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Is it possible?

Is it possible?



Anna running on streets and bump into Ashar,the person whom she rejected.her life is changed fully by one incident and she sign a contract with ashar, a partner with profits and losses in life.but what happens when her past life comes in future
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  Anna running on Streets and bump into ashar.she hesitated and turn around but Ashar stops her and he hugged her before she understands anything. he slowly leans on her shoulder and in a mesmerizing tone said they are behind you. she hugged him more tightly as they listen to each other heartbeats clearly. After sometime Asher broke the hug and make the distance between them and asking in a deep voice, "are you okay?".now she comes from her Delima and nodded.in her dazzling eyes, fear and disappointment clearly noticed. she thanked him for saving her and invisible in the crowded square. Ashar doesn't understand what happened just now but he knows clearly that anna is in big trouble and he wants to protect his life anna. anna has to find shelter for a stay but she is penniless.she want to escape from everything as they never exist in her peaceful life and want to live a free life.