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Being yourself

Being yourself

Author:Love turns upside down


Growing up without the father figure in your life and not having anyone to look up to as a role model. I had to persue my dreams yet I was going through a lot. My family was always against me having bigger dreams. They never believed in me but always criticised my dreams but as for my mom . She proved to be a loving and caring parent not to mention her support
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  I had faith in myself but it all went down the drain when I needed school fees money. The only person that was supposed to help me said he wasn't going to pay school fees for a bitch. At that time all I wanted was that money so that I can continue learning.

  At first I used to be the coolest kid at school, my mom used to work and I would get whatever I wanted. But since she was no longer working life began to show me the toughest part of it. I tried to stay strong but deep inside I was broken. Actually broken is an understatement I felt my heart being shuttered. I saw my dreams disappearing into thin air. Being a spoilt brat was becoming a history.

  I wanted to do something but I was too young to cater for my own needs. I wanted to scream and cry as much as I could but I didn't want him to celebrate victory. My life began to be sour. I was the youngest at home but I wished I was the oldest. I needed the school fees money but I had no plans at all on how to get it.

  I only had one choice that was to live with my step mom and my dad. I knew my step mom never loved me but I wanted to learn. My step mom was the devil himself but I tried my best to act like I didn't see it but she made it too obvious. It was the toughest chapter in my life in that time but eventually I saw that I was being strengthen for the future.

  I had to wake up in the morning clean the house, wash the dishes and prepare breakfast before going to school. Well before moving to Nhlangano of course where my dad and stepmom lived I used to wake up take a shower then have breakfast, after that I would rush to school. But changing the environment meant changing the lifestyle too. I learned that the hard way though.

  When people saw me they would say i was the happiest kid ever not realizing the broken pieces inside me. Well today I've passed that. Owning something that rightfully belongs to you it's called victory. Slindo was the only person that could make me feel at ease. I used to spend sleepless nights crying myself out trying to figure out how I was going to overcome the situation.

  The funniest part of it all is that my dad is a pastor yet him and his wife behaved exactly the same way as drunkards. Actually drunkards are way better than them. I hate to say that I used to expect my dad to help me during the tortures of that mad woman. Sometimes the so called dad would scold me for no good reason other than to please his wife.

  I used to go to church pray and cry to God to remember me since God is faithful . Never underestimate the power of God since he made a promise to cater for whatever we pray for. 'Khuzana ? Khuzana wake up !' Angelina Smith

here after refered to as Angelina

said with a a cold and furious tone. She looked uglier than before when she was angry though.

  "What's the fuck" I said waking up running my eyes to the wall watch at the doorway then rushing to run a shower, since I was totally late for school. My evil step mom dragged me by the sheets and tried to slap me but I dodged it since I knew that she never liked to hear anyone swearing. " I never taught you that or did your slutty mom teach you that?" she said. I could feel my face heating up and turning red and my heat beating as fast as it can. I wanted to give her a heavy blow since I hated to hear anyone talking nonsense about my mom .

  She is always arrogant, angry and annoying at all times. Whilst showering I heard the old hag telling me that breakfast wasn't ready and she was famished. At that moment breakfast fast was the last thing in my mind. But my mind was so busy flashing thoughts like lightning.

  I was a little confused about the dream I had . How can I think of my past couse I'm pretty sure that I was thinking. When I miss my mom I usually think of her. My mom was the only good thing I could think of in my life again I decided to forget about everything and rush downstairs to prepare breakfast. I had taken just ten minutes to get ready I know that's not the time for a lady to get ready but for me that was the best option or else I was going to receive a good beating from Angelina.I wanted to forget everything but except for Slindo. He is considered the hottest guy at school. He is fair in completion, a little bit short with a good six pack and have the deepest yet actractive voice. He has round white eyes but I like them the most they make me blush.

  He has been there for me during trying times so I really think we can have a thing going. My friends become jealous of me when he comes to see me . They usually ask that if we are not dating then why does he always come to see me . I usually tell them that not every male friend is your boyfriend. That is when they would tell me to hook them up . I get a little jelous but act like I'm not .

  It's not like I don't want to but I have a thing for him but he doesn't seem to see me like that. All those thoughts were turned off by the terrible voice I heard. That was my horrible step mom of course telling me that if I don't stop day dreaming and prepare the breakfast I will be forced to not go to school. That made made me jump out of my thoughts. I couldn't miss school today since it was my big day.

  I was going to play the first game at school as a lady soccer player. I couldn't miss it for the world. Running up and down the kitchen I heard the loudest scream that could wake the dead. Guess who it was ? Phetty ................? " Friiiiiiiiieeeeeeend" she screamed her lungs out. I was so excited to see her after a whole year without seeing her. Having both parents working hand in hand to see their little angel succeed makes sense us apart.

  " Well I guess my day will just go accordingly since I've seen my long lost sheep" I said with a beam smile.

  " I'm glad you understand that I'm your lucky charm" she said laughing her lungs out. The so called step mom Angelina gave me a tight slap for attending my friend instead of continuing to prepare her breakfast. I felt terrible since she had to remind me that I was late. I felt terribly insane when Phetty told me that her mom had moved her to our school. I missed our old times when we used to visit each other during weekends and talk about our everyday life lying to our parents that we are studying just to avoid being disturbed.

  When we reach the school gate the bell to class rang and we had to rush to class. When I reached my class I found Slindo looking devasted and worried. I tried to be a good friend and asked what was going on. To my surprise he told me that," I don't know how to say it and always know that if you feel offended it wasn't my intention to do so." "O.....w.......k, but you are now scaring me what's going on just spill it out" I said trying to get what bothered him . I knew whatever he was going to say wasn't the nicest thing ever but at the end of the day I had to hear it from the horse's mouth. I pulled my big eyes shinning at his gesture giving him a hint that I was waiting for him to tell me what bothered him.

  He knew he wasn't going to escape this time. Once I begin to pull my sea green eyes out it meant I was ready for anything come rain come shine. He just sat there starring at me which annoyed me a little since I wanted to hear what was wrong with him . I cleared my throat just to indicate how eagerly I was waiting for whatever he had to say . "Ahem ........ Yeah .....mmmm. " He looked far away from where we were and I knew that he was trying to figure out where and how to begin the so called problem of his I guess.

  " Ok here is the thing, if you feel degraded, disrespected or offended just say nothing and walk away but if you feel like we can talk about it you are free to stay and ask questions. Ok ". " Ok now talk". " Khuzana I love you and I want you to know that I wouldn't let anything happen to you or anyone else that would hurt them in any way intentionally? But I feel like I'm letting everyone else down and hurt their feelings. So do you love me? Would you let me drown if you knew how to swim?". He said facing down full of pain and regret.

  If reading minds could possibly work I would like to read Slindo's mind. He's always been my crush but I thought he never thought of me that way seemingly I thought wrong. Well I think things are starting to fall into place. Maybe he's broken up with his girlfriend because he wants to be with me oh my goodness. My mind ran wild thinking that Slindo was intimately in love with me .

  I felt dreams coming true, the weather changed to cool temperatures that made feel my skin glow and freshened

  I smile came from my face and the dimples on my chicks made me look even more beautiful than often. I could tell that it's was a start of something new it felt so right . The air we shared together was so breezy like sea air fresh and appeasing. It's felt like nothing else existed but only the two of us.

  Just hearing him telling me he loves me made me forget all the trouble I was undergoing since it was overwhelming and exhausting.