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Turbulent Emotions

Turbulent Emotions

Author:Lán Líng


Princess MianMian a fair skined beauty, as white as Ivory, a demi goddess. Adored by all the gods for her cleaver wit, cunning and tactfully skillfulness in martial skills. MianMian Xiángyá although a princess who gets whatever she wants with whatever means necessary. Learns the truth about her identity and why Wang Xiao Lu continues to push her further away. Wang Lu the son of Emperor Zhu Yuan the Phoenix god, and Empress Líng Shuî goddess of Water. Scared by the beauty of countless battle scars that riddled Wang Xiao Lu's entire body. He was still classed as a diamond in the rough among the gods in court and within the city of Xian. Wang Lu refused the position as general to lead the army of Xian to hire himself out as a independent investigator in order to help lift the burdens of the common folk. He refused to abuse his godhood bestowed upon him by his birthright and the gods above. Wang Xiao Lu has kept himself overly busy in the last twenty years fighting alongside great emperors, kings, queens and generals alike. Gaining prestige for himself, poets, writers and singers will spill his name on to paper. Wang Lu defied his parent's imperal order at every turn to return to the palace. However there was no running away this time and soon he would have to confront her during their imperial wing ceremony.
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The sky was blanketed in the thick obsidian murkiness of the night, while the deafening sounds of sonic booms thundered again and again as if clashing against each other, the sound was carried on the wind ricocheting off the palace walls throughout the great city. Bright lightening rippled throughout the vastness of the heavens over and over again, bringing night to day in a matter of nano seconds before throwing the heavens back into deep night once more. Heaven was vibrating with unimaginable power which caused Gods and Godesses alike from every corner of the heavens to be either rudely awaken, disturbed or distracted from their tasks at hand by all of the commotion that could only be caused by one of their own. But not just any god, this uproar was the byproduct of an ancient who was either close to going insane from too much bloodshed, lack of cultivation or an angelic being who was eons old...or perhaps they were nearing another calamity. When things tend to get this bad it's mostly because the gods and godesses didn't take much care in their meditational state of mind.

Neha awoke with a start "Nessa" that single word left her lips like a mantra filled with pain, fear, heartache, love and adoration all in one. Neha felt as if her heart were lodged in her throat... her vision was blurred by tears which streamed down Neha's sun kissed face. Violet eyes wide, pupils dilated. She couldn't even think properly let alone move, her body slick with sweat. Neha sat up abruptly in her overly large and grandeur bed, throwing the covers aside. She climbed off the bed and got to her feet with jerky movements. Not even caring about dressing herself in nothing but her night shift, Neha reached for her sword that hung on her wall mount to the right of her bed, before running to the door which lead to her balcony on the west wing of their palace throwing it wide, she leaped off of the railing in a blink of an eye. Wings the colour of a metalic midnight-violet storm, snapping open with the sound of a whip being cracked. Neha flew upwards in a shear painstakingly maneuver, flying up twenty stories high like a bullet in the sky. The force of the wind going against her skin froze Neha's face for a split second. The night sky in the heavens was pitch black. Not a soul could been seen in the dead of night except for the other three blazes of spiritual power that Neha could faintly see in the peripheral line of sight that was outside of her main scope. It mattered not Neha knew who those spiritual blazes belonged too, so wasn't concerned. Within a matter of seconds she had already landed onto their tranning platform high above their palace.

Instantaneously the three other figures landed one after the other, Neha didn't bother acknowledging her new arrivals with such formalities right now neither warrented such measures. She continued to scan the vast night skies waiting for the clues which would give away the location to the battle that was happening right now. A moment had passed when Neha could faintly see in the far distance, where light clashed against bright searing light, followed by the echoes of crashing thunder that colided continuously, booming furiously in the wind time and time again.

Neha was worried that her heart pounded fiercely in her chest, even she could hear it pound in her ear drums as it pulsed frantically. As the four of them stood on the smooth wide plateau, Neha was well aware that her sisters were all attuned to one another. *shaking her head inwardly* neha let a sigh escape between her thin lips, this day was inevitable. Although her sister was powerful, of angelic lineage which meant they could take a pretty damn good beating and still survive, to cut off ones limbs they would still live to see another day and eventually that limb would grow back although it would take a while to do so yet a newly grown limb was better than becoming disabled. But cut of their head with one of Gods heavenly instruments then well there was no coming back from that morbid situation. Come to think of it Uriels sword was definitely one of those very tools.

