had olive skin, black hair and brown eyes. her both parents are successful. Her mother are accountant manager at Cio bank while her father are national police chief.

  Layla have 4 sibling, 2 of them are a girl and other is a girl. She is youngest and most precious in her family. Always get whatever her wanted. Her character are loud and love being busy body in other daily life. she is pampered and a bit of selfish. but not friendly as ariana because she so shy in front of strangers. Surely, layla hate to do anything on herself everything will do with her family helped.

  Evening, after she had worked Ariana quickly run toward playground, layla told her yesterday to waiting her at there. she feeling curious what will layla tell her. Somehow she feeling something will happen soon but quickly she push those bad feeling. Layla is her best friend what could happen right? their friendship is inseparable, even though ariana always feel layla parents seem to hate her friendship with layla. maybe because ariana not from a influence family, just a poor and unlucky girl.

  When Ariana was arrived at playground after 10 minutes, she saw layla sitting on a bench by herself. just looking from her small back, as if there was some burden she wanted told her for a long time ago. its make her more curious. slowly, ariana walking toward layla and sit beside her.

  "Hey layla, were you waiting for me too long?" ask ariana with small smile. not aware a tense atmosphere from layla.

  layla seem startled with ariana presence. she look guilty for somehow.

  "i'll quickly saying this ariana."

  "say about what?" she'll smiling while asking layla. hoping for a bit good news.

  "i-i don't want be your friend anymore ariana. i'm sorry. everyone always mocked and underestimate me. its a burden for me ariana. i-i'm always hold myself to not crying but-but now.. i couldn't keep our friendship. its better to end it. i'm sorry ariana. i-"

  "i'm understand layla.. i know this will happen one day." ariana trying to hold her tear for not flowing through her cheeks. She should know being poor is a sin.

  "ariana.. i-"

  "i..gotta go now layla. i hope you can find a friend that would satisfied you. thank you for being my friend and i'm sorry if our friendship make your felt that way."

  without see layla face, she rushing walking out a playground. her chest feel tightened sudden, her lips has trembling and then.. her tear have slowly flowing from her cheeks. she always hope layla didn't leave her like her brother and their friendship never ends. However, it seem she going to be alone forever until the rest of her life. nobody wanted a poor and misfortune girl like her. abandoned by her own family and now she leaved by her friend.

  How pitiful her life.

  She slowly, walking toward her home with sorrow feeling. she ignore all her surrounded and enter her small apartment. she lose her appetite and went straight into her bedroom.

  she laying her body on the bed and thinking deeply. about her miserable life and her losing friendship.

  "its tired. i'm always be alone forever and never feel loved by someone. what a pathetic person i am. nobody dare to loved me and always being ignorance. i hate my life." she lean her face into pillow and cry sobbing.

  Without her realize, she had fallen into deep sleep with a tear in her eyes. she didn't know all of her sorrow had been heard by some shadow. Then those strange shadow approaching then surround around her.

  'She is the destiny for that heartless emperor'

  'let's send her to that bastard emperor'

  'she going to changed that crazy emperor and create some peaceful,right?'

  'let's just hope she would be fine and not die.'

  'send her,send her, send her,'

  Then after that, Ariana small body start floating on the air, and slowly her sucked into a strange hole and forced to time travel in another era without she realize it.


  To Be Continue :

  Preview chapter 2 :

  "i'm rules this empire and i will do anything as i'm pleasure.you have two option. one be my mistress and warm my bed every night or two lost your head immediately.so..which one do you want?" The emperor asking with a devil smirking on his face. His face throw a dry expression while look at ariana face.

  "i-i- can be a maid.."

  "that's didn't have in a option."


  "time are tickling right now. don't waste my time."