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Reborn to die broken

Reborn to die broken



The ways life can take anyone apart no matter who they are ..in this story if life you will see what makes a soul stop everything to watch the clock awaiting death . Not believing in suicide is almost a curse but non the less all things shall pass except his broken outlook on life .the loss of love and the loss of her the broken justice and corruption with the deception and lies ...
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  The first date with her was amazing ! We had a great time together .she was so beautiful with her dark brown eyes long black hair straight , pail smooth skin and big boobs beautiful curves . Rebeca was 2 years older than me but I didn't care she could have been 20 years older and Ide have been blind to it. I met her in my hometown on a break I took from college to visit my family since I hadn't been home in 2 years and when I left I didn't tell a soul I was leaving because I had no idea myself . One day I just found myself working hard and attending college . At 18 years old it seemed like the right thing to do.