In any case there was no way her sisters powers would ever match his. Nessa was still too young compared to Uriel, every single angel in the vast heavens knew the history of Angelology of the very first archangels. Uriel being a very formidable angelic being himself, identified as a cherub, an angel of repentance, his beauty and glory like no other. Uriel who is one of the first order of Angel's and is also known to be ranked above thrones and below seraphim. Uriel stands tall and mighty wielding a fiery sword in his right hand and a disc of fire in the other. When he kills it's with intent and determination, he never flatters or falters, He bathes in the blood of his enemies and basks in the glory of the righteous. Everything Uriel does is calculated and with reason. He doesn't do things without explanation. It is also said that he was given his position by the father for his benevolence, undying trust, faith and unyealding love of god which is why he "stands at the gate of Eden with a fiery sword" of course this was true. Uriel had been tasked with the honor of deciding who could and couldn't get into heaven, he'd stood sure and proud of all who entered. His bright Amber-gold wings spread far and wide greeting those humans like a mother who longed to caress her long lost child within her sweet embrace. However pitiless as a demon devouring their bodies and souls to all who he refused entry. That indeed was the story the humans spat. Neha and many other archangels knew otherwise, Uriel would always use a powerful veil with a click of his slender fingers to cover the eyes and ears of those who awaited in line to reach their own verdict. To those who weren't able to make it into the gate of Eden. Uriel would hold them tight in his motherly embrace as he cooed to her child. He'd listen to their pleas of forgiveness, and reasons for why they did what they did which caused them to fall from grace. Uriel listened as their hearts broke, he'd listen to their cries and screams. All the while he would stroke their backs and faces telling them that everything would be okay and not to worry, he would lay a kiss to their foreheads whilst smoothing out their hair, patting them gently. Uriel would whisper in their ears great secrets of untold mysteries as they prepare for their next journey only his brother of the underworld was privy to know. Nor he or the other Angel's could step forward into Lucifer's domain unless invited which was a very rare invitation indeed unless you were God himself none could enter. Not even the son himself could go uninvited which says a lot in itself about Luci's role he played in the underworld.

Neha surveyed her surroundings. Watching atentively as the lightning strikes gradually moved closer. She also noticed many Angel's standing atop their highrise plateau training grounds. Neha made mental connections with a handful of Angel's to assist in holding down the spiritual array. Many knew that Uriel was going through some changes but no one really knew to what extent and how fast he would spiral out of control. His temperamental behavior, some days Uriel would be overwhelmed with lustful killing intent glorifying in the spilled blood of the weak. While other days he'd be as placid as a lamb showing kindness and singing praise to the lord. Neha shuddered at the thought of what it might be like as a archangel gone mad, in all her time as an angel Neha only heard of three such cases, as rare as it sounded it was no joke the world suffered from such a calamity. This was the reasons why Neha conversed with her peers on a plan to get the attention of their father to contain Uriel due to his spiritual talents that were obviously spiking at critical levels. Levels that could disturb the human realm causing global catastrophes. Such as volcanic eruptions, earth quakes and tsunami bringing with it deaths to millions with famine, droughts and plagues. Neha was no dummy she had planned for this well in advance, she continued to train alongside her sisters with some of the best teachers ever known to their kind such skillful warriors. Neha pushed herself daily, reaching new heights in spiritual prowess. She immersed herself in ancient scrolls and scriptures, handed down by some of their most famous literature scholars. Neha also found out that her youngest sister Hong Hua had stumbled across the archangel Michael during her sojourn in the human plain. Whishing she was able to devour more into the situation, Hong had cut her off in her tracks saying that "everything has it's time and place to be revealed but now was not that time". So Neha never pushed the subject and let it go, knowing Hong, she would tell her in due time. Neha knew that Michael was their trump card, the card that no one knew about not even Uriel himself. Hong begged that we keep his return a secret until the time was right, unsure of when "the right time" was. It was until this very moment, Neha knew that Michael was waiting for this most opportune time to pit himself against Uriel. It had been one hundred years since she had last seen her sister, Neha spied Hong land gracefully to her left between Tanner and Lijaun while Qiu stood on Neha's right. Eye brows knitting together slightly, a small smile lifting the corner of Neha's lips. How could she not see that her sister was well and truly pregnant the confirmation came with the little flutter of a heart beat that came from Hong's belly. Neha had sensitive hearing, being able to hear even the tiniest minuscule sound whisp past her ears. Neha's heart swelled with both joy and sadness..... cutting her thoughts short Neha shoved everything to the side to focus on what was before her.

"Tanner. Throw up the shield on my command"

"Nessa" .... Neha whispered through their mental connection but no reply came. For the moment Neha didn't mind with the slow reply because she could see the fight before her eyes. All she could do was patiently wait, almost a minute passed by before she felt the incoming reply.