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Reborn of a new legend

Reborn of a new legend



The story is about a poor man with so many bad luck who died and reborn in another world to change his life. Follow Ace change his poor life to be a new legend in new chaotic world. Will he succeed or will he still be a loser?
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"This terrible jam!".

Road has already full of cars and motorcycles at 6 am in the morning at Kuala Lumpur. People going to work to earn the salary so they can pay the bills or so they can buy whatever they want with the money. At this era people who do not have money considered as garbage. No one wants to be your friend if you do not have money.

Ace already reach the place he work at 6 am. "Hey! Fast come clean the security box! There's some puke inside!". The first word that he heard when he arrive from the security guard.

Even though the office is open at 8, he already at the janitor's office taking the mop and starts mopping the floor of the office. He is working as a cleaner in a building of Kurnia Insurance located at Kelana Jaya. The building has 30 floors.

The office will be full with employees at 8. So he at high speed clean the desks, clear the trashs, empty the trashcans in each rooms, mop the floor and wipe the desks and chair clean and many more. Usually at 8 he already at the 15th floor. When other employee saw him they would sneer or look at him with disgusting face.

"Finish your work here faster!". "You're wasting my time here making way for you to clean my space.". "You smell so bad".

If possible he want to work when there is no one else around but his conditions does not allow him to be earlier than 6 am at the morning. He only take a few minutes rest when he reach the 20th floor.

"Why does my life sucks so bad! I have to clean this buiding until 10 am in the morning, then i have to sweep the area until 12." He sat down at the stairs and continue thinking. "I have to clean the canteen area until 3 pm, then i have to go back to all floors to collect trash until 5 pm. Then i go back to my house and reach only at 6.30 pm. Rest until 10 pm. Then i have to go to my job at Pasar Borong from 11 pm until 5 am in the morning.".

He lets out a heavy sigh. If only his parents were healthy when he was studying before. He didnt have to borrow money from loan shark and quit his studies to work and paying the debts at age of 15. Its nearly ten years since he started working and quit his study.

"What are you doing? You are suppose to clean! Not daydreaming here!". A loud voice shocks him from his day dreaming. Ace looks up the stairs and see the building manager who looks at him with disgusting look. "Mr Wong! Have a good morning! I'm taking a break". Said Ace with smile in his face.

"You low people always takes a break whenever poeples not watching. I pay you to work not to take a break!" Mr Wong kicks him in the gut.


Ace falls to the ground hard. "Go to work fast!" Scream Mr Wong again. Ace gets up slowly to his trolly and continue his work again.He reach at his house at 6.30 pm. He quickly enter the bathroom take a bath and eat bread with soup. Then he went to his bed to sleep.

"Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!"

His door house is knocked hard from the outside. The wooden door almost fall off when Ace open the door. "Where's the money for this month?" Ace got push by 2 huge men immediately after he open the door.

He fall to ground head first. Making his head spinning. He just lying looking at the ceiling while the 2 men search for money in his bag. "Oh 1100? You actually have more than last month!". Ace looks at Bad. He knows the guy from the last 10 years. He is the one that recommend to take a loan from the loan shark.

"Leave 100 for me to eat please..." Ace beg while his hand holding Bad's leg. "Humph". Bad step on Ace's chest. "Where's your house gran?" Bad ask with cold face. "The boss already cant wait for your debt. He wants your house!." The other one said. He crouch down beside Ace showing his knife.

Ace is terrified when he saw the knife. "I pay you with everything I have each months please dont do this.." Ace begs again. But the man stabs Ace's leg. "Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!" Bad steps on Ace face. "Quiet down! You want to die so bad?"

"Let's go to the flat Bad." Suddenly the other guy spoke. "Oh that's a good idea! Lets go now!!". Bad and his friend drag Ace out of his house and went straight to the flat not far from the house. They took the lift straight to the top floor.


Bad and his friend drag Ace out of the 30th floor lift and went straight to the roof. They bring Ace to the corner of the roof. "Where's the gran?" Ask Bad again. "I'll push you down if you still stubborn!".

Ace is so terrified after he see how high they are. "Please Bad. Dont do this. I beg you." He beg at Bad since he knew him for a long time already. Bad just look at him with disdain. "Speak or i'll push you down now!".

Having no way out Ace finally give up. "It's on top of my cupboard. I dont owe you guys anymore right?". Bad and his friend sneer at him. They smile wide with an evil look. "Yes you dont owe us anymore. Thank you for everything Ace". Said Bad while his friend make a few chuckle.

Ace lets out a big relieved after he heard Bad says that. "At least I dont owe anyone anymore. I can start over from scratch now!". Ace thought to himself. But suddenly Bad kick him in the chest. "What are you....?" Ace saw Bad laugh with his friend. "We'll take care of your house from now on". Bad said in a loud voice. "Lets go take the gran Bad!".

Ace close his eyes. He knew he was falling from the 30th floor of the flat. He'll die for sure. "Why do my life turn like this? Why is it so hard being a good guy? Maybe i should have been a bad guy instead. I even die a virgin. Fuck this life! If i'm reborn i'll change the way i live! I will kill everyone who makes me mad! I'll fuck so many girls and i will be rich no matter what! I will consume everything!!"


Somewhere in a mountain area. There is a hut among the trees. Inside the house there is an old man sitting on the floor with his leg cross. Beside him there is a bed. There is a boy sleeping on the bed. The old man suddenly open his eyes and looks at the boy.

"He's waking up!". The old man said while he keeps looking at the boy. Ace open his eyes. "Ergghhhh my head hurt so bad!. What happen?". Muttered Ace. "Finally waking up huh boy? Are you okay now?". Ace blink his eyes. He saw the ceiling of the hut. Then he turn his head towards the old man.

"Who is he? Where am I?" Ace think in his mind. He never saw a hut like this before and he never knew the old man. His head hurts so bad that he felt like its gonna blow up. He place both of his hand at his head.

His eyes fall to his small hands. He look all over his body. He look like a 10 year old boy! "What the hell!!" Ace shout while still in pain. He close his eyes. "Why do my head hurt so bad?". He try to calm down.

Amidst the pain he saw in his mind in a clear view. There is 20 balls of light fighting against each other. It's like a war of balls between two sides each contain 10 balls. Ace instinctly knew that 10 of the balls reprisends his soul.

Ace only felt anger towards the other soul. Its like an enemy invading his head and making him suffer. He already promise himself that he would consume everything if it against him. Like a jolt to his soul the 10 balls begin consuming the other 10 balls. Resulting his own soul bigger and stronger!

Suddenly like a flash of lightning he saw memory of another life stranger to him. In that memory he recall a person named Dark who live in a village called Dusk village. Dusk village is one of a village in a country called Rusty Country. Rusty Country is located in a world called Abyss Demon World.

In the Abyss Demon World there is humans, demons, beastmasters, wild beasts and many more monsters. It down on Ace that he is not on earth anymore. In this world demons are stronger than humans so humans are treated like slaves in this world.

The memory of Dark let Ace know many things and about Dark himself. Dark is an orphan that lived alone after his parents got killed by a group of demons. One day Dark saw the group of demons that killed his parents on the street so he throw some rocks at them. Then Dark run on the Fall Mountain near the village.

The group of demons chase Dark to kill him so Dark run like crazy to save his life. Thats when a demon catch and throw him into a waterfall and he met a soul falling